Alia has released a teaser of mother Soni Rajdan on her birthday

Alia Bhatt recently celebrated her 26th birthday. Alia also released a teaser for her mother Soni Rajdan’s upcoming film ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ on the occasion. Alia said something about her mother Soni Rajdan while releasing the teaser on social media.

Good gift from mom

Alia Bhatt has released the teaser of her mother’s upcoming film ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ on the occasion of her birthday. During the release of this teaser, Alia expressed her joy and while sharing the teaser in the teaser, wrote in the caption, ‘I received a nice gift from my mother on her birthday.’

5 The film will be released in April

For your information, let us know that this Sony Rajdan movie will be released on 5th April. In fact, after 8 months of long war, the film has received (U / A) certification. This teaser of the film shows the drama in the middle of Kashmir Valley. Ashwin Kumar filed his photo in July 2018 to get the certificate. The film is the story of a 16-year-old Noor who goes out in search of his father.