Breaking up: Avantika, the estranged wife of Imran Khan, reported the situation instead of drowning in pain, speech and alcohol.

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19 minutes ago

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Bollywood actor and Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan is in the news these days for leaving the actress but it is no secret that his married life is going through a bad period. His Avantika wife has been away from him for about a year and a half.

Avantika did not divorce Emran but the pain of separation is often reflected in her social media posts. Avantika recently revealed her current position in a post.

He wrote in an Instagram story, “I am healing. Instead of drowning in smoking-alcohol, eating and sleeping and running away from the situation in a bad mood, face it. Healing is possible only through feelings.”

Avantika's Instagram story

Avantika’s Instagram story

Earlier, in her post, Avantika talked about marriage and divorce and many other things in life. He writes, “Marriage is hard, divorce is hard, you have chosen your hard path.” Obesity is tough. It’s hard to stay fit. You choose your difficult path.

With n is difficult to maintain. Staying financially strong is tough. You choose your difficult path. It’s hard to keep in touch. It is difficult not to communicate. You choose your difficult path. Life is never easy it is always difficult. But we have to choose the hard way. Choose wisely.

Left home in 2019

Daughter Imara was born in 2014.

Daughter Imara was born in 2014.

For the last two years, there have been reports of tension between Imran and Avantika. On 24 May 2019, Avantika left Imran’s house. He is living with his daughter Imara at his parents’ house. The family of both tried to reconcile between Imran and Avantika but the matter did not work out.

Married in 2011.

Married in 2011.

Imran and Avantika got married in 2011. Their daughter Imara was born in June 2014. The two had dated for a long time before marriage. Emran made his film debut in 200 Tu with Jaane Tui Jaane Na. Earlier, he appeared in Aamir’s film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ as a child artist.


Sanjay Dutt spends quality time with mentors and children in Dubai ahead of third chemotherapy session

A month ago

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Sanjay Dutt, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, is currently in Dubai. He reached there with his wife Manta Dutt. Sanjay has twin children who have been away from him for the last who month. Ikra and Shahran studied in Dubai, so they both did not return to India last month. In this situation, Sanjay has reached Dubai with Mantata and is spending quality time with him. Manyata shared her photos on Instagram Story.

Montara's Instagram Story

Montara’s Instagram Story

Will be back in 10 days

According to reports, Sanjay is better than ever to fight lung cancer. They will be back in a week or 10 days, after which the third phase of their chemotherapy will begin. Sanju has stage IV cancer, which he is undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai. On August 11, the news went viral that the 1-year-old actor was suffering from lung cancer, but Manyata wrote a post on social media asking him not to think about the disease.

“I thank all those who have prayed for Sanjur’s recovery,” she said in a statement.

We need prayers to get out of this difficult time. This family has endured a lot in the past, but I am sure this time will pass. My request to all of you is to ignore any rumors of Sanju fans.

Help us and keep your love and support. Sanju has always been a fighter and our family has been fighting. God has tested us again with this challenge. We need your love and blessings. We know we will win again.