The actor praised Akshay Kumar, saying- learning a unique lesson from him

Mumbai: Actor Anirudh Dave has finished shooting for ‘Bell Bottom’ with Akshay Kumar in England amid the epidemic. He says that Akshay has taught everyone to be careful on set. Back in Mumbai, Aniruddha started working on the TV show ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’.

Anirudh will be seen in the movie ‘Lockdown’s Love Story’
“I’m thrilled to be a part of Lockdown’s love story, and I’m a little excited,” she said. My wife is still pregnant and working in an epidemic is not easy. I need to take more care for me and Shubhi.

The actor praised Akshay
The actor further said, ‘Akshay Kumar has already learned to take care of the set. He taught us how to do good even after the plague. I started working as soon as the unlock started in June. During this time, we went abroad to film Bell Bottom. We all started working out of the house.

Anirudh has acted in the film ‘Patiala Khoka’
Aniradh will be seen playing the role of a man named Raghav Jaiswal in ‘Lockdown’s Love Story’. Let me tell you, Aniruddha Dave has also acted in many TV serials. Among them ‘Patiala Khoka’ has become a very popular show.

Let me tell you, the actor is going to be a father. He himself has confirmed the matter on social media. He shared a picture of a newspaper clipping with pregnant fans of wife Shuvi Ahuja. Sharing this good news on Instagram, Anirudh wrote, ‘Yes, I am going to be a hero soon. To the people, his real hero is only his father. Many celebrities including Ruslan Mumtaz, Gaurav Sharma have congratulated Anirudh on this post.

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