Thalaiva’s final decision: wrote Rajinikanth’s message to fans pressuring him to enter politics – don’t bother me anymore

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17 days ago

Superstar Rajinikanth has announced his decision not to enter politics again. He shared a post on social media addressed to fans on Monday. Rajini wrote in Tamil, “I have already given the details of why I am not coming into politics before. Tell me not to bother again and again by organizing such a national event to get me into politics.” According to Rajini, the 0-year-old, some of his fans gathered in Chennai for the performance and asked him to reverse his decision.

Decided not to go into politics in December

On December 29, Rajinikanth announced his withdrawal from electoral politics as a cause of ill health. He issued a letter in Tamil saying he would serve the people without going to the polls.

Rajini wrote in his letter that he did not want to show heroism by announcing his entry into politics even after ill health. They don’t want to upset their supporters. He added, “Fans will be disappointed with this decision, but forgive me.”

Doctors advised Rajini to rest

Rajinikanth was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad on December 25, 2020 after seeing a rise in blood pressure and depression. He was released two days later. Doctors advise Rajini to get bed rest, at least physical activity and stay away from Corona for a week. Earlier on December 3, Rajinikanth had said that he would announce a new party on December 31 and would also contest the 2021 assembly elections.

Kamal spoke of an alliance with Hasan

In 2019, Rajinikanth spoke of an alliance with actor Kamal Hasan. Rajinikanth then said that if he formed an alliance with Kamal Hasan, he would definitely serve the interests of the people of the state.

In December 2020, Hassan was disappointed when Rajini decided to stay out of electoral politics. He said in his statement that he would meet Rajinikanth after the end of the election campaign. Like the fans, he is frustrated, but his health is also important.

He was the 7th actor from the South in electoral politics

If Rajinikanth had entered the election, he would have been the 8th veteran of Southern film to enter electoral politics. Among the celebrities who have entered Southern politics from acting are Dr MG Ramachandran, M Karunanidhi, J Jayalalithaa, Kamal Hasan, Vijaykant, Sarat Kumar and Karunas.


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