Sonu’s new job: Somewhere Oxygen has sent an oxygen cylinder somewhere, Sonu Sud has already started a new job, says in the video – Contact for marriage

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7 hours ago

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As soon as the name of Sonu Sud comes to mind, the same thing comes to mind and some needy people come forward to help. But this time he has started a new job. It shows him playing the band. Sonu shared this video on social media and wrote- Contact immediately for marriage. In fact, Sonu is also shooting her photo. In such a situation, a glimpse of his talent was also seen.

Sonu sent injections and cylinders
Sonu Sood said through her social media story that she also sent 10 oxygen cylinders to the needy in Remedysbury and Indore. He also demanded from the central government to cancel the offline test a few days ago. Sonu said corona infection is on the rise in the country, so it is not right to risk the lives of students for exams.

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Nina Gupta posted in the funny video ‘The Legend of Hanuman’, says- ‘Learn to learn gym’

Nina Gupta also praised The Legend of Hanuman on Instagram

In the video, Nina Gupta is seen looking at the character of Mahabali Hanuman and praising his fitness.

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New Delhi. An animated web series by Mahabali Hanuman has been published on the OTT platform. The journey of Hanumanji, the most powerful character in the Ramayana, is shown through the series ‘The Legend of Hanuman’. The actress is also liking the elders along with the children because of the great animation of the series Nina Gupta He also praised ‘The Legendary Hanuman’, many interesting things. Nina shared a video on Instagram, where she is making funny comments while watching the series.

The video shows Nina Gupta praising the character of Mahabali Hanuman and praising his fitness. Nina says Jim Gears should take inspiration from this character. Nina writes with the video – I have become a fan of Mahabali Hanuman.

Nina Gupta, one of the superhit actresses of her time, came in the news again with ‘Badhai Ho’. Soon, she will be seen playing the role of her mother in the web series ‘Masaba-Masaba’ about her life with her fashion designer daughter Masaba. When Nina Gupta talks about her and daughter Masaba’s life, one thing always says that I should not have made this mistake. Masaba also described her pain in an interview and explained how she got a lot of persecution for her color and incomplete parental relationship. Let us tell you that Nina and Vivian have been in a relationship for a long time, but they are not married. Nina Gupta started her film career in the eighties as a minor character. After that he started working on TV series and also directed. His popular serial ‘Sunsen’ was a big hit in the nineties. Let me tell you, 100 sketches have been used to show the character of Mahabali Hanuman in this series and immersive 3D technology has been taken to enhance the visual experience. The movie depicts Hanuman Zia’s journey from childhood to becoming a warrior. The title track of the series is Kaler Bhairab and Divya Kumar and the lyrics are written by Manoj Muntashir. This 13-episode animated series is produced by Sharad Debarajan, Jeevan J Kang and Charuvi P Singhal for Graphic India.


Aashiqui actor’s recovery: Rahul Roy’s video released from hospital; The actor came to his sister’s side and said, – I am recovering, I will be back soon

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An hour ago

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Rahul Roy posted a video on social media where he was seen standing with the support of his sister. In this video, Rahul’s sister is thanking all the fans on her behalf. At the same time, Rahul wrote with the video- I am recovering. Thank you for loving and praying so much for all my friends, family and fans as I have family. Coming back soon

The weather hit Rahul
Actor Rahul, 52, recently suffered a stroke while shooting for LAC: Live the Beat in Cargill. He was brought from Kargil to Srinagar and later to Mumbai after his health deteriorated. Where they are being treated. Kargil’s minus 12 degree temperature was reportedly responsible for Rahul’s condition.

If you are talking about the LAC film, it is being made in the midst of the Indo-Chinese conflict in the Galvan Valley. Directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta. Produced by Chitra Vakil Sharma and Nivedita Basu. The film also stars Nishant Malkani, who was a contestant on Bigg Boss 14.


Kangana V / S BMC: Kangana’s video from the set of Thalaivi says – My victory is the victory of democracy, I have become a hero because of the villain.

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4 minutes ago

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The Bombay High Court has ruled in favor of the Brihanumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in the bungalow of actress Kangana Ranaut. The BMC’s notice against illegal construction was also rejected. Afterwards, Kangana released a thank you video on social media from Thalaivi’s shooting set, in which she described her victory as a victory for democracy.

Thanks to the villain, I could not have become a hero without him
I have received the very good news that the verdict to demolish my bungalow has come in my favor. I am grateful to the High Court, as I said that whenever a single person stands against the government and wins, it is a victory for democracy. I am grateful to all the friends who have supported me. Also those who made fun of me. His villain became one, because without him I could not be a hero.

