Neha Kakkar’s father used to sell tea and samosas to his family, learn the story of Singer’s struggle

Neha Kakkar (Photo courtesy: Instagram / Nehakakkar)

Neha Kakkar is one of the top singers in Bollywood today. He got this position after hard work. He has also described the journey of his struggle many times.

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Mumbai Everyone knows musician Neha Kakkar today. People like his songs very much. So far in his career Neha Kakkar Sung lots of superhit songs. He is famous not only for his songs, but also for taking selfies. But the journey to where he is today was quite a struggle. Neha Kakkar did not get this success easily. Neha Kakkar has also described her life journey many times. Let’s find out the story of Neha Kakkar’s struggle …

Neha Kakkar is one of the top singers today. In addition to Neha’s songs, she is also a judge on a reality show. He once credited his sister Sonu for the success of the song show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs’. On the show, Neha said, ‘I started singing at the age of four. Sonu Didi also started singing at an early age. My family was not included in the music. Sonu Didi was the first singer in our house. If he hadn’t been there I wouldn’t be a singer today. No matter where I am today, I am only because of Sonu Didi. Sonu and Tony (brother) are my life.

Neha is a resident of a small town. So there were a lot of restrictions on him. He once said that people in small towns do not even have the right to dream big. In such a situation, we would try our best to do something good. The financial situation of our house was not very good either. Papa Sonu used to sell tea-samosas outside her sister’s college, which made the kids cling to her. Please tell that Neha Kakkar has put the story of her life in front of everyone through the song.

Neha added, ‘Tony was very young then, but he used to make songs for both of us. After all, his song ‘Mile Ho Tum Humko’ (Mile Ho Tum Humko) was a hit and it got more than 100 million views.

Of course, those who try, do not lose, and Neha Kakkar has proved it too. Neha not only saw the big dream, she also fulfilled it. Neha owns her own luxury home today and also has many expensive cars. Neha often shares photos and videos with her husband.


Seeing Neha Kakkar the cameraman, Hubby came to eat dosa with Rohanpreet at midnight.

(Photo credit: Instagram / @ViralBhayani)

Last night, Neha Kakkar went out to eat dosa with Rohanpreet Singh. Then we both got the cameraman. In such a situation when the two were asked where they were going, Neha said that both of them had gone out to eat dosa.

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Mumbai Famous Bollywood musician Neha Kakkar is enjoying her married life very much nowadays. Neha Kakkar is often seen spending quality time with her husband Rohanpreet Singh. Recently, Neha took part in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ with Rohanpreet. Where both of them expressed a lot about their love life. Neha and Rohanpreet are often seen having fun. Neha and Rohanpreet were spotted on the streets of Mumbai last night. Where, on the way, they both met the cameraman.

In fact, last night Neha Kakkar went out to eat dosha with Rohanpreet Singh. Then we both got the cameraman on the way. In such a situation when the two were asked where they were going, Neha said that both of them had gone out to eat dosa. The video of Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh is going viral on social media. In which both are seen to be very happy with each other.

This video of Neha Kakkar (Neha Kakkar) and Rohanpreet Singh (Rohanpreet Singh) was shared by celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on her official Instagram account. Which is rapidly going viral. In the video, Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh are seen in a car with each other. Where the photographers ask, both say they are going to eat dosa. At this time, the two are seen praising each other.


Neha Kakkar’s brother Tony Kakkar fights Jiju Rohanpreet, video goes viral

Video of Tony Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh (Photo Grab- @ RohanPressing / Instagram)

A video of Neha Kakkar’s husband Rohanpreet Singh (Rohanpreet Singh) and her brother Tony Kakkar is going viral. In which these two are seen quarreling with each other.

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Mumbai Well known Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar is currently making great headlines about her personal life making them. Meanwhile, a video of Neha Kakkar’s husband Rohanpreet Singh and her brother Tony Kakkar is going viral. In this video, both of them are seen arguing with Neha Kakkar. At the same time, the reason for this war between siblings and brother-in-law is very beautiful. Tony Kakkar’s new song ‘Shona Shona’ is being heard in the background of this video of the fight.

