Bigg Boss 14, old housewives return to style, Chandramukhi Chautala, Soumya and Nagin return

Rubina Dilak, Poet Kaushik

In Bigg Boss, Rubina Dilaik (Rubina Dilaik) appeared in the role of Soumya in the famous serial ‘Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsas Ki’, while Kavita Kaushik (Kavita Kaushik) again showed her ‘Chandramukhi Chautala’ avatar. Jugmin Vasin also appeared in the snake incarnation of his Nagin 4.

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Mumbai High voltage drama is seen in Bigg Boss 14 nowadays. Jasmine Vasin and Rubina Dilaik have been seen breaking up since the start of the season. The captaincy between the two began, he said – Suni has now taken the form of a quarrel. The two are seen talking to each other from time to time. Meanwhile, the beauties of the show have returned to their old incarnations at the home of Bigg Boss.

When Dilak appeared in the role of Rubina Soumya to realize the existence of the famous serial Shakti, Kavita Kaushik (Kavita Kaushik) once again showed her ‘Chandramukhi Chautala’ incarnation. At the same time, Jasmine Vasin has returned in the form of a serpent.

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In fact, the members of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ have given great dance performances at home in their old and famous characters. In the last episode, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ starring Rubina Dilaik, Kavita Kaushik and Jasmine Vasin in the form of Soumya, Nagin and Chandramukhi Chautala. Whose video is gradually going viral.

At the same time, Big Boss gave all members of the family the opportunity to show any member of their choice the way out of the house. In which the members had to kick a football that stuck to the member’s face if they wanted to see him go out of the house. During this work, all members of the household are seen attacking their enemies. I tell you, there is only 1 week left for the finale of Bigg Boss Season 14. In such a situation all the members of the house are seen fighting while on the show.


Hasina’s journey will end in Bigg Boss 14. Those who were between Jasmine, Pavitra and Rubina know who they are.

This time Jasmine, Rubina and the holy actress are going to be homeless.

This time Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Abhinav Shukla, Ali Gani, Jasmine Vasin, Pabitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya have been nominated for being homeless.

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Mumbai In ‘Big Boss 14’, another battle has come to a head over the weekend. Housemates were also eagerly waiting for the weekend. As always, Salman Khan is going to show a member the way out of the house. In a situation where the sword of annihilation is hanging over all the members, they are worried about who is going to get out. This time Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Abhinav Shukla, Ali Gani, Jasmine Vasin, Pabitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya have been nominated for being homeless.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that this time Salman Khan is going to show the way out of the house to the show Pabitra Puniya. That means the holy journey from the show is about to end. According to the entertainment web portal Spotboy, Pavitri Poonia will end her journey this time due to lack of votes. In the final episode, Pabitra was also seen in tension over whether she should be homeless this week.

In addition, Pavita has been seen telling who she is going to miss the most after leaving the house. Pabitra said that he will miss Aijaz Khan after leaving the show. Let me tell you, the first few weeks also saw a love corner between Ijaz and Pabitra. However, this relationship between the two did not last long. Nowadays, a cold war is also seen between Ejaz and Pabitra. Where both are seen pointing fingers at each other’s decisions.


BB-14: Jasmine threatens to reveal personal things to Rubina during bathroom debate, the actress replied …

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Due to the imprisonment given by the Big Boss, the house had to be divided into two families. One was Rubina Dilaik and the other was Jasmine Vasin. Rubina and Jasmine had to argue and win in order to win the task.

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Mumbai Because of the captaincy task, there is a lot of buzz going on in Bigg Boss 14’s house these days. From the very beginning of the show, a heated debate has started between Jasmine Vasin and Rubina Dilaik. At the same time there is a fight between Rubina and Abhinav Shukla. During the work, the rift between Rubina and Jasmine (Rubina Jasmine Fight) grew so much that Jasmine even threatened to leak Rubina and her fancy personal details.

In fact, in the captive act given by the Big Boss, the house had to be divided into two families. One of them belonged to Rubina Dilak and the other to Jasmine Vasin. Rubina and Jasmine had to argue and win in order to win the task. When the task began to discuss bathroom occupancy, it turned into a war between Jasmine and Rubina. Not only this, with the help of their fights a sense of pride was created at home.

