Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah: ‘Jethalal’, ‘Babuji’ and ‘Tapu’ were also seen wearing costumes.

Tarak Mehta’s reverse glasses

‘Taraq Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah’ (Taraq Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah), ‘Jethalal’, ‘Bapuji’ (Babuji) and ‘Tapu’ (Tapu) appear together in girlish attire.

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  • Latest version:October 29, 2020, 5:15 pm IST

Mumbai’s popular TV show ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah’ is getting great TRP nowadays. The show, which has been reigning on the small screen for 12 years, has recently completed 3000 episodes, and to celebrate this joy, the entire cast of the show has also reached the set of the reality dance show ‘India’s Best Dancer’. At the same time, special care is being taken to entertain the audience on this show during this celebration. Due to which the actors of this show can be seen in colorful avatars. At the same time ‘Jethalal’, ‘Babuji’ and ‘Tappu’ are also loudly involved.

In fact, recently ‘Tarak Mehta’s upside down glasses’ A few photos of K’s set have been published. In this, ‘Jethalal’, ‘Babuji’ and ‘Tapu’ are appearing together. In these pictures, these three are seen dressed in completely different styles. At the same time, looking at the picture, it is known that these three are going to do garbage. It would be really interesting to see three generations proudly together as ‘Jethalal’, ‘Babuji’ and ‘Tappu’.

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Tarak Mehta’s reverse glasses

At the same time in these pictures the ‘Gokuldham’ society is seen behind Jokaldham ‘Babuji’ and ‘Tapu’. At the same time, the whole society looks like these three. The light has been set in the society and it is shining with the glimpse of festivals.


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