In fact, recently Rohanpreet Singh Shared a video on his Instagram account. In this video, he is seen with Tony Kakkar. The new movie ‘Shona Shona’ starring Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill is being heard in the background of this video of the two. At the same time the song shows that Rohanpreet Singh is listening to this song and looking at pictures of his wife Neha on his mobile. Seeing this, Tony tries to look at Neha with Rohanpreet’s phone and the two get into a fight. Watch the video shared by Rohanpreet here

However, the fight between Rohanpreet and Tony Neha is quite beautiful and this video was made by Jiju Rohanpreet to promote his brother-in-law’s new song. While sharing this video, Rohanpreet wrote – ‘Hey Nehru Mary Hi Tony Kakkar Bhai .. but I love you’ … Rohan also congratulated Tony for singing with this video.


Marriage in Corona: Mirzapur 2 actor Priyanshu Paniuli, from Neha Kakkar to Rana Daggubati, these stars took seven points in Corona

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The Corona epidemic stopped the whole world, but the love of some celebrities also succeeded in the midst of the epidemic. Many celebrities have surprised everyone by getting married in a lockdown, including a few singers, TV actors and Bollywood celebrities. Let’s see which stars took seven rounds in Corona-

Priyanshu Panuli- Bandana Joshi- In Mirzapur 2, Priyanshu Panuli, who charmed everyone with her best character in Robin, got married to his girlfriend Bandana Joshi on November 27. The couple decided to get married earlier this year but the marriage continued to be postponed due to earlier dates and later lockdowns. After a long wait, the couple got married in Dehradun in the presence of family members and a few friends. After the wedding, the couple will have a reception in Mumbai in December.

Shahir Sheikh – Ruchika Kapoor – Some Rang Pyaar Ke Aisa Hai and these relationships are Pyaar actor Shahir Sheikh on November 26, his girlfriend Ruchika Kapoor got married in a court in Mumbai. The court marriage of the two was quite common with Shahi’s onscreen mother Supriya Pilgaonkar involved. After the wedding, Shahir has moved to his hometown Jammu, where his wedding is to be celebrated, while Ruchika’s housework will happen later. Following the court wedding, the couple will perform a traditional themed wedding in June 2021.

Sana Khan- Mufti Asad Saeed Saeed D- Sana Khan surprised everyone by getting married on November 20, saying goodbye to her acting career to walk the path of religion forever. The former actress is married to Gujarat Mufti and businessman Asad Saeed. It was a secret marriage, which Sanaa herself later revealed on social media. Pictures of the two went viral on social media.

Neha Kakkar – Rohan Preet Singh – Popular musician Neha Kakkar was married to Rising Star Rohan Preet Singh on October 24 in Delhi. Shortly before the wedding, the actress’ song Nehru Da Beh was released. Fans felt that the news of the wedding was just a promotional stunt, although the actress really stopped on October 20 and got married on October 24. A grand party was held this evening at the end of the Anand Karaj ceremony at the Gurudwara in Delhi.

Kajal Agarwal- Gautam Kishlu- Kajal Agarwal soon surprised everyone with the news of her marriage on October 6 on social media. The actress was married to interior designer Gautam Kichlu on October 30 in Mumbai. The family members were only small in this small private event. Kajal’s wedding photo went viral on social media.

Taher Shabbir – Akshita Gandhi – Famous actor Taher Shabbir was married to his girlfriend Aksita Gandhi on October 2. The two had been dating for a long time after which the two got engaged in Corona in August. Taher shared the pictures on social media and gave the fans the good news of the wedding.

Rana Daggubati- Mihika Bajaj- Vallaldev Rana Daggubati of Bahubali married his fiance Mihika Bajaj on August 8, 2020. Both the wedding ceremony and all the wedding ceremonies took place in Hyderabad. All the guests and friends were tested by Corona to take part in this Corona wedding.

