Malaika Aurora and Arjun Kapoor have found a romantic expression in the streets of Dharamsala

Malaika Aurora and Arjun Kapoor. (Photo- াই Malaikaroficial / Instagram)

Malaika Aurora has recently arrived in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate the holidays with boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. A picture of this holiday is now shared by Malaika Aurora herself.

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Mumbai Malaika Aurora and Arjun Kapoor often kept their personalities quite private but ever since Malaika returned from Himachal Pradesh, the two have been seen flirting with each other publicly on Instagram. Done. Malaika recently commented on Arjun’s picture, now Malaika Aurora has shared a romantic picture with boyfriend Arjun on Instagram.

Malaika Aurora has shared a picture on social media, where she is seen hugging boyfriend Arjun in a romantic style. Sharing this picture, Malaika wrote, ‘Nothing is boring when you are there …’ Arjun Malaika did not hesitate to comment on this picture and wrote ‘I agree ..’

Two days ago, Malaika shared a video on social media to give a ‘Thanks Giving’ message, which was also the first picture of Malaika and Arjun.

Let us know that Malaika recently arrived at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate the holiday with Arjun. Arjun Kapoor came here to shoot his ‘Ghost Police’ film. The film also stars Saif Ali Khan with Arjun and Kareena Kapoor and Malaika Aurora are seen celebrating their holidays here.

Remember Malaika and Arjun last week was Arjun’s birthday on his birthday. Since then, the couple has been sharing pictures together on social media several times.


Malaika Aurora was playing cricket with her son Arhan when she was shot by a dog …

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Malaika Aurora has given a stylish stylish saree to a modern stylish look … see pictures

Actress Malaika Aurora has returned to work after losing the corona virus. They are also in talks now because of their latest photoshoot. He recently shared these photos on his Instagram page. .

Malaika Aurora shared the photo, the fan asked- did you forget to give credit to Arjun Kapoor for the photo?

Malaika Aurora (Photo Credit – @ Malaikarora / Instagram)

The day after Diwali, actress Malaika Aurora went for a morning walk at Dharamsala. He shared the photos of the Morning Walk on his Instagram account. The picture shows the weather and beauty of Dharamsala.

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Mumbai Bollywood actress Malaika Aurora is in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. He has gone there to celebrate Diwali. His friend Arjun Kapoor is here at Dharamshala these days. The shooting of ‘Ghost Police’ is currently going on in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

In this film, Saif Ali Khan is playing the lead role with Arjun Kapoor. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Taimur Ali Khan and Malaika Aurora have arrived at Dharamsala together to celebrate Diwali. Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam are also starring in ‘Ghost Police’. The day after Diwali, Malaika went for a morning walk at Aurora Dharamsala. He shared the photos of the Morning Walk on his Instagram account. The picture shows the weather and beauty of Dharamsala.

In this photo Malaika is wearing a green dress and in the first photo her hair is open. In the second picture, Malaika has tied her hair. Malaika wrote in the caption of the photo, ‘The way fewer people walk, a quiet and beautiful morning’. Fans are commenting separately on Malaika’s photo. It is believed that Arjun Kapoor took these pictures of Malaika. A fan asked Malaika where is Arjun Kapoor? Another fan wrote, “Did you forget to give Arjun Kapoor photo credit?” Some fans have created heart emojis, fire emojis and heart emojis in these pictures in the comment box. Some fans have also praised her beauty.

Arjun Kapoor has shared a video on social media and made his fans happy with Saif Ali Khan, Jacqueline and Yami Gautam on Diwali. Timur’s voice was heard in this video. In the middle of the video, he is heard calling his father Saif. Saif said “one second” in Timur’s talk.


Malaika Aurora Wishes Birthday To Son Arhan, Share This Message By Sharing A Video

Malaika Aurora, Arhan Khan and Arbaaz Khan. (Post: Instagram)

Arhan Khan (Arhan Khan), the only son of Malaika Aurora and Urban Khan, turned 18 on Monday. Malaika Aurora shared a video from her Instagram account. In it, he has shared pictures of his son since childhood.

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New Delhi. Bollywood actress Malaika Aurora is always in the media headlines. Through her style, statement and dance, she has made her place in Bollywood. Arhan Khan (Arhan Khan), the only son of Malaika and Arbaaz Khan, turned 18 on Monday.

Malaika Aurora shared a video from her Instagram account. In it, he has shared pictures of his son since childhood. This video also shows Arbaaz Khan and Malaika’s father.

Arhan Khan is seen in a picture with his parents
Malaika Aurora shared this video with Arhan Khan a while back, which was liked by millions of people in a matter of hours. Malaika’s fans are making strong comments about this. In the video, Arhan is seen with his mother, only one picture shows Arhan Khan with his mother Malaika and father Arbaaz Khan.

