Entertainment Live News Update: Pahlaj Nihalani Says – Forgive GST on Film Industry

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Mumbai Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget for the coming financial year in Parliament on February 2. The eyes of all or citizens were on this budget because they were very interested to know what the government has planned for the economy. Long-term lockdowns in response to the Corona virus epidemic have taken a heavy toll on the economy.

But the entertainment industry union budget has disappointed. Entertainment is an industry that pays a lot of taxes to the government, yet the government has not made any good arrangements for this industry. Although Pahlaj Nihalani, the former chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification, thinks that the budget is the future, there is nothing for the film world in general.

Nihalani elaborated, “The film world has suffered a lot during the epidemic. I think the GST imposed on the film industry for the next 3 years should be completely waived. Also, the electricity bill of the exhibition sector needs to be waived. The property tax of those involved in the film industry should be completely waived until the industry returns to normal.

Recently, Hansal Mehta took to social media to express his regret for not going on a hunger strike for the Anna Hazare peasant movement. In this case, Hum Sal Mehta also did a tweet, in which he expressed his regret for supporting Anna Hazara. In this tweet, Hansal Mehta also moved away from ‘Simran’ and this thing is no longer on Kangana Ranaut’s neck. Kangana Ranaut expressed regret in a tweet.


Kapil Sharma show is going to be closed! It will break the hearts of the fans

People like ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

The Kapil Sharma Show: There are reports that this comedy show has brought smiles on the faces of millions of people, this show is going to be off air soon.

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Mumbai Who doesn’t like to watch the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on TV. Many people from home and abroad come to Mumbai just to see Kapil Sharma’s show. Every Saturday and Sunday, if you are a fan of this show, the news is for you. Each character in this show has taken a special place in people’s hearts. Millions of people are smiling about this comedy show and there is news that this show is going to close soon.

Kapil Sharma shows new guests every week and entertains the characters present in the show. Many Bollywood celebrities including Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar appeared on the show to promote their films. According to a report from Telechakkar, the show will be off-air soon.

In fact, Kapil will return to the show with a new look after a few days. Fans need not be disappointed in such a situation, as Kapil Sharma will soon be seen entertaining people.

Viewers are unable to come to the show due to corona virus. It is being speculated that Kapil has now decided to paint his show in new colors. However, the closure of the show has not been confirmed by the channel and Kapil Sharma yet. Let me tell you that the shooting of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ started about 4 months after the lockdown and was aired from the new episode of 2020. ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is a very popular small screen TV show hosted by comedian Kapil Sharma.


Comedian Bharati Trouble: Krishna Abhishek – Kapil Sharma’s show reports on Bharati Singh’s involvement in drug case

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  • Krishna Abhishek dismisses allegations that Bharti Singh has been dropped from Kapil Sharma’s show after his arrest in the Dragon case

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Comedian Bharti Singh, who is embroiled in a drug case, is not naming the problem. He is said to have been released from The Kapil Sharma. The channel has decided to remove Bharati from the show. When Krishna was asked about the role of dreams in the show, he denied these things.

‘I stand with Bharati’

Krishna writes, I have not heard anything from the channel so far. The channel did not have any such discussion. If something like this happens, I will support Bharati. They should return to work, they should do what is done. Kapil Sharma and I are standing with him. They have my full support. Kapil further said that he is proud to call Bharati a sister and he has always stood by her no matter what the situation.

Krishna also expressed his displeasure with Raju Srivastava in an interview. In fact, after Bharati’s arrest for possession of drugs, Raju was sharply criticized on social media. Krishna said, the whole Kapil Sharma show team is very upset with Raju Srivastava. They did a lot of bad things. Everything he said was shocking. He ruined the lifetime relationship with everyone. The whole team is angry at us for his comments.

Who is Bharati Singh?

Bharti Singh is a standup comedian and actress. He appeared in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Bharati was married to author Harsh Limbachia in 2017. He started his career with the Indian Laughter Challenge. He then worked on several comedy shows including Comedy Circus, Comedy Circus Mahasangram, Comedy Circus Ka Vodo, Story Circus Key and Comedy Nights Bachao.


Krishna Abhishek came in support of Bharati Singh and said- ‘I am by his side’

On ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Indian co-star and friend Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) broke the silence. Krishna has openly said that he will support Bharati. .

