Actress Divya Bhatnagar, who was fighting in the battle of Kovid-19, deteriorated, was placed on a ventilator, mother complained to her husband

Divya Bhatnagar (Photo Credit- @ Divyabhatnavofofial / Instagram)

‘Yeh Rishta Keya Kehlata Hai’ (Yeh Rishta Keya Kehlata Hai) is fighting with actress Divya Bhatnagar Kovid-19 (Kovid 19). His condition has become so serious that he has been fitted with a ventilator. At this point, her mother called Divya’s husband a ‘cheat’.

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Mumbai The proverb of corona virus is being seen all over the country nowadays. Meanwhile, actress Divya Bhattnagar (Divya Bhatnagar) is seen fighting Kovid 19 (Kovid 19) in the small screen serial ‘Yeh Rishta Keya Kehlata Hai’. Recently, media reports have revealed that his condition has become very serious. Their oxygen levels have dropped significantly. Divya’s mother has reached SRV Hospital in Goregaon, Mumbai from Delhi. On this condition they are not taking the name of their daughter’s cry. This time, while talking to the media, Divya’s mother has also made serious allegations against her husband Gagan.

Divya There are also reports that he has been put on a ventilator as his condition is critical. At the same time, her mother, who arrived in Mumbai from Delhi, told the e-Times that her husband had cheated on her. Divya’s mother said, ‘Diba had a fever for the last six days. He was very upset. I came from Delhi and brought home an oximeter. He is currently on a ventilator, his oxygen level is 74 and his condition is very critical. Reports have come in and he has proven Corona to be positive.

When Divya’s mother was asked about Divya’s husband Gagan, she said, ‘No one told you anything, now is the time to tell the truth. Her husband was a fraud. He left Divya and did not come forward for some time. He got married without telling us. I was shocked to learn that Oshiboa lived in a small place. Earlier, he lived in a big house on Mira Road. A lot has happened to him ‘.

He said that ‘Gagan’s mother called a while ago and just said that if you want some money, say so’. The e-Times reports that production house Shashi-Sumit Productions is financially supporting Divya.


Beautiful and bold pictures of Karisma Tanna are trembling on the internet

Karisma Tanna shared a very bold and beautiful picture on her social media account. In these pictures, Karisma is seen posing in a white dress. .

Will Bharti Singh be removed from Kapil Sharma’s show after drug controversy?

Bharti Singh (Photo credit – @ Bharati.LahtarQueen / Instagram)

Following the drug nexus case involving Bharti Singh, people are now questioning on social media whether he will come out of the Kapil Sharma show. At the same time, these reports in media reports are making a startling claim.

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Mumbai Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia have been in the spotlight in recent drug cases. The NCB raided his home recently. The NCB arrested the actress and her husband after seizing the drug. After that, the court granted bail to Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia in the drug case, but the case is still being investigated by the NCB. Meanwhile, shocking news is coming about Bharti Singh’s career. Media reports are claiming that he may come out of the Kapil Sharma show comedy show. Although no official statement has been issued so far, no news from News18 has been confirmed.

Indian After bail, he has now started his own work, a picture of which he shared on his Instagram account. At the same time, a report by Spotboy said that after a huge controversy over the drug case, Bharti Singh and his wife Sharma may now be excused from the show because the producers fear that the show’s image may be damaged. Everyone wants to keep this show away from controversy. Kapil Bharati has also been reportedly opposed to the removal.

Please say that Kapil Sharma has made it clear on social media that he is with Bharti Singh. Recently, Kapil Sharma responded to user trolling of Bharti Singh on social media. One person wrote on Twitter – What happened to Bharati? He used to take drugs until he was caught. Perhaps you catch the same in your situation, until you are caught. On top of that, Kapil, in response to this troll, wrote- ‘First take your own size shirt Silva Le Total’.


KBC Karambir: Illness has taken away the light of the eyes, but it has enlightened the lives of the disabled

Mumbai Today’s rollover contestant Hemlata Pabagadhi won Rs 25 lakh on KBC 12 for playing a great game. After that, today’s special episode of Karmabir has started. Today, Amitabh Bachchan welcomes doctor Jitendra Agarwal and his wife Sumon, who work individually for KBC at KBC. Through his organization Sarthak Education Trust, he is able in various ways and works for their employment. He described how he lost his sight due to a disease called hydromacular regeneration. After that, he decided that he would work to provide employment to the disabled.