Actress Bipasha Basu commented and wrote, ‘B God bless.’ Also, Malaika fans have commented a lot, many have shared heart emojis in the post. One fan wrote – ‘Happy birthday to your child’.

“Our son has turned 18,” Malaika Aurora wrote of the video. Malaika Aurora has been seen in the role of judge among the best dancers in India nowadays. She has entertained her fans here many times through her dancing. Earlier, he was also the judge of India’s next top model.


Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah: ‘Jethalal’ is just ‘Dr. The elephant also added color, dancing with Malaika

Dr. Hati danced a lot with Malaika Arora.

Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah: Not only Tapur Baba, Jethalal, Dr. Hati, Popatlal and Babu Jio have performed a strong dance with ‘Chamma Chamma Girl’ i.e. Malaika Arora.

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Mumbai TV’s biggest hit show star Mehta Ka Olta: The entire team of Chashmah is reaching the set of India’s best dancer on the popular dance show of TV this weekend. This time there will be laughter in the dance program with Thumko. Not only Tapur Baba, Jethalal, Dr. Hati, Popatlal and Babu Jio danced hard with ‘Chamma Chamma Girl’ i.e. Malaika Arora

The promotions of the upcoming episode of India’s best dancer are going very viral through social media. In a campaign, Face Off will be seen among Tapu Sena’s contestants and India’s best dancers. Tapu Sena gives a tough competition to the contestants of the best dancers of India.

The entire team of Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses will be present along with producer Asit Modi. Apart from Tarak Mehta, Jethalal Dr. Hati, Popatlal and Babu Jit are all seen dancing with Malaika.

Contestant for India’s best choreographer ut Tuja Junarkar danced in Dayaben style in such a way that Asit Modi, the producer of Tarak Mehta’s opposite audience, offered her the role of Dayaben. The promo video of the show ‘Ideas Best Dancer’ has been shared on Sony TV’s official Instagram account.


Tarak Mehta … Babita is forgetting Jit after watching Malaika Arora

‘Babita ji’ was forgotten when ‘Jethalal’ Malaika Aurora came in front of him from Tarak Mehta Ka Olta Chashmah. .

Malaika Arora’s boyfriend Arjun Kapoor greets BD, Flower said

Arjun Kapoor made it through a special post on social media on his 47th birthday. .

Malaika got Rs 15 crore after getting a divorce from Arbaaz, she herself said what happened the night before the break up?

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Malaika Aurora is celebrating her 47th birthday on October 23rd. Malaika continues to be in the news for her stylish style and relationship with Arjun Kapoor, but her divorce from Arbaaz Khan has also been in the news for quite some time.

In 2017, the two’s 19-year-old relationship ended. After that, Malaika spoke openly about her divorce for the first time on Kareena Kapoor’s chat show What Women Choice. He further stated what his condition was the night before the divorce petition was heard in court.

That was the night before the divorce

When Kareena asked Malaika what was the best and worst advice she got from friends and people during divorce? In response, Malaika said, “I don’t think everyone’s first opinion is to do it, no one will say do it. So the first thing that hasn’t been done is to think.”

Malaika added, “The night before the divorce, the whole family sat down with me and asked again, ‘Are you sure? Are you 100% adamant on your decision? “I’ve been hearing this for a long time. And I thought they were the ones who cared and cared about me.

Talking about the best advice, Malaika said, “The best advice was people say we are proud of the decision you have made. You are a strong woman. I think I am really like that.” When you are not happy in married life, your dignity, You should do what you can for self-esteem. I’ve never talked about this before. “

These were thoughts about reunion

– When Malaika was asked if any relationship could break up and any other relationship could happen, she said, “Yes, why not. It’s important to move on after the relationship is broken. It would be difficult to date someone again after the relationship is broken.” Yes, but not impossible. “

About life after divorce, Malaika said, “For the first time you feel free. You meet new people. You sleep alone in bed. It’s also a new thing. This is your bed, you don’t have to share your space with anyone.”

Malaika’s divorce from Arbaaz in 2017

– Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora got divorced in 2017. During an interview, Arbaaz talked about his relationship with Malaika. According to Arbaaz, he does not know what the perfect relationship is. “I’ve been trying to save my relationship for 19 years but I haven’t been able to succeed,” he said.

Arbaaz paid Rs 15 crore instead of divorce

Malaika demanded Rs 10 crore from Albaaz Khan in the form of alumni in exchange for divorce. According to the report, Malaika was not willing to compromise on less than Rs 100 crore. At the same time, Arbaaz gave Rs 15 crore to Malaika as an alumnus.

Malaika and Arbaaz were married in 1998

– Popular reality show ‘Power Couple’ started speculating about their separation when the two stopped appearing together. The couple were married in 1999 and now have a 15-year-old son, Arhan.

Both of them got new partners

Malaika is currently in talks with Arjun Kapoor over her relationship with Arbaaz. At the same time, Arbaaz is in a live-in relationship with his foreign girlfriend Georgia.