Tapsi Pannu’s big revelation … Hero’s wife got the picture!

Tapsi Pannu (Photo Credit – @ Tapsi / Instagram)

Actress Tapsi Pannu, while talking about the shakes of her career, said how many problems she has faced. He also shared the grief of being replaced in a film because of the wife of a hero while doing an anecdote.

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  • Latest version:November 17, 2020, 9:00 pm IST

Mumbai It has been seen many times in Bollywood that a star had to go through many stages of battle before rising to the top. Something similar has happened to Bollywood actress Tapsi Pannu in the past. Which he has revealed himself. Recalling the days of his struggles, Tapsi has also spoken openly about the strange sentences that happened to him at this time, he said that the hero’s wife did not want to see him in the movie so he was only replaced by a movie.

Tapsi Pannu Entered Bollywood from Southern films. In the world of Hindi film, he has won the hearts of people in a very short time with his brilliant acting. At the same time, according to a report in the Hindustan Times, he revealed in one of his recent interviews how he had to face denial. He said that he was called ‘Bad Luck Champ’ … which made the producers hesitant to sign him.

Tapsi said that ‘early in my career I faced a lot of weird things, like I was told I wasn’t so pretty. I was given a place in a picture because the hero’s wife did not want to see me in the picture. I was dubbing a film and I was told that the protagonist didn’t like one of my dialogues, so I should change it. When I refused, a dubbing artist did the same thing after me. ‘

Tapsi Pannu revealed many such shocking incidents, then she decided that she would only do this kind of film, which she is happy to do. He did not listen to the people and made important decisions in his own confidence.


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