Kangana received instructions
Kangana has demanded কোটি 20 million in compensation from BMC. On top of this, the High Court has appointed a surveyor to trace the victims. They have to submit their report by March 2021. However, the High Court in a public statement directed Kangana to exercise restraint for the whole incident which has been going on for 2 months.

Meet Sanjay Dutt in the morning
Kangana is currently in Hyderabad. Where he met Sanjay Dutt. A picture of which Kangana has shared on social media. Kangana wrote in the post- When I found out that we were staying at the same hotel in Hyderabad, in the morning I went to see Sanju Sir to know about her health. He was surprised to see them more healthy and handsome. We wish you longevity and good health.


Shah Rukh told the fans from the video, thank you, you can’t be a boyfriend without spreading love like me.

23 minutes ago

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On November 2, Shah Rukh turned 55 years old. In the era of special distance, his fans on social media made a prayer. Not only that, fans donated PPE kits, Sanitizer 5555 figure on their birthday. Shah Rukh has also recorded a special video message for his virtual fans.

The video says – the next birthday will be celebrated together
In this video recorded on the beach, Shah Rukh says – This video is made to thank you for all your prayers. SRK Universe, Fans Club and all the names I forget. Thanks also to all of you who donated blood, PPE kits and other essentials. You can’t be a loving boy like me without spreading love. Lots of love to all of you. Next year will be a more advanced birthday party. The 56th birthday will be better than the 55th. Love everyone.

Fans lost the needy
A fan club of King Khan shared the donation information on its Twitter handle. This Kovid kit includes 5,555 masks, sanitizers and food items. Khan’s fans decided to watch the coronary transition, Shah Rukh praised the fans in the video.

There was silence outside the vows
Shah Rukh Khan is currently in the United Arab Emirates. Where his team Kolkata Knight Riders also took part in the 13th edition of IPL. Shah Rukh was not in Mumbai. Therefore, there was silence outside his house. Shah Rukh Khan himself appealed to the fans not to gather crowds on this year’s birthday.


Neha Kakkar received a rousing reception between Umsol and Idol at her father-in-law’s house.

5 minutes ago

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Popular musician Neha Kakkar is married to Rising Star famed musician Rohan Preet Singh on October 24. The couple performed Anand Karaj at Delhi’s Gurudwara on Saturday afternoon, followed by a wedding in the evening between relatives, close friends and some industry people.

After that, there was a wedding reception in Punjab on Monday, where Neha wore a white lehenga with diamond jewelery and in-demand vermilion adorned her look. At the same time Rohan Preet appeared in a blue suit.

Photos and videos of the reception have gone viral on social media, where Neha-Rohan Preet has been spotted matching romantic songs. In a video, Neha is also seen dancing deadly among the guests.

Warm reception in laws

Earlier, a few videos were released in which Neha was given a hearty welcome at her in-laws’ post. Rohan and Neha were dancing to Punjabi drums and drum beats. The two later cut the wedding cake between guests and relatives. Neha Rohan then defeated Preet after the ring search ceremony.

The marriage ended on 20 October 23 Mar.

Neha Kakkar stopped Rohan Preet on October 20 in Mumbai. On the occasion, Neha wore a light pink Indo Western outfit, while Rohan Preet also wore a light pink kurta and a dark pink avatar wearing a dark pink turban.

Neha Halud’s ceremonies were held in Delhi on October 23, for which her family arrived in Delhi on October 22. Neha shared some pictures of the event on her Instagram. Pictures of both Neha and Rohan Preet went viral on social media. On the occasion, Neha wore a yellow sari with jewelery made of flowers.

Neha Kakkar applied Mehedi before reaching Delhi and the ceremony started. Some pictures of Neha Kakkar have been published with Rohan written in her hand with Mehndi in her hand. The first pictures came from the page of his mehndi artist Raju Hena Waller.

On October 23, Neha and Rohan performed a concert where they danced to some romantic and some dance songs. On the afternoon of October 24, Nehru completed the ceremony of Daha Beh Anand Karaj.


Video: When Kangana said at her brother’s wedding – no money, no money in the ladder

Mandi: Kangana Ranaut at her brother’s wedding.

Kangana Ranaut’s brother’s wedding: Film actress Kangana Ranaut’s brother reached Akshay’s ancestral village Bhabla for marriage. This was followed by the first invitations to the marriage of the family gods and the unmarried.

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Market. Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut has reached her hometown these days. Kangana reached Bhambla in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh to attend her cousin’s wedding and attended her cousin’s wedding. Kangana shared a video of the event on social media, which went viral.

