Tennis star Sania Mirza is going to make her digital debut in a special message

New Delhi: Famous tennis player Sania Mirza MBT is about to make its debut on the digital platform with Prevention Alone Together. He said the purpose of the show was to raise awareness about TB. Sania will play a character in the fiction series. The TV show ‘MTV Prevention’ premiered in January this year to raise awareness about TB and the importance of taking appropriate medication.

Raising awareness about TB
Talking about this, athlete Sania Mirza said, ‘TB is one of the oldest health problems in our country. Half of the cases of TB in people under the age of 30 are urgently needed to address this disease and change perceptions. He added, “Banning MTV together” in a unique and effective way said that today’s youth are more aware, sensitive and aware of the issues that are affecting our country. There are regular threats from TB and it has increased due to the epidemic. In such a situation, the fight against TB has become more difficult than before and it has inspired me to join this project. I hope it will bring positive change.

These stars are also included
The show is about the challenge of a young couple Vicky and Megha (starring Syed Raja Ahmed and Priya Chauhan). In this show, Sania will be seen discussing the challenges faced by the young couple during the lockdown. Akshay Nalwade and Ashwin Mushran have also acted in the show. The 5-episode series will be launched in the last week of November on MTV India’s social media handle and MTV ban

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