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Mumbai People were shocked by the accidental death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. After Sushant’s death, her fans have been regularly appealing for justice. Even a few months after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, his death remains a mystery. The unconditional love of her loved one for Sushant has not diminished yet. The film ‘Naya-The Justice (Justice: The Justice)’, produced in Sushant’s memory, is produced by renowned government criminal lawyer Ashok Sarogi’s wife Sarla Sarogi and Rahul Sharma under the banner of Bikash Productions. The Bombay High Court has now questioned the person who raised the question about the film.

The Bombay High Court has questioned a ‘social worker’ who challenged a film about the life of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. According to a Times of India report, the court interrogated Sushant’s fans and said, “Justice: The Justice (Justice: The Justice)”, what was known about? The Bombay High Court asked the question, how will they know that the film is going to appear?

In fact, on December 22, 2020, a man named Manish Mishra filed an appeal in which he filed a case in the Dindoshi Civil Court against ‘Justice: The Justice’. The court rejected the interim plea during the hearing of the case. The petitioner said that the film would be about Sushant Singh’s reputation and was based on distorted facts.

Justice Chawan questioned the petitioner’s suit and his personal interest. Let me inform you that in this film, actor Zubera has played the role of Sushant and Shreya Shukla will be seen in the role of Sushant’s girlfriend Riya Chakraborty. The film is directed by Dilip Gulati and according to reports, Shakti Kapoor may play the role of an NCB officer in the film.


Fans are stunned to see the brave incarnation of Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff;

Krishna Shroff (Photo credit – @Kishroof / Instagram)

Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff shared a very bold picture on her social media account. These pictures have created panic on the internet.

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Mumbai Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff may not have any entry in the film, but her fan follower is no less than a superstar. Krishna is very active on social media and is seen sharing interesting posts with fans. Recently, Krishna has come up with some awesome headlines for the same reason. Recently, he was shown a very brave avatar on his social media account. She got a daring photoshoot in black dress, to the amazement of fans who saw her sizzling avatar.

In fact, Krishna Shroff Just a few hours ago he shared a lot of bold pictures on his Instagram account. In these pictures Krishna is seen very hot in black dress. Krishna’s hair style also looks hot in these pictures. Not only that, Krishna has also given many sizzling poses for this photoshoot. See the picture shared by Krishna here

These photos of Krishna Shroff’s latest photoshoot are very much liked by the fans. At the same time, everyone is surprised to see his brave avatar. Krishna is getting great comments on this incarnation of Shroff. Everyone is bridging their appreciation. He is often seen sharing interesting posts with his followers on Instagram. He does not shy away from flaunting his fit body on social media.


Saif Ali Khan got a new tattoo named Kareena? Empty picture

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan (Photo Credit: Instagram / @KarinakapurKhan)

Actor Saif Ali Khan has flanked his new tattoo. Her latest picture with pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan is going viral.

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Mumbai Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is very busy with his upcoming film these days. He is also taking care of his pregnant wife Kareena Kapoor Khan. At the same time Saif has come to the headlines because of his new tattoo (tattoo). Saif has got a tattoo of Kareena’s name before but his new tattoo is really impressive. Saif’s tattoo seems to be quite large, which he has also brightly highlighted. The picture of Saif’s new tattoo evasion is going viral on social media.

In fact, recently Saif Ali Khan Some of its pictures are going viral on social media. In these pictures, a black tattoo is seen on Saif’s arm. This tattoo has an eye visible and art created all around. Saif also decorated this tattoo in a great way. Check out Saif’s pictures going viral here-

In this photo, Saif is seen wearing a blue T-shirt with half sleeves and greeting the paparazzi with the same hand mentioned … He is also seen with pregnant Kareena Kapoor. . She is wearing a short dress in peach color. Looking at the picture, it can be seen that both of them are returning from the gym.


Shilpa Sethi has created a new luxury hotel, you will be surprised to see the first photo

Shilpa Sethi shared a photo of her new luxury hotel. These pictures show some special friends in the industry with Shilpa Shetty. .

Priyanshu shared the beautiful Pix wedding, Vandana looted the hill

Priyanashu Painuli and Bandana Joshi made seven rounds with the Corona Virus Guide and the Complete Ritual. Priyanshu first met Vandana in 2013 while doing theater in Mumbai. .

TMKOSI: Seeing Babita Jit in a black dress, the fans said – looking at the beauty, the moon too.

Actress Munmun Dutt in the role of ‘Babita Ji’ in the show. Moonmoon is well known for its beauty as well as its beautiful style. Meanwhile, there are some pictures of Moonmoon Dutt which are going very viral. .

Shilpa Sethi’s daughter seen on her lap, Samih looking very cute in blue frock-white hairband, see picture

These pictures are going very viral on social media. Photo courtesy – Viral Bhayani

This is the first time that Shilpa Sethi has shown a glimpse of her own child Samisha. He had previously been seen embracing Samisha once more, but at the time the media photographer had secretly clicked a picture of his daughter.

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Mumbai Bollywood actress Shilpa Sethi is quite active on social media. In February of this year, she became the mother of daughter Samisha (Samisha) through surrogacy. Samisha, daughter of Shilpa and Raj Kundra, is 9 months old. Recently Shilpa ted her beloved daughter Samisha in her lap these pictures are going very viral on social media. Shilpa herself has seen a glimpse of her own child for the first time. He had previously been seen embracing Samisha once more, but at the time the media photographer had secretly clicked a picture of his daughter.

Both Shilpa Sethi were spotted in Bandra, Mumbai on Thursday. Shilpa and Samisha are seen in the picture. Artist Jahan appeared in a navy blue dress. At the same time, her daughter Samisha looks very pretty in a blue frock and white hair band.

Fans are commenting on Samish’s curiosity. Earlier on November 20, Shilpa Sethi left for the office with her daughter when the paparazzi clicked some pictures of her daughter. At this point, Shilpa Sethi continues to try to avoid the camera. Recently, Shilpa spoke about her maternity experience, as well as how she reacted when she became a mother at the age of 45. At the age of 45, Shilpa shared her experience of being a mother for the second time and said that her family was complete after Samisha’s life.


Samantha Akkenini is having fun in the Maldives, sharing glamorous pics

All the pictures of Samantha Akkeneni are getting a lot of love from the fans. People are looking for their beauty and style. .