Entertainment Live: Kapil Sharma, Malaika-Arjun romantic photo in support of farmers goes viral

Mumbai TV comedian Kapil Sharma has protested against the Agriculture Act in agriculture. Kapil Sharma also tweeted in support of the farmers. Because of this tweet, Kapil Sharma has now come up with the goal of trolls (Kapil Sharma trolls). Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with Kapil Sharma’s tweets and said they will not give advice on political issues. But Kapil Sharma has also responded to these trolls in his own style.

The actor wrote in his tweet- ‘Farmers should not give political color to the issue, this issue should be resolved through discussion. No issue is so big that it should not be resolved through negotiations. We are all with the peasant brothers of the country. . This is our supplier. # Staff. ‘

Bollywood actress Malaika Aurora has shared a very romantic picture with Arjun Kapoor. In the film, Malaika Aurora is seen hugging Arjun Kapoor and smiling. This picture of Malaika and Arjun Kapoor is going viral.

Arjun Kapoor’s uncle and Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor has also commented on the Malaika-Arjun film and praised the pair. Sanjay Kapoor has posted a heart emoji praising the two.


Kapil Sharma Show: Satish Kaushik’s 34th Crush was Archana, Krishna stopped talking due to Chandu’s challenge

Satish Kaushik and Kapil on Kapil Sharma show. (Photo: @SonTV)

Shoe manufacturers have released new promotions. In the promo, the guests of the show Satish Kaushik are seen expressing their love for Archana Puran Singh. In the promo of the show, Satish was seen to be ashamed to see Archana. Satish Kaushik says that Archana Puran Singh is his 34th crush.

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Mumbai Comedian Kapil Sharma’s show is making people laugh every weekend. This weekend is going to be fantastic in this case. Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik and Pankaj Tripathi are coming to Kapil Sharma’s show on Sunday. Comedians Krishna Abhishek and Chandan Prabhakar will be seen entertaining all these actors.

Shoe manufacturers have released new promotions. In the promo, the guests of the show Satish Kaushik are seen expressing their love for Archana Puran Singh. In the promo of the show, Satish was seen to be ashamed to see Archana. Satish Kaushik says that Archana Puran Singh is his 34th crush. Once again on the show you will see Anupam Kher and Archana on stage together. In ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, the couple has given a lot of love to the audience.

In the promo, Krishna Abhishek, Amitabh Bachchan alias Bachchan Saheb was seen imitating. In this case sandalwood and face to face talk. “One thing childhood sir, I am more talented than you,” said Chandan in the style of making chowka on this occasion. About this Krishna said in exile, tell me one thing you can do and not me? Chandan answers in such a way that Krishna’s speech stops. In response to his question, Chandan says that I can perform in every episode of Govinda, you can. On hearing this, Krishna became completely silent and started laughing with the sandalwood lying with Anupam, Satish, Archana Puran Singh and Kapil Sharma. Chandan is seen having fun with the snake in his hand.

In addition to these you will get the right dose of laughter in the Sunday night episode. The entire cast of his show with Kapil Sharma is going to make Anupam, Satish and Pankaj Tripathi and the audience laugh out loud. Viewers are going to enjoy this episode very much. In Saturday’s episode, Shakti Kapoor and Chunky Pandey took part in the show. The talk of power makes the audience laugh.


Kapil Sharma has trolled the Kisan movement, to which the comedian has also responded

(Photo courtesy: Instagram ্যাপKapilsarma)

Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma took to Twitter of Trolls by tweeting a tweet about Farmer’s protest. When a user advised Kapil not to do politics and just to joke, Kapil also gave him a suitable answer.

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Mumbai Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma often gives his opinion on many issues through social media. Today, Kapil tweeted about Farmer’s protest, but after that, Kapil started getting advice not to enter politics. One user advised Kapil to joke and stay away from the matter, but Kapil also responded to the trawler’s suggestion.

Today, Kapil tweeted on the Kisan movement and appealed to the government to listen to the farmers and talk and resolve. Kapil tweeted, “Don’t give political color to the issue of farmers”, this issue should be resolved through dialogue. No issue is so big that it cannot be resolved through negotiations. We are all with colleagues. This is our supplier. With this, Kapil has put the hashtag #Farmers.

Kapil’s tweet has garnered a lot of reviews. One user wrote, ‘Joke, don’t try to do politics quietly. Don’t try to be more farmer friendly, focus on your own work. Kapil replied in writing to this user, ‘Brother, I am doing my job, you too please, patriotic writing does not patriotize, does not work and contributes to the progress of the country. Do not share waste knowledge by recharging 50. Thanks’

Besides Kapil, singer-actor Diljit Dosandh has also spoken openly in the Kisan movement. Many stars of Punjabi industry are supporting them in support of this movement.