KBC Jitendra said he has so far empowered a large number of capable people to stand on their own two feet through his organization. He has won Rs 25 lakh in KBC 12, he wants to use this amount for the welfare of the able-bodied in various ways. The questions asked by Jitendra Agarwal on KBC are-

According to an idol, which of these bridges means ‘to be praised more’?
The correct answer to this question is – Which of the following is usually used for an employee’s total salary package?

The correct answer to this question – CTC

Dried ginger is also known by which other name in Indian household?
The correct answer to this question – dry

In which of these films the words prejudicial and farhanitrate have been used?
Took a 50-50 lifeline to this question and then gave the correct answer to this question – Three Idiots

Which Indian cricket captain is affectionately known as Dada?
The correct answer to this question – Sourav Ganguly

Who is the singer of this song which is based on Shi Kapoor? An audio clip of the song ‘Darde Dil Darde Jigar’ was heard from Jitan with this question.
The correct answer to this question is Mohammad Rafi

Which of the following has never been a minister at the center?
The correct answer to this question is Randeep Singh Surjewala

Which of the following is an insurance scheme launched by the Government of India individually for the able-bodied?
The correct answer to this question – construction

The epic ‘Srimadbhagavata Gita’ is a part of which festival of Mahabharata?
The correct answer to this question is – Bhishma festival

What are the state flowers of Haryana and Karnataka?
Jitendra and Sumon got stuck on this question and the video call used a friend’s life line. Even after not answering the question, both of them have decided to take Flip to the line of questioning. Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan had given the correct answer to this question – Kamal

At the same time, the question that came up after the life line was-
Which of these places in Delhi is named after the second daughter of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal?
The correct answer to this question – Raushnara bug

Which Indian Prime Minister is known as ‘Hardnahalli’?
The correct answer to this question – HD Dev Gaur

Madan Lal Dhingra was hanged in London for the murder of whom in 1999?
Jitendra and Sumon stuck to this question and used the last lifeline expert advice. After that, the correct answer to this question was given – Sir Curzon Wiley

In 2020, researchers in the Netherlands discovered a set of previously unknown internal organs in the human body. What are those parts?
The correct answer to this question – a pair of salivary glands

After that, the hooter of the game was over and Jitendra Agarwal won Rs 25 lakh.


KBC 12 Live: Gujarat competitors could not answer this question about Olympic Games, you know?

Mumbai Today’s episode of KBC 12 Live started from Bhordara in Gujarat through the contestant Hemlata Pabagari. Hemlata is the director of an NGO. Hemlata came to light yesterday because of taking life on this question. Today, he started the game with the fourth question. He had three lifelines left and he won three thousand rupees yesterday. At the same time, today’s game Hemlata played so brilliantly that Amitabh Bachchan was seen to meet his praise. He called Hemlata an ongoing encyclopedia. Hellata won Rs 25 lakh for playing great games on the show.

KBC The questions asked in Hemlata are-

Which of the following is correctly described by SIP in the context of mutual funds?
Regular investment system In which cities of the state are the names of literature like Kaka Hatharsi, Firak Gorakhpuri and Majruh Sultanpuri mentioned?

Uttar Pradesh

Who among them wrote most of his best-selling culinary books, including The Pleasure of Vegetarian Cooking?
Traffic broker

Where are the animals in the video clip found in and around?
Small house war

I am an actress and MP from Chandigarh, my husband and my son are both actors, who am I?
Kiran Kher

Which plant did the Austrian botanist Gregor Mendel study to establish his law on genetics?

Who are these mountaineers, who are women for the first time on Mount Everest five times. A picture with this question was shown to Hemlata.
Hemlata stuck to this question and used 50-50 life lines. After that, the correct answer to this question was given – Anku Jamsenpa
The first full length speaking film in Gujarati was based on whose life?
Narasimha Mehta

Wuhan is the capital of which Chinese province?

