Sushmita Sen shared this workout video – said- ‘Proud to be 45 years old’

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @ Sushmitasen 47)

Sushmita Sen, while posting a video of herself, thanked her fans for their happy birthday. This video of Sushmita Sen is getting a lot of likes among her fans.

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Mumbai Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen celebrated her 45th birthday on November 19. Even at this age Sushmita Sen’s birthday is very fit and there is no break in her beauty. Fans including boyfriend Rohman Shawl, daughter, family and close friends also congratulated Sushmita Sen on her birthday. Now Sushmita Sen has posted a video, thanking her fans for a happy birthday. This video of Sushmita Sen is getting a lot of likes among her fans.

The video shows Sushmita Sen working out. His fans are quite happy to see that. The video shows Sushmita Sen working so hard that no one can say that she is 45 years old. While sharing the video, Sushmita Sen wrote in the caption – ‘I am proud to be 45 years old. You have all been the biggest source of my mental strength for almost 2 decades. All of you remind me again and again, what a blessing life is and how endless its possibilities are. “

Sushmita further writes- ‘I just want you to always remind me, your unconditional love and kindness fills my life and makes me a better person. Spread your goodness to me and to this world. Me and this world need people like you.

Sushmita Sen’s post has been liked by her fans. Let me tell you, Sushmita Sen is always one of the actresses who lives a free life. He is not only known for his acting but he is also very active on social media. Apart from this, he is also quite famous for his fitness.


Sushmita Sen shared a photo of her boyfriend Rohman Shawl on his birthday with a kiss on the forehead

Sushmita Sen, Rohman Shawl (Photo Credit – @ Rohmanshal / Instagram)

On Sushmita Sen’s birthday, boyfriend Rohman Shawl shared a romantic photo while sharing it.

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Mumbai Well known Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is celebrating her 45th birthday today. He was born on 19 November 1975 in Hyderabad. To make her day even more special, fans as well as her family expressed their love for Sushmita through social media. At the same time, her boyfriend Rohman Shawl won the case. Rohman shared a very romantic post on the occasion of Sushmita’s birthday. In this post, he shared a picture of Sushmita kissing his forehead. Not only that, the caption also publicly declares love.

Rohman Sushmita shared a special photo on her Instagram account on her birthday. This photo is black and white, so that the color of love of both is visible. In this film, Rohman is seen kissing Sushmita’s forehead. At the same time Sushmita was seen closing her eyes. The chemistry between the two of them looks very spectacular in this photo. Due to which this image has gone viral on social media. Check out the shared photo of Rohman Saul here

Sharing this picture, Rohman wrote- ‘If I don’t say anything, it remains incomplete, even if I say something, it will not be complete !! You are amazing, the world has accepted it !! You are great, I came to you !! Happy birthday my baby


Suttabaji Trailer: Betty Rini’s debut trailer released on Sushmita Sen’s birthday

Rini Sen, daughter of Sushmita Sen in the short film ‘Sutabaji’.

On the occasion of Sushmita Sen’s 45th birthday, the trailer of her daughter’s short film ‘Suttabaji’ has been released on November 19. The film is based on the theme of smoking. In ‘Sutbaji’, Rini Sen played the role of a 19-year-old girl.

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Mumbai. Rini Sen, the eldest daughter of former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, will pursue a career in Bollywood. Rini Sen is going to make her debut as an actress with the short film ‘Suttabaji’. Kabir Khurana shared the poster of this photo on social media a day before Sushmita Sen’s 46th birthday on Thursday.

On the occasion of Sushmita’s 45th birthday, the trailer of her short film ‘Sutbaji’ has been released on November 19. As the name suggests, the image of smoking has been created. Rini Sen has played the role of a 19-year-old girl in the film ‘Sutbaji’. Name this girl who smokes. The trailer of ‘Sutbaji’ is about 1 minute long. Rini Sen’s performance is being praised.

The trailer of the film shows that he has to stay with his parents due to the lockdown. He was upset because of his smoking habit. Everyone in the family in this picture fights with each other. Rini Sen has acted in the movie ‘Sutbaji’. Rahul Bhohra and Komal Chabria played his parents. This film is directed by Kabir Khurana. This film of Kabir is going to be released next month. The trailer of her daughter’s picture has been given to her on Sushmita Sen’s birthday.


When will Sushmita Sen marry Rohman Saul? Fans have found the answer to this question

Sushmita Sen shares photos of herself and Rohman Shawl on Instagram (Photo courtesy: Instagram, @Sushmitasen) 47)

This live session of Sushmita Sen was very funny, but at the same time a fan asked Sushmita a question related to her marriage, what did Sushmita answer after that … let us tell you.

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New Delhi. Famous Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen. The social networking site is very active on Instagram and she continues to share pictures of herself and her boyfriend Rohman Shawl here. At the same time, Sushmita came live on Instagram on Thursday to talk to her fans and this time Rohman was also seen together. Although the whole live session was a lot of fun, during that time a fan asked Sushmita a question related to her marriage, what did Sushmita answer after that আমরা let us tell you.

This live session of Sushmita was fun
In fact, when Sushmita came directly to Insta and was talking to her fans, one fan asked Sushmita when she was marrying Rohman? On hearing this question, Sushmita looked at Rohman and wanted to tell him … After that, Rohman also cleverly turned the question around and said ‘asking’. Then they both smiled and Sushmita said, ‘We will ask the neighbor and tell.’ See also this video of Sushmita’s Insta Live session …

Let me tell you, Sushmita wore a printed kurti in this live session and Rohman was seen in a black T-shirt and underneath. In the middle of this session, Rohman was also seen praising Sushmita in many places, on the other hand Sushmita said that Rohman always refuses to wear black clothes.


Sushmita has publicly expressed her love for Rohman, writing about her heart on social media

Sushmita Sen Rohman is trembling in love with Saul these days. On this day some news of the two started coming. Both have accepted their relationship. Sushmita Sen has confirmed her and Rohman’s relationship through social media. Sushmita often shares her romantic pictures with Roman on social media.

Sushmita shared the status

Recently Sushmita Sen shared a photo with model and boyfriend Rohman Shawl on her Instagram account. In this photo, Sushmita is seen sitting by the window with Rohman. The status that Sushmita has in this status indicates that this picture is from London. Sushmita writes, ‘ #us # mytraveldtory2019 # londoniport #love #rohmens @rohmanshal I love you !!! ‘

Photos are often shared

For your information, let us know that Sushmita Sen often shares pictures of herself and Rohman Saul on social media. News has also come out that the two are going to get married soon. However, nothing has been officially revealed yet.