Kapil Sharma did a workout with his mother, was seen competing with each other, the video went viral

(Photo credit: Instagram / Capilsarma)

A video of Kapil Sharma is going viral very fast (Kapil Sharma viral video). In which he is seen running on a treadmill. On the other hand, Mao was seen walking on the porch. This video is going viral.

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Mumbai Comedy King Kapil Sharma is quite active with his fitness. She takes full care of her fitness. During 2018, Kapil Sharma suddenly lost weight, then he practiced hard and took full care of the diet and got fit. Meanwhile, one of his videos is going viral very fast (Kapil Sharma viral video). In which he is seen running on a treadmill. On the other hand, Mao was seen walking on the porch.

The video has been shared from Kapil Sharma’s fan page. While sharing the video, the caption reads – ‘Mother-son working out’. In the video, ‘Dil Tumi Jedi Hai’ is playing in the background. Let me tell you, recently, while talking about his weights journey, Kapil Sharma said that he has lost 11 kg. Kapil Sharma while talking to Archana Puran Singh said that at one point he weighed 92 kg.

Kapil said that he is now 81 kg. Although before that he was 92kg. Please tell, Ginny is pregnant with Kapil Sharma’s wife nowadays. She will give birth to her second child in January 2021. Both of them already have a daughter Anaira. Who gave birth in 2019. Ginny was spotted during Bharti Singh’s Instagram live, which clearly showed her baby bump. At the same time, in the Diwali photo, Jinny is seen hiding behind her baby bump chair.


On Kapil Sharma, the user could not face Bharati, the comedian replied, people trolled

Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma / Instagram

When Kapil Sharma reacted to the user, people started trolling him for ‘body shaming’.

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Mumbai The people of Bharati started joking with comedian Bharti Singh, NGB’s screws Bansi on social media and comedian Kapil Sharma. One user tweeted abusively to Kapil, saying, “Now Kapil will also be arrested.” Kapil reacted by seeing this tweet, but after his comment he hit the target again.

In fact, the user wrote, ‘What happened to Bharati? He did not use drugs until he was arrested. Probably your same condition until you get caught. Kapil noticed this comment in many comments.

After that, Kapil also wrote in reply to this user – ‘First the shirt of your size is Silva thick’ ‘Kapil started getting more trolled for his comments.

Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh, comedian Kapil Sharma has been trolled, NCB, Narcotics Control Bureau, News 18, Network 18, Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh, comedian Kapil Sharma has been trolled, NCB, Narcotics Control BureauMeanwhile, many told Kapil that he has come down to ‘body shaming’. In such a situation, Kapil deleted the tweet.

Let us tell you that comedian Bharati Singh and husband Harsh Limbachia were arrested by the NCB on November 22 for taking drugs and found 65.5 grams of cannabis at home. Bharati was arrested by the NCB on Saturday and Harsh was arrested on Sunday after more than 15 hours of interrogation. The court on Sunday remanded them in judicial custody for 14 days, although they were granted bail today.

Talking about Kapil, nowadays he is talking about becoming a father again. There is news that Ginny Odobara is going to be a mother. According to reports, she was seen hiding a baby bump in a Diwali photo. However, no statement has been received from Kapil Sharma or his family.


Video: Kapil Sharma Show Fame Chinki-Minky Show ‘Dancing Mary Queen’

Chinaki Minki danced to Nora Fateh’s song.

The two sisters Chinki and Minki seen on Kapil Sharma’s show are known for their fun style. The comedy videos of these two sisters (Chinki Minki’s comedy videos) are quite famous but now their dance video is also going very viral.

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Mumbai The two sisters Chinki and Minki seen on Kapil Sharma’s show are known for their fun style. These two sisters look exactly the same, but the way they say it is exactly the same. Alam is often deceived into believing that brother, Chinki Kaun Hai and Minki Kaun … Chinki Minki’s comedy video is very famous, but now there is a dance video of these twin sisters ( Dance video) is becoming very viral.

In this video, Chinki and Mini are seen releasing the recently released song ‘Nach Meri Rani’ (Nach Meri Rani) by Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa. Her dance moves are getting some likes from the viewers that this video is included in the top trends on YouTube.

You will also see Chinky Minky’s fun dance.

Chinki Minki has also appeared in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. On this show, the dialogue of these two ‘I want, it’s not known’ was quite famous.