Kalina shared a video of Rubina and Zamin fighting. In the shared video, Rubina says that she rubbed and washed the bathroom with fancy perseverance. On top of that Jasmine said- ‘I would come to the bathroom and such personal things would not be too dirty, which would not feel good when talking on national television’. In response, Rubina said, “If you want to win the competition, go for personal matters.”


Bigg Boss’s 14-year-old husband Ronit Kavita says he can’t stand Kaushik’s insult – I cried when I saw the fight

Bigg Boss 14 (Photo Grab- @ ColorStvie / Instagram)

In Bigg Boss 14, the quarrel between Kavita Kaushik and Ali Goni has started with Kavita Kaushik and Kavita’s husband Ronit Biswas. They said they were crying when they saw the fight.

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Mumbai The reality show Bigg Boss 14 directed by Salman Khan is taking a great turn these days. In the show, fights and quarrels are going on in every house. At the same time, there is a long-running fight between contestant Kaushik and Ali Gani (Oli Gani). At the same time, the quarrel escalated during a work … Ali even publicly threatened the poem. At the same time, the poem’s response to the poem’s husband Ronit Biswas. He describes how Ali’s insults in the show’s poems hurt him, and he cries when he sees the fight.

Poetry Kaushik Her husband Ronit Biswas became very upset after seeing the quarrel with Ali Gani. In the fight, Kaushik called himself Ali Gani’s father, he was very angry … He kicked the garbage, which also hurt the poem. In a recent interview with the Times of India, Ronit said, “We did not sign the show because of physical violence.” He said to himself that he was crying when he saw all this. They say that everyone’s name is being ruined because of Ali Gani.

He said during the conversation- ‘I was sad and crying because we didn’t sign this show for all this. There has never been physical violence since we signed. It does not matter whether it happened directly or not. If someone is harmed and I hurt him, I will go and apologize and forget the anger. I felt so bad and bad because a man was doing it. I am a human being and I cannot describe it in words’.


Bigg Boss 14: Kavik Kaushik-Ali Gani received this fierce, fancy punishment

Mumbai Kavita Kaushik and Ali Gani are now facing each other in the house of Bigg Boss 14. The sweet beginnings of both in the early days are now bitter. On Tuesday (November 24) there was a great uproar at the house of Bigg Boss. After the breach of discipline given by the Big Boss, the captain was given power, after which there was a heated debate between Kavita and Ali. With this the family members first realize the fear inside the house. Pabitra Punia started a conversation on the subject, after which Ijaz, Rubina Dilak, Nikki Tamboli and Abhinav shared their views on the matter.

The Bigg Boss gave the captaincy to current house captain Kavita Kaushik that anyone has broken discipline this week. He can throw his personal belongings in the dustbin.

After this announcement, Nikki tells Kavita that Ali broke the rule by giving chocolate to the saint. Kabita throws Ali’s trimmer in the dustbin. Ali gets angry at this and says that he should be told the exact reason behind doing this, Ali takes his trimmer back from the dustbin and the controversy escalates from here.

Ali says who are you? Kabita says to Ali – ‘I am your father’. Ali is very angry. There is intense competition between the two. In the fight between the two, except Nikki, the rest of the family is on Ali’s side. Abhinav also supports Ali. He seems to be angry with the poem and flips the dustbin in support of Ali. The poem then goes on to explain, but the poem tells him not to interrupt when you know nothing. There is some controversy between the two. When Rubina comes out and sits down, Abhinav tells her why she is talking in the middle? Rubina maintains her stand and both are confused. Fancy was very angry at Rubina and said that they would do whatever they had to do.

Kavita got angry and started throwing away all Ali’s shoes. Ali got angry again and sat at the door of Bigg Boss and told him not to let him out. Jasmine Ali also supports. The two sit together.

Jasmine says to the poem – ‘Your eyes will not show, if you show, look at me too’. When the conversation between Ali and Kavita escalated enough, Kavita asked Big Boss to intervene. He told the Big Boss that either Ali would be in the game or he would be. He refuses to play this game. At the same time, Ali further said that he would not let this game end. Kavita cries and tells Nikki that she has to go home.