Balraj Sayal- Dipti Tuli- Popular comedian and danger player Balraj Sayal married his girlfriend Dipti Tuli on August 2. The couple got married in Jalandhar, Punjab, after which the actor posted it on social media. Dipti is a musician whom Balraj first met during a stage show in Chandigarh.

Policy Taylor – Tested Bawa- TV actress Niti Taylor married Parikit Bawa on August 13 in Gurgaon. The marriage took place at the Gurudwara, where only family members were present. Niti was also a school classmate. The two started dating each other just a few months ago. The ritual of Niti’s Mehndi and Halud took place at his house, the pictures of which he shared on his social media account.

Nikhil Siddhartha – Pallavi Verma – On February 3, 2020, Telugu actor Nikhil Siddhartha met his girlfriend Dr. Pallavi announced her engagement to Verma. After that, the couple tied the knot on May 14 at a traditional ceremony in Hyderabad. Only enumerators were invited to follow Corona’s guidelines on marriage.

Nitin Reddy – Shalini Kandukuri – Telugu actor Nitin Shalini married Kandukuri on July 2nd. Only close family members attended the event. Taking a grand entry to the ceremony, the couple wore masks to take care of the Corona epidemic.

Poonam Pandey – Sam Bomb – Poonam Pandey, who came to the discussion in a brave way, surprised everyone by marrying her boyfriend Sam Bombay on September 2. Soon after the marriage, the newlyweds left for Goa for their honeymoon. Exactly 10 days after the marriage, Poonam and Sam got into a fierce fight, after which the actress lodged a complaint against Sam at the Goa police station alleging that she was a detective. The actress later withdrew the case after a compromise between the two.

Natasha Stankovich – Hardik Pandya – Zero and DJ Babu were seen in the song. Actress Natasha is married to cricketer Hardik Pandya this year. Hardick proposed to Natasha on January 1, after which the two announced their engagement. On May 31, Hardik and Natasha shared a few photos of their wedding, sharing the joy of being parents. They were both secretly married following the customary rites.

Pooja Banerjee- Kunal Verma- Kunal Verma and Pooja Banerjee, who have been dating for the past 9 years, got married on April 15 in a lockdown. The couple got engaged in 2017, then the marriage was postponed due to work commitments. On April 15, the two were supposed to tie the knot in a solemn ceremony, but due to the lockout, they had a normal wedding following Bengali customs. The money raised for the wedding was donated by both to the Prime Minister’s Care Fund.


Tony Kakkar started getting annoyed when he saw Neha Kakkar talking on the phone, and then … watch the video

(Photo credit: Instagram / @Nehakakkar)

Neha Kakkar has recently released a song. Whose song is ‘Shona Shona Gaan’. The song is sung by Neha Kakkar as well as her brother Tony Kakkar.

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Mumbai Renowned Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar was discussing her marriage and honeymoon with Rohanpreet Singh. Many pictures of the couple’s wedding and honeymoon were displayed on social media. Now Neha Kakkar has recently released a song. Whose song is ‘Shona Shona Gaan’. The song is sung by Neha Kakkar as well as her brother Tony Kakkar, and the music video features Bigg-Boss 13 winners Siddharth Shukla (Siddharth Shukla) and Shehnaz Gill (Shehnaz Gill). The song is also getting good response from the audience.

Meanwhile, a video of Neha Kakkar is going viral. The video shows Neha talking on the phone, while Tony Kakkar is busy harassing her. This video was shared by Neha Kakkar on her official Instagram account. In which Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar have been seen lip-syncing to their recently released song ‘Shona Shona’. In the video, where Neha is talking on the phone, Tony Kakkar is seen harassing her.