In fact, in the video, Kangana reached out to bless the bride and groom, while the scholar asked her to pay the bride as a fancy. Kangana says in a funny tone about this, ‘Koi paisa de, pais ta moi lende ni hai’. (Give me some money, I didn’t bring any money). As soon as he said this, the people around him and Kangana started laughing.

Kagan’s brother will also get marriedActress Kangana’s brother Akshay Ranaut (Akshay Ranaut) has an affair with an air hostess in Chandigarh. The couple will get married on November 11 in a palace in Jaipur. Earlier, Kangana attended her cousin’s wedding on October 21 and 22.

Played the opening ceremony
Akshay was bathed (yellow and sandalwood paste) in the ancestral village of Vambala for the wedding of actress Kangana Ranaut’s brother Akshay. This was followed by the first invitations to the marriage of the family gods and the unmarried.

Text message with video

While sharing the video, Kangana wrote- ‘Bless Karan and Anjali, our daughter has come to our house today. But when I think of Anjali’s parents, my mind becomes heavy. Today their house will be deserted, they cut off a part of their heart and gave it to us, today their daughter’s house will be empty, there is no more grant than grant.


Neha Kakkar and Rohan Preet Singh stopped, in the first video of the ring show Nehupreet was violently breaking up

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  • Neha Kakkar and Rohan Preet Singh were finally involved, the first video of the ring show Nehuprit was seen doing Bhangra terribly

33 minutes ago

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Neha Kakkar is going to marry Rising Star singer Rohan Preet on October 24. While fans are happy about their marriage, there is confusion among some people. Meanwhile, confirming the veracity of every news, Neha Kakkar has now got engaged to Rohan Preet. Now the first video of the duo’s show has also appeared, where Neng Kakkar and Rohan are having a lot of fun while doing Preet Bhangra.

Neha and Rohan Preet’s song Nehu Da Beh will be released on September 21. Earlier, Neha shared a video of her stopping ceremony while giving gifts to fans. Neha thanked her parents for showing love to Rohan Preet and her family. As the singer writes, the Nehu Da Beh video is releasing tomorrow, until then a small gift for those who love Nehart (Neha fans) and Nehuprit is a clip of our Roka event. I love Rohan Preet and his family. Thank you Mr. Kakkar and Mrs. Kakkar, meaning mother and father. Thank you for giving me this great event.

Neha wore a light pink Indo-Western designer outfit on the occasion. She also wore a light green scarf. She also wore pink chunari during the Roka ceremony. Roha also wore a light pink kurta pajamas and a dark pink turban paired with Preet Neha.

Le Entry holding each other’s hands

Neha-Rohan Preet Roka entered each other’s hands at the ceremony. Many members of Rohan and Neha’s family took part in this grand roka ceremony. Upon entering, Neha and Rohan Preet also performed bhanga and dance on drums. Friends of the industry congratulated the two as soon as the first video was released.

Will get married on October 24th

Neha Kakkar is going to marry Rohan Preet in Delhi on October 24. Earlier, both of them will register on October 22. The duo’s new song Nehu Da Beh Register is going to be released just a day before the wedding. Neha Kakkar has also composed the melody of this song. It could also be a pre-wedding video for the two of them, both of which are releasing as songs.


How Neha Kakkar said that Rohan Preet’s family met for the first time, the video of a beautiful couple holding each other went viral

8 minutes ago

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Popular musician Neha Kakkar has suddenly surprised everyone with her marriage decision. It is said that Neha is going to marry Rising Star celebrity Rohan Preet Singh in Delhi on October 24, before which they will have a registered marriage on October 22. Meanwhile, now Neha showed the fans how they first met Rohan Preet’s family. This time Neha looked quite excited holding her husband’s hand.

Recently Neha shared a video through her social media account so that she can be seen with her family at Rohan Preet’s house. In the video, Rohan and Neha are seen holding each other’s hands. The singer writes with it, ‘The day he introduced me to his parents and family. I love you Rohan Preet. Nehru-Preet ‘.

This video of Rohan Preet meeting his family for the first time has also been shared from his account. With this, Singer wrote in a romantic style, ‘He came to our house for the first time. I can’t express in words how meaningful this day is to me. The whole world held my hand. Nehru, I am very much in love with you. To my queen, all my love will be ‘forever’. In response, Neha wrote, ‘Babu, what can I say, I will just say that I am very lucky. Touchwood ‘.

Neha Kakkar's comment on Rohan Preet's post.

Neha Kakkar’s comment on Rohan Preet’s post.

A few days ago, a picture of this meeting between Neha and Rohan Preet went viral on social media. After watching the ceremony in the film, it was said that Neha stopped Rohan Preet last month. Although it is wrong. Recently, a paparazzi shared this video of Neha and named it the Roka show, seeing that Singer made it clear that it didn’t stop her.

