Tamannah Bhatia started preparing to have an FIT, saying,

Tamannah Bhatia. Photo courtesy – @Tamannahspace / Instagram

While giving this information to Tamannah Bhatia, Tamanna: Bhatia said the first thing to keep herself fit after recovering from Corona.

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  • Latest version:October 17, 2020, 9:14 p.m.

Mumbai ‘Bahubali’ actress Tamanna: Bhatia recently defeated the coronavirus. But he is upset because the virus has broken him. He recently started preparing to keep himself fit after defeating Corona. He has now started working to increase his stamina. Giving this information on social media, the actress said that what is the first thing to keep yourself fit after recovering from Corona.

Tamanna: Bhatia posted a video on her Instagram, where she is seen working. The video caption reads, ‘Come back to fitness. On the first day, I was taking baby steps to bring my stamina back. This is a very important step after recovering from the coronavirus. Keep going but make sure you listen to your body.

Tamanna can be seen in the video doing stretching, pushups. He is also taking a break. The video shows him panting in the fourth pushup, and speaking for himself, he used to do 40 pushups at once. I tell you that Tamanna: Bhatia was suffering from coronary heart disease, she was later admitted to the hospital in Hyderabad and after recovering in a few days she returned home from the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, Tamannah reported this on an Instagram post and thanked her for the blessings of her fans.


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