Fans of Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar are commenting a lot in the video and giving their opinion on the song. Also, fans of both are praising the couple siblings. Let me tell you, this song by Neha Kakkar was released two days ago and it has got more than 21 million views so far. The song has been shared by a YouTube channel called Desi Sangeet Karkhana. Which is now swaying everywhere. Neha Kakkar’s song is getting good response all over the world.


Rock Shi Kapoor, who said that Rockstar, will come on the stage of Indian Idol again

Vaishnavism was part of Indian Idol Jr.

The judges of the show i.e. Vishal Dadlani, Neha Kakkar, Hinesh Reshammiya are also very happy to see singer Vaishnav on the stage of Indian Idol 2020.

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Mumbai If you enjoy watching TV and reality shows, you will remember Indian Idol Junior singer Vaishnav. But now Vaishnavism is back. Singer Vaishnav, who has made his place with Indian Idol Jr. and shared his voice with everyone, has now grown up and is auditioning for Indian Idol 2020. Looking at them, all the judges i.e. Vishal Dadlani, Neha Kakkar, Hinesh Reshammiya are also very happy.

The new promotional channel of Indian Idol 2020 has been uploaded on social media. This clip shows that when he was a contestant of Indian Idol Jr. and Anil Kapoor, singing Shi Kapoor and John Abraham were very happy with his song. Where Anil Kapoor told him to adopt. At the same time Ishi Kapoor called him a rockstar.

In the video, the show’s judge Vishal Dudlani asked Vaishnav why he came on the stage of Indian Idol again despite being popular among the viewers. In response, Vaishnav said that he wants to pay more attention to his acting and he wants to sing like a rockstar. He sang the popular song Barda Panchege. Now it will be seen if they get a chance to sing on the stage of Indian Idol again. This time on stage, he won the hearts of these three judges of ‘Big Panchagej’. Let us tell you that Aditya Narayan is going to host Indian Idol 2020 again. Earlier, Aditya was also the organizer in the previous season. And this time she had great fun dancing on the set with Kakkar. Sunny Hindustani won last season and Rohit Shyam Raut became the first runner up.


Rohanpreet Singh trolled and said that Neha will be identified as Kakkar’s husband

Rohanpreet Singh and Neha Kakkar.

Some netizens trolled Rohanpreet Singh. Trolls says he will always be identified as Neha Kakkar’s husband. There is a 7-year age difference between the two. One user wrote in a comment, ‘Now all the paparazzi will talk, they show Neha’s husband, now I have to see Iso too.’

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Mumbai Popular Bollywood musician Neha Kakkar surprised everyone by marrying Rohanpreet Singh. This is because both of them were about a month old. After the status of their relationship was confirmed, the decision to marry was made public. Neha Kakkar tied the knot with Rohanpreet Singh (Rohanpreet Singh) on October 24. Both of them walked around the Gurudwara of Delhi.

Recently Neha Kakkar was enjoying her honeymoon in Dubai with her husband Rohanpreet Singh. The marriage of the two was quite discussed. From Neha Kakkar’s wedding video to photos, she went very viral on social media. Both have recently returned from Mumbai after their honeymoon in Dubai. Rohanpreet Singh was spotted outside a saloon in Mumbai on Thursday. The video of her being spotted on social media outside her saloon is also going viral.

Some netizens trolled Rohanpreet Singh. Trolls says they will always be identified as Neha Kakkar’s husband. The special thing is that there is a 7 year age difference between the two. Another user wrote in a comment, ‘Now all the paparazzi will talk, they show Neha’s husband, now I have to see Iso too.’

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh’s song ‘Nehu The Bhai’ was about to be released. This song is sung by both of them together. Before the release of the song, the two publicly revealed the status of their relationship. As soon as the status is confirmed, both of them come to limelight. After that the news that the two got married. The couple got married on October 24 in Delhi. After that, the family gave a great reception in Punjab. Photos and videos of all the wedding ceremonies of the two have been seen on social media.


Indian Idol: Neha Kakkar extends a helping hand by taking Rs 5,000 to realize her dream

Competitors Shahzad Ali and Neha Kakkar.

