Tapsi Pannu had to leave the film because of the protagonist’s wife, then the actress did something like that

New Delhi Actress Tapsi Pannu has already shown her talent in ‘Golapi’, ‘Badla’ and ‘Thappad’. Yet the journey was not easy for him.

The journey was not easy
In an interview with Filmfare, Tapsi said, ‘I faced a lot of strange things early in my career. I was told I was not very pretty. I was removed from a movie because the protagonist’s wife didn’t want me to be a part of the movie.

He added, ‘Once I was dubbing for my film and then I was told that the protagonist doesn’t like my dubbing, so I should change it. When I refused to do it, he brought the dubbing artist behind me.

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Work of your choice
There were some heroes who wanted to change the scene of my acquaintance, because they thought it would diminish the scene of their introduction. All this was happening in front of me. From then on I decided that I would do the same pictures, which would make me really happy. People advised me not to do it, because they thought it would make it harder for me to come back.

He will be seen with Shah Rukh Khan
Please tell that Tapsi will be seen in ‘Shabash Mitu’, ‘Rashmi Rocket’, ‘Hasin Dilruba’. Now it is also clear that he is doing the next film with Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Rao. About this, Tapsi said, ‘The day I signed this film, I was screaming with joy. After all, who does not want to romance Shah Rukh Khan? She is the most beautiful person I have ever met.

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