At the end of the task period they announce the Big Boss. In this action of Bigg Boss Ali, he was nominated for eviction next week. . With this, Bigg Boss asks Jasmine to support Ali. In addition to the two, Bigg Boss also punished Abhinav for stopping the work in the middle.

Fancy also played a big role in stopping the game, so Big Boss told him to keep all his things in the storeroom as punishment. Nikki started clapping about it, but later Rahul Vaidya told Nikki that no one should react to such helplessness. It could happen to them tomorrow.

Ijaz even mentioned the incident with Pabitra at the end of the show. He said that at night Pavita was hit in the neck by someone, after which she got scared. The saint was so frightened that he approached Ijaz and expressed his feelings.


Bigg Boss 14: Ali Gani again clashed with Kavita Kaushik, said angrily – now I say who is the goon

Bigg Boss 14 (Photo Grab- @ ColorStvie / Instagram)

In Bigg Boss 14, when Captain Kavita Kaushik (Kavita Kaushik) went home to teach discipline, Ali Gani (Oli Gani) met him again. This time the quarrel escalated so much that Ali threatened Kavita.

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Mumbai Reality show Bigg Boss 14 is witnessing a lot of excitement these days. There are daily fights in the house, but what will be seen today in the upcoming episode will be no less than a commotion. Kavita Kaushik, who became the captain at home, had a quarrel before, now her quarrel with Ali Gani has escalated to such an extent that Ali publicly threatened Kavita. . The matter started after Bigg Boss started teaching discipline given to Kavita Kaushik.

In fact annoyed by violating the rules made by the family Senior officer To give everyone a lesson, he told Captain Kavita Kaushik of the house that anyone looking at them in such a box should throw away their essentials. On hearing this, Nikki Tamboli reached out to the poet and complained to Ali. Kabita took Ali’s razor and threw it in the box. Ali got angry at this point and took his luggage out of the box. Seeing this, Kavita also got angry and she stopped Ali and called him a fool if he did not agree. In the middle of the quarrel, Ali asked Kavita, “Who are you illiterate?” The poem said – I am your father … Ali was angry to hear this.

Ali became so angry that he started throwing things and threatening Kavita. He said put me to sleep for a minute now, I’ll put you to sleep … now I’ll show you what a thug is. At the same time, Kavita was so upset during this fight that she had tears in her eyes. He told Big Boss that he can’t go to this house with the thugs and he wants to go out.


Bigg Boss 14: 6 Contestant nominated from home, the poem secured Kaushik Ijaz

Ijaz himself was surprised to see this step of the poem.

While discussing the nomination work, there was a debate between Rubina Dilak and Abhinav Shukla. With the help of this, Kaushik surprised people by protecting Aiza Khan.

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Mumbai In Big Boss 14, people are seeing new explosions every day. Towards the end of this weekend, Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu (elite) became homeless. With the start of the new week, the nomination was done at home again.
This week, 6 people have been nominated for eviction. His real appearance has once again been revealed in the nomination process along with the controversy among the family members. With the help of this, Kaushik surprised people by protecting Aiza Khan.

While discussing the nomination work, there was a debate between Rubina Dilak and Abhinav Shukla. Fancy is seen playing different games in Bigg Boss 14. This was the first time he was nominated. At the same time, Rahul Vaidya deceived Ejaz Khan and nominated him. With this cheating by Rahul, Ijaz Khan went crazy and announced that his game was fully played. The saint nominated Jasmine.

Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmine, Pabitra, Rubina, and Ijaz have been nominated for elimination this week. But Bigg Boss house captain Kabita Kaushik was given a special opportunity to save one of the nominated contestants and nominate another member instead.

What Kaushik did with this is quite surprising. Kavita saved Ejaz Khan from nomination and nominated Ali Gani instead. Ijaz himself was surprised by this move of Kavita because so far there has been a very dirty fight between Kavita and Ejaz Khan. The two shows are not looking at each other with tears in their eyes.


Bigg Boss 14: Family laughs when they hear Kaushik’s ‘authentic Hindi’, you will see a lot too

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In the video, Kavita Kaushik is seen talking to Bigg Boss about Ali (Oli Gani). Everyone in the house started laughing when the poet called Jasmine Vasin Ali Gani’s female friend.