Indian Idol: Shehzad Ali has moved everyone by saying that his grandmother borrowed Rs 5,000 from the bank and sent him to Mumbai to fulfill his dream. Hearing this, Neha Kakkar became emotional.

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Mumbai The 12th edition of the upcoming Indian reality show Indian Idol (Indian Idol 12) is about to start soon. Neha Kakkar, after their honeymoon, is now listening to Vishal Dadlani and Himesh Reshammiya (Himesh Reshammiya). The audition for the show has started. After hearing the sensitive story of Shehzad Ali, a contestant from Jaipur who auditioned for the show, Neha Kakkar became so emotional that she decided to extend her hand to help him.

The show’s promotions are being published on Sony TV’s official Instagram account. One of the campaigns featured the story of contestant Shahzad Ali. The video features Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani, who have come forward to help Shahzad.

The video for this episode was shared by Sony Channel. In the video, Jaipur contestant Shahzad Ali talks about his life. They say they work in a clothing store. Mother died in infancy. Shahzad’s grandmother took five thousand rupees to reach the audition of Indian Idol.

Shahzad made everyone emotional that his grandmother borrowed Rs 5,000 from the bank and sent him to Mumbai to fulfill his dream. Neha became emotional on hearing this and offered a help of one lakh rupees to the budding singer. At the same time, Vishal promised to provide Shahzad with a good master for training.

The promo on the channel’s account read, ‘Shahzad Ali of Jaipur touched the hearts of the judges so much that Neha Kakkar could not stop him from giving her a brilliant gift. Get ready to make your season unequal with Indian Idol 2020. The show will air from November 28 and will air Saturday-Sunday from 8 p.m.


Shona Shona: The top trend with the release of this song by Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill, you see

Siddhartha Shukla and Shahnaz Gill.

The duo of Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla has once again been seen in a funny look in Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar’s new song ‘Shona Shona’.

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Mumbai In Bigg Boss Season 13 (Bigg Boss), Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla saw something that drove the couple crazy. Shahnaz is often seen talking to Siddharth Shukla at Bigg Boss’s house to compliment himself, but Siddhartha survived with his own attitude. However, all the wishes of Shahnaz have been fulfilled in this new song ‘Shona Shona’ by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar.

You also see this song.

The song features Shehnaz and Siddharth and is sung by brothers and sisters musicians Tony and Neha Kakkar.


Once upon a time Indian Idol sets were blown away, today three judges heard voices and cried.

Indian Idol (Photo Grab – @ / Twitter)

Yuvraj, a contestant on the reality show Indian Idol, used to hang the sets. After captivating the three judges with their voices, Neha Kakkar (Himesh Reshammiya) and Vishal Dadlani (Vishal Dadlani) became sensitive when they told their story.

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Mumbai The upcoming season of small screen reality show ‘Indian Idol’ is a great headline. More talented competitors are also taking part this season. A glimpse of which can be seen in the promotion of the show. Recently, a video of the upcoming season of this show is going viral on the internet. This video shows the story of such a competitive prince. Those who used to blow the set learned something during this time that the judges – Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani (Vishal Dadlani) and Himesh Reshammiya (Himesh Reshammiya) were moved by the hearing.

In fact, recently, TV Indian Idol aired TV channel Sony shared a promo of the TV show. One of the singers is singing a song in Marathi. Everyone was seen praising him after hearing his voice. The contestant said after singing the song that the set was working on safe cleaning, meanwhile, when the judges talked about someone’s faults, they listened attentively and improved their songs. The judges of the show became emotional when they heard this from Yuvraj.

Neha Kakkar was seen wiping away tears, while Vishal Dadlani also covered her face with a surprised hand. Also Himesh Reshammiya, being sensitive to say that you are no less than an inspiration to all, be an example that nothing is impossible. Let us know that the upcoming season of Indian Idol is going to start on 28th November.