Neha Kakkar is getting married on October 24 in a grand ceremony in Delhi. This wedding card also went viral on social media a few days ago. Preparations for the wedding have been completed where people nearby are going to attend. Recently makeup artist Viva asked the guy to guess by sharing pictures made with the bride. Commenting on this, Neha wrote while giving a hint, ‘I don’t know whose marriage it is, but it’s good to see you’.


Bhojpuri special: Likewa game Khelat Jawan’s song Gavelson Okar means or …

Author: Bhuneshwar Sculptor

Today, everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. For them the virtual world has become everything. However, most of the people in the villages used to play the game in a traditional way. Ok oh so, Like we are all playing in the village of Khalkin. Ever since Lika Va Liki went to Daga-Dagi, the game of Oho has been played by Kygo. When people grew up, they played different games. The game is very important. Lichen’s body will grow faster than tamarind and its mind will grow …

Perhaps similarly, in Hamani’s culture, the way to license the fun of the game was exciting. Dilla used to play slow songs. Oh listen to the song of the Gita, I understand that you have a different world, In Javanese, they will also talk about their home-family, their society, their country and the world and the world. In this song from Ago Game, the old wall falls and the new girl gets up and talks. If you want to understand the meaning of this subject, the old sign means the old generation and the new generation means the new generation. Jav showed an acre in this song

Thought it must be Nimble, Stems
The old lady guerrilla, New anger awoke
Old man, Pick up the pot

The game has become such a simple structure that games of games and games have taught them. He has counted the ego songs, In the same hymn, people talk about the removal of the British government., Talk about running your government. They did not trust the British government , This song has been viewed —-

Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Come on, Ninety, Hundreds
Thread hundred, The thief ran away
Broken house bird, Coon, Sucking
Maidan said Bhas
Walking down the street
Bo abusive bomb
I will speak English,
We will rule.

When it rained in the sky, the sky changed, Feel good, Rain digging is now that work, Oh ga lika sab kavno, I used to have fun in the backyard. Oh, the house is closed like a deaf man and people will talk about removing the okra. Not so, When it rained a lot, Due to the rain, the creatures are exhausted and their minds are overwhelmed, The people of the village are upset, and for the sake of Badri Phatar, Baharis kam ho ho khate u manush kheli aa gaan is also very gong. They got the idea that Aisin Kila Badri was going to stop at Fata. I’ve seen songs before —-

Annie, Woven apples, Chiria olol bajvale
Budhi Mai Hali – Hali Ganitha Uthale
Ani Aile Buni Aile , Pa gil lebania
Theory Dhudher Rauli Pasinia
Carriage web , Badri Parila Jala
Anda in the sieve , The clouds are broken, Clouds break ….

When people played sports, they would make fun of girls and even our bitter people would die. In my jokes, bitter people talk to Vauji and Gavela comes to the song. In the song of pride, people talk to Bhuji about his son Janmeve. He felt that son Hoi T when playing games with people. In this song, Sange – Sang Oriya Mai Khun Golapivata Manush. I have fun with all of this , Songs seen, —–

What are you doingThe Who feeds the brother-in-law?
Who are youThe Janmeev’s Lale Lale Betwa
How are youThe Who plays the bar
The lanes of the alley are broken, Babuya Ross Gail ………..

Old man, where are you going? The
Oil oil
Ka banibuThe
Hamro the day before
Hamro the day before

The previous words in the song Ahang Dosra speak to the great man., As signs, the weak are threatened with a catastrophe. I saw the Eisen Kigo incident in the rural society of Hamani. There are many bad thoughts in our society, Watched this song —-

Moine ke bacha chuchuhiya re
Dugo Jamun Girav
Kanchi Girib
Dugo Pakal falls ——-.

The words of Ahang Dosra are different, Seven, U apan ke balanti sathi, The rest of the wicked people mock Unukro. Seen in this song —

Moini is empty,
Get Bakulwa aunt
Mini has seven sons
Sato Wrestler
Moini Chali Utan
Bakula Merella Tan
Merela Tan ………

Apart from being alone, the lyricist in the song of pride is kind to animals and birds and creatures. They are very kind. Don’t think so much in our hearts, It’s about people as much. All the people in the fitting were caught, People are talking about Okra escaping. People talk about flying. See this song ……..

Hull fitia hull
To kill
Papara blood
Hull fitiya hull ……

Game Khejat Khani Kaigo Song Aisan Gawal Jal Jakra needs to be understood and you need by Okra. But, Now, because of technology, it should be removed from all sports. He needs everyone’s cooperation. (This article is the personal opinion of the author.)