Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses: Ayre says – Fans are like a pair of Mary and Babita, but …

Iyer and Babita G are popular comedy show stars Mehta Ka Oltah Chashmahe.

Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah: Tanuj Mahavardhe spoke very clearly about his bond with Moonmoon Dutt in the role of Babita Zia in the comedy show.

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Mumbai TV popular comedy show star Mehta Ka Olta: Tanuj Mahavardhe, who played the role of Iyer in Chashmaha, is still a virgin. She recently gave an interview in which she talks about her marriage. Tanuj said they could get married next year. Tanuj played the role of Babita Zia in the comedy show and spoke very clearly about her bond with Moonmoon Dutt.

In an interview with India Today, he said that if everything goes according to plan, I will get married next year. Fans of his and Babita’s pairing say that they are both good friends and after the shooting is over I leave and he goes his way.

Tanuj Disha Bhakani’s return
On the return of Disha Wakani, who played the character Dayaben on the show, he said that his baby girl is still young and the risk of corona virus is very high at the moment, so he has not returned to the show yet. The entire team of the show is missing Disha Bhakani in the set. No one else on the show will be able to take his place, we will be very happy whenever he returns. Disha Wakani has played the role of Jethalal’s wife in the show. He has not been seen on the show for almost three years. She has not returned to the show since Disha took maternity leave. There are also reports that he may return to the show soon.

The entire cast of Tarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma recently arrived at India’s Best Dancer Show. There, a contestant named Ratuja Junarkar danced on top of Daya Ben. The producer of his Getup show liked it so much that he offered Ratuja to play the role of Dayaben.


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