Tapasi Pannu wrote while joking on some news channels – Thank you for entertaining people in our place, hopefully now you will focus on the real news

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  • Tapsi Pannu has expressed a concern on news channels: Thank you guys, you kept the castle of entertainment on our violin long enough during the lockdown Hel

18 days ago

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Actress Tapsi Pannu recently did a tweet, joking that some news channels are running something in the name of news. Noting that Unlock has been allowed to open movies in the fifth phase, the actress said that now some news channels can be expected to focus on showing real news instead of entertaining the public.

“Now that theaters have been allowed to open with 50 per cent capacity, some news channels are expected to focus 50 per cent more on real news,” Tapsi wrote in a tweet. Thank you guys, you kept the entertainment castle in our place for a long time during the lockdown. Now we will manage from here. #Sharecaring ‘

‘Just asking, not listening’

Shortly after this tweet, Tapsi shared a special video of another tweet, which has long mourned Sushant’s death by trying to prove his murder by a news channel. Sharing this, Tapsi wrote, ‘Just ask, don’t listen to the answer’.

The theater will open from October 15th

The central government recently issued new guidelines for Unlock-5, allowing the opening of cinema halls, multiplexes and theaters that have been closed for the past six months. Under this, the cinema hall will be opened from October 15, keeping the total number of spectators at 50 per cent less than the capacity. Also, the government will issue Standard Operating System (SOP) in the next few days.

Dance to the demands of the ‘crowd’

Earlier, Tapsi shared a video on her Instagram wall, in which she was seen styling the Punjabi song Mai To Mukh Dekh Ke Mar Gaya. Sharing this, he wrote, ‘It is the demand of the people … and the people belong to the Pannu family. The song you grow up listening to is always special. “

Anurag Kashyap was supported

Recently, when an actress filed a sexual harassment complaint against Tapasi’s friend and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, Tapasi wrote in her support in the case, ‘My friend for you, who knew I was the biggest feminist? I will soon see you create another piece of art on the sets, which will show how powerful and important the women of the world you have created are. “


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