The actor said- We were not sent to Parliament to be dumb and deaf, what is this two-way politics?

Umesh Kumar Upadhyay, MumbaiA month ago

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When Ravi Kishan raised the issue of conventional medicine in Bollywood, Jaya Bachchan got it. When he asked Ravi Kishan about the whole matter, he said – a control has been made. But the whole country stands by us. The thing is what we are going to give to our next generation.

Ravi Kishan said, ‘All kinds of filth must be cleaned in the country’s cleaning campaign. The man started from his home. If we know a few things, we’ll talk about it. Why do people choose and send us? We were not sent to Parliament to be dumb and deaf. Now a movement has begun. The artist has also teased him. This had never happened before.

After all, you made your speech in zero time. What do you want to say in detail that sets you apart?

Sun- ‘I want a beautiful India, which everyone, including Prime Minister Modi, wants. I want an India that is the land of the gods. He is addicted to drugs by the drug mafia, which is conspiring to eradicate the youth. This includes neighboring countries. Give so much medicine that the whole youth section is over. Our country has 65 percent youth section. Our country has the largest youth section in the world. It is a well-thought-out conspiracy and involves a lot of people. There are international mafias, there are international drug traffickers. Want to finish it.

What about Jaya Bachchan?

Sun- ‘I was hoping he would bless me. Will support me, because we all have children in the film industry. We want our children to live in a good environment. This was not the case during Amit Zia’s time. What has increased in eight to ten years is not charas-genj. It is a chemical drug, which is poisonous. We’re talking about that. Charas, flax is also a dirty drug, but a bigger, more dangerous chemical drug called cocaine, it is called allergy, it is called MG, it has many names.

Why do you think he raised your opposition?

Sun- ‘He is a veteran leader of the Samajwadi Party. This is his ideal, my idea he did not understand. On the one hand, the Samajwadi Party is talking about the construction of a Parashuram temple on behalf of the Brahmins and the burning of Ravi Kishan, the son of the Brahmin, by Jaya Bachchan, a senior leader of the same party. After all, what is this two-way politics?


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