Tanushree Dutt hit Nana Patekar on the pretext of Payal Ghosh rape case, say- what happened to me is the biggest fault in the history of Bollywood

19 days ago

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Tanushree Dutt has alleged that Nana Patekar tried to touch her inappropriately during the shooting of a song on the set of ‘Horn OK Please’ in 2006.

  • Tanushree is angry when she compares her case with Payal Ghosh’s rape case
  • Tanushree said in an interview – I do not forgive, do not forget

Tanushree Dutt started promoting #MeToo in Bollywood two years ago by alleging sexual harassment against Nana Patelkar. Many social media users are comparing his case with that of Payal Ghosh and Anurag Kashyap. Tanushree has now broken the silence in the whole debate. They said they were confused by Pawel’s allegations against Anurag. So he doesn’t want to comment on that.

The biggest villain told Nana Patekar

Tanushree said in an interview that there are some paid journalists and Twitter trolls who are trying to compare Payal Ghosh’s case with my case for giving a clean chit to Bollywood’s biggest crook accused of sexual harassment. .

First, he bought law enforcement equipment despite having evidence and witnesses. And now the media is trying to buy the perception of the people by dispersing the facts of the case. The public opinion is based on truth and press articles and clever PR media equipment cannot be bought.

‘Biggest fault in Bollywood history’

Tanushree Dutt further said – I am not commenting on the case of Payal Ghosh. I am confused about this like everyone else. But what happened to me on the set of ‘Horn OK Please’ is a huge flaw in the history of Bollywood and will be remembered until I get justice and my career is restored.

I was harassed on a photo set. My car and my parents’ secrets were attacked. After this incident I lived in despair for many years and often started thinking of ending my life. To survive, I had to walk the path of spirituality.

‘I will not forgive’

Tanushree: I do not forgive, do not forget. I will do my best to remove the names of Nana Patekar and Ganesh Acharya. Will crush you I’m very upset. This incident ruined my Bollywood career.

I had no job or career for more than a decade. Wherever I go, I have to carry someone because of this incident. Bollywood will always be responsible for how I was treated in 200 Bollywood.

‘If you provoke me I’ll start to level up’

Tanushree said in a threatening tone- I am trying to move forward in my life, regain lost health and focus on career, which was lost due to stress and strain.

If I was encouraged I would start talking and then open the levels. This fight has now become a part of my life. So I will not hesitate to raise my voice again. I have nothing to lose.


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