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Mumbai In Big Boss 14, different shifts and shifts are seen on different days. Recently, Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu was dropped from the show and Bigg Boss was given the job of nomination on Monday. In which the household was nominated. Among them were Aijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilaik, Jasmine Vasin and Pabitra Punia. After the abolition, Bigg Boss gave the current captain of the house, Kavita Kaushik, the special power to change a place of nomination.

On top of that, the poem nominated Ali Gani while protecting Ejaz Khan. During this period, Kavita Kaushik was seen speaking in ‘authentic Hindi’ and the whole house laughed at this incarnation of the poem. The producers of the show also showed a glimpse of saying ‘pure Hindi’ in the promo of the poem Kaushik. In it, Kavita Ali is seen talking about Gani. Where colleagues at home can’t stop laughing at this style of poetry.

Seeing Kavita say ‘pure Hindi’, Rubina Dilak says that she can’t hear all this and goes to the kitchen to say that. At the same time Ali starts going to Bagan area, at which Abhinav stops them. However, as soon as Kavita Ali’s name was announced and they started coming out, they all ran out. Not only that, Nikita Tambolio can’t stop laughing when she hears Kaushik’s authentic Hindi. At the same time, Rubina’s reaction is worth watching.


Bigg Boss 14: Ali Gani was surprised to see Rubina dancing and ran and started touching her legs …

(Photo credit: Instagram / @Rubinadilaik)

The video has been shared with Rubina Dilaik’s Instagram account. In which he is dancing in front of Bigg Boss guests Mona Lisa and Sudha Chandran.

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Mumbai In Big Boss 14, in the past, festivals were celebrated at home. On Diwali (Diwali 2020), he received gifts from all the contestants ’homes. On Sunday, the contestants held a Qawwali meeting for Salman Khan. Now there are some special guests in the room, who also danced Rubina Dilak and Kavita Kaushik to impress. The video of Bigg Boss also came up, where Rubina and Kavita Kaushik were seen flirting with the song ‘Maya Maya’ from the movie Guru Guru.

The video has been shared with Rubina Dilac’s Instagram account. In it, she is dancing in front of guests Mona Lisa and Sudha Chandran in the house of Bigg Boss. Rubina and Kavita Kaushik are both dancing, but Ali Gani’s eye is on Rubina Dilak. She was shocked to see them dancing.

With the performance of both of them, Ali ran away and started touching Rubina’s feet. Which shows that Ali liked Rubina’s dance very much. Seeing this, Rubina started laughing. Not only that, Mona Lisa and Sudha Chandran are also shocked by Rubina’s style. Let me tell you, Shardul Pandit came out of the show on Sunday. Ruhina Dilak with Shardul was nominated for being homeless but she survived.


Bigg Boss 14: Nicky Tamboli blames such allegations in her life, Ali Gani says, ‘why did KISS do it against her will’

(Photo credit: Instagram / ারCollarStvie)

Big Boss’s housemates have to take the names of those who want to be sent to jail with the mutual consent of any two members. In it, Nikki Tamboli complains against him with the name of Jan Kumar Sanu, which shocked everyone.

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Mumbai Fighting between competitors in Big Boss is very common. There is a to-do-main-me among the members of the household with no problem. Recently the scene was reversed again according to the theme of the show. The Red Zone was recently removed from the home of Big Boss 14, which has now been replaced by Cage. The names of any two members of the Big Boss, by mutual consent, whom he wishes to send to prison. In it, Nikki Tamboli complains against him with the name of Jan Kumar Sanu, which shocked everyone.

Nikki Tamboli says she wants to send Jan Kumar Sanu to jail because he kissed her without her consent. Nicky said – ‘I know, it’s very touching, but I want to send Jan to jail, because he kisses me even after I refuse. I have denied him not once, but many times.

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Hearing this, Captain Ali Gani of the house became angry with John Kumar Sanu. Ali says that even if he denies you go after him. Which I don’t like. If anyone denies, it must be understood. It tells me why he would give it back to me if he didn’t like it.

At the same time, Kavita Kaushik took the names of Pabitra Punia and Ejaz Khan to be sentenced to jail. The poem says that she loves the love story of the Holy and Ijaz. Which started a debate between him and Ejaz Khan. This promotion of Big Boss has been shared with Rang’s official Instagram account.