The 120-member team of ‘Bell Bottom’, including Akshay, did not wear masks or social distance; Everyone is seen in a fun mood on a private jet

16 days ago

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Akshay Kumar has just returned from Scotland after shooting for his upcoming film ‘Bell Bottom’. It became the first film in the entire world in the epidemic. However, a picture of Akshay and the film is going viral on social media, which is why he is being trolled. This group of 120 people is seen in the picture in a private jet. However, no one wore a mask or there was any social distance between them.

The trolls wrote- RIP social distance

Responding to Akshay’s photo, a social media user wrote, “RIP social distance”. One user asked, “Where are the masks?” One user wrote, “Waiting for the big news in a few days … Akshay Kumar has become positive.” One user wrote, “How did Corona get away?”

Ever said – my life is dry

On March 24, Akshay Kumar reprimanded them for breaking the lockdown after a lockdown in India due to the Corona epidemic. He then said in his statement, “I do stunts in the film, drive, hang from the helicopter. Everyone’s in bad shape.”

Security was provided through the photo

A short film by Akshay Kumar was released in June. During the lockdown, the film was made to promote the government’s ‘Swanirvar Bharat’ campaign.


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