Who is the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier?
Hemlata stuck to this question and ask the expert life line. After that, the correct answer to this question was given – USS Enterprise

Who is the first legally blind person to take part in the Olympic Games?
Hemlata stuck to this question and used the video call on her last line with a friend. However, if he did not get an answer to this question, he decided to quit the game and went home after winning Rs 25 lakh. Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan had given the correct answer to this question – Marla Lee Runian


Himanshi cried at his birthday party – when I gave up hope in life …

Himanshi Khurana (Photo credit – @Ihimanshikhurana / Instagram)

Himanshi Khurana shared the video of her birthday party so that she can be seen to be very emotional.

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Mumbai Renowned Punjabi singer, model and contestant of reality show Bigg Boss 13 Himanshi Khurana is celebrating her 29th birthday today. At the same time, to make this day even more special, people close to Asim Riaz as well as Himanshi have given him a great surprise. Himanshi also shared the video of this surprise with his fans on his social media account. In this video, people are shocked to see Himanshi Khurana suddenly start crying at a birthday party. However, while sharing this video, Himanshi revealed the reason for her crying like this.

In fact, recently Glacier Shared a video on his Instagram account. In which he is seen celebrating his birthday party. The video shows people at the party giving their cakes after cutting Himanshi’s cake. At the same time Himanshi was also seen holding a cake. In this video, Himanshi hugs a woman present at the party and suddenly becomes emotional. If they cry more intensely, people are seen sitting in their silence. Watch the video shared by Himanshi here

Sharing this video, Himanshi writes in the caption- ‘When you gave up the hope of life that someone will be yours … then you people proved that no force can separate us … we fought a lot but did not separate my team Thanks for ‘… It is clear from this caption that Himanshi was sensitive at his birthday party seeing the love of the people around him.


Asim Riaz gave a surprise on Himanshi Khurana’s birthday

Asim Riaz shared a very romantic picture on Himanshi Khurana’s birthday. Looking at this picture, it is known that Asim gave a wonderful surprise on Himshi’s birthday. .

Son-in-law 2.0’s first look revealed? Great bold pictures of Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma

Preparations for Jamai 2.0, the next season of Jamai Raja, are in full swing. Recently, the show’s lead actor Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma’s extraordinarily bold picture has appeared. .

TMKOSI: Seeing Babita Jit in a black dress, the fans said – looking at the beauty, the moon too.

Actress Munmun Dutt in the role of ‘Babita Ji’ in the show. Moonmoon is well known for its beauty as well as its beautiful style. Meanwhile, there are some pictures of Moonmoon Dutt which are going very viral. .

TV show TRP: ‘Anupama’ is on the TRP list, this new serial has entered the top-2

BARC has released the TRP list of Indian TV shows this week.

Although there are a lot of serials running on the small screen these days, the last few days have seen a show on the TRP list. This show is ‘Anupamaya’ starring Rupali Ganguly. Which now occupies number 1 on the TRP list.

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Mumbai BARC has released the TRP list of Indian TV shows this week. In which a new show has come to the top. On Thursday, the reality show replaced the top five family serials in the 4th week rating released by BARC. Although there are a lot of serials on the small screen these days, the last few days have seen a show on the TRP list. This show is ‘Anupamay’ starring Rupali Ganguly. In other words, like last week, ‘Anupama’ is ahead in the TRP race.

After Anupama, the number ‘Kundali Bhagya’ has been placed in the second place in this list. Shraddha Arya and Dhirraj Dhupar have played the lead roles in the show. After that, Mahira came back to Luthra House and poisoned Preeta, who was blamed on Sarala. Ekta Kapoor’s other show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ is third on the TRP list. Shruti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia have played the lead roles.

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The new serial enters number four on the list. This show is ‘Tamarind’, which has taken place in people’s hearts. Sambar Taukir Khan and Aditya Kumar Tripathi are playing the role of tamarind in the show, Gashmir Mahajani is seen in the role of Aditya Kumar Tripathi. This time ‘Tarak Mehta’s Inverted Glasses’ is missing from the top 5 and has been replaced with ‘Yeh Hai Chahetin’. The show stars Arbaaz Kazi and Sargun Kaur Luthra in the lead roles.