Kapil Sharma show is going to be closed! It will break the hearts of the fans

People like ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

The Kapil Sharma Show: There are reports that this comedy show has brought smiles on the faces of millions of people, this show is going to be off air soon.

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Mumbai Who doesn’t like to watch the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on TV. Many people from home and abroad come to Mumbai just to see Kapil Sharma’s show. Every Saturday and Sunday, if you are a fan of this show, the news is for you. Each character in this show has taken a special place in people’s hearts. Millions of people are smiling about this comedy show and there is news that this show is going to close soon.

Kapil Sharma shows new guests every week and entertains the characters present in the show. Many Bollywood celebrities including Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar appeared on the show to promote their films. According to a report from Telechakkar, the show will be off-air soon.

In fact, Kapil will return to the show with a new look after a few days. Fans need not be disappointed in such a situation, as Kapil Sharma will soon be seen entertaining people.

Viewers are unable to come to the show due to corona virus. It is being speculated that Kapil has now decided to paint his show in new colors. However, the closure of the show has not been confirmed by the channel and Kapil Sharma yet. Let me tell you that the shooting of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ started about 4 months after the lockdown and was aired from the new episode of 2020. ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is a very popular small screen TV show hosted by comedian Kapil Sharma.


Krishna Abhishek came in support of Bharati Singh and said- ‘I am by his side’

On ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Indian co-star and friend Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) broke the silence. Krishna has openly said that he will support Bharati. .

Will Bharti Singh be removed from Kapil Sharma’s show after drug controversy?

Bharti Singh (Photo credit – @ Bharati.LahtarQueen / Instagram)

Following the drug nexus case involving Bharti Singh, people are now questioning on social media whether he will come out of the Kapil Sharma show. At the same time, these reports in media reports are making a startling claim.

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Mumbai Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia have been in the spotlight in recent drug cases. The NCB raided his home recently. The NCB arrested the actress and her husband after seizing the drug. After that, the court granted bail to Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia in the drug case, but the case is still being investigated by the NCB. Meanwhile, shocking news is coming about Bharti Singh’s career. Media reports are claiming that he may come out of the Kapil Sharma show comedy show. Although no official statement has been issued so far, no news from News18 has been confirmed.

Indian After bail, he has now started his own work, a picture of which he shared on his Instagram account. At the same time, a report by Spotboy said that after a huge controversy over the drug case, Bharti Singh and his wife Sharma may now be excused from the show because the producers fear that the show’s image may be damaged. Everyone wants to keep this show away from controversy. Kapil Bharati has also been reportedly opposed to the removal.

Please say that Kapil Sharma has made it clear on social media that he is with Bharti Singh. Recently, Kapil Sharma responded to user trolling of Bharti Singh on social media. One person wrote on Twitter – What happened to Bharati? He used to take drugs until he was caught. Perhaps you catch the same in your situation, until you are caught. On top of that, Kapil, in response to this troll, wrote- ‘First take your own size shirt Silva Le Total’.


Kapil Sharma did a workout with his mother, was seen competing with each other, the video went viral

(Photo credit: Instagram / Capilsarma)

A video of Kapil Sharma is going viral very fast (Kapil Sharma viral video). In which he is seen running on a treadmill. On the other hand, Mao was seen walking on the porch. This video is going viral.

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Mumbai Comedy King Kapil Sharma is quite active with his fitness. She takes full care of her fitness. During 2018, Kapil Sharma suddenly lost weight, then he practiced hard and took full care of the diet and got fit. Meanwhile, one of his videos is going viral very fast (Kapil Sharma viral video). In which he is seen running on a treadmill. On the other hand, Mao was seen walking on the porch.

The video has been shared from Kapil Sharma’s fan page. While sharing the video, the caption reads – ‘Mother-son working out’. In the video, ‘Dil Tumi Jedi Hai’ is playing in the background. Let me tell you, recently, while talking about his weights journey, Kapil Sharma said that he has lost 11 kg. Kapil Sharma while talking to Archana Puran Singh said that at one point he weighed 92 kg.

Kapil said that he is now 81 kg. Although before that he was 92kg. Please tell, Ginny is pregnant with Kapil Sharma’s wife nowadays. She will give birth to her second child in January 2021. Both of them already have a daughter Anaira. Who gave birth in 2019. Ginny was spotted during Bharti Singh’s Instagram live, which clearly showed her baby bump. At the same time, in the Diwali photo, Jinny is seen hiding behind her baby bump chair.


In Govinda’s complaint, Krishna’s wife Kashmira wrote a post on behalf of her son – it is my duty to protect you …

(Photo credit: Instagram / @Kashmir1)

Krishna (Krishna Abhishek) said that his son was fighting for his life in the hospital, but Govinda (Govinda) did not come to see him. After Krishna’s statement, Govinda also issued a statement saying that Krishna’s wife Kashmiris did not allow him to meet his children.

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Mumbai The dispute between Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek is no secret from anyone else. Recently Govinda He took part in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and from this episode, his nephew and Krishna Abhishek who had misled people by dreaming on the show, have disappeared. After which Krishna Abhishek asked why he did not appear in this episode. After Krishna’s speech, Govinda also issued an official statement and spoke about his and Krishna’s relationship and said that Krishna’s wife Kashmir did not allow him to meet his child.

Govinda After this statement, Kashmiris have now shared a photo with the boy. With which he shared an extensive post. “Life is never about guidance, but protecting you as a mother is my job and you are my first priority,” Kashmira wrote in the caption. My responsibility as a mother is to make sure that no one can harm you.

Read more: Govinda will now maintain distance from Krishna Abhishek and his family.

Kashmiris further wrote – ‘As a mother when I see you in pain my heart breaks and I feel the selfless thought that I cannot take your pain. I want to keep all these things, keep those people away from you, who will hurt you. As a mother I promise you that no one can use you for personal agenda. I promise they will never let you feel small in your life. I promise to protect you without any selfishness as long as I live.

I tell you, in his statement Krishna Abhishek said that his son is fighting between life and death, but even then Govinda did not come to see him. Speaking about Krishna’s claim, Govinda said that he wanted to meet Krishna’s son, but Krishna’s wife Kashmira did not allow him to meet him. I went to the hospital, but the doctor and nurse said that no member of my family was allowed to visit Kashmiri and Krishna’s child. After which I came to see him from afar. Kashmiris have shared this post after Govinda’s statement.


Krishna Mama explained the reason for not shooting with Govinda, saying- ‘If I went ahead, I would cry, so …’

(Photo credit: Twitter / নিSonTV)

According to Krishna (Krishna Abhishek), he is much more in love with Govinda. These days, if he appears in front of them through the cracks in them, he won’t be able to stop his tears. That’s why he decided not to act in this episode.

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Mumbai Comedian Krishna Abhishek’s relationship with his mama and Bollywood actor Govinda is no secret. Last year, when Govinda and his wife came on the set of The Kapil Sharma Show, Krishna’s absence became a question for people and since then the conflict between the two has started coming to the world. Recently, Govinda Kapil Sharma came on the show again and this time Krishna was missing from the set. Recently, Krishna revealed that when he got the news of Mama Govinda coming on set, he distanced himself from the episode.

Now Krishna has also revealed the reason behind doing so. According to Krishna, he likes Govinda very much. These days, if he appears in front of them through the cracks in them, he won’t be able to stop his tears. That is why he decided that he would not take part in the episode where Mama Govinda will be seen. Krishna said that the distance between the two has increased in the last few times. Which is why he is so sad.

Earlier, Krishna had said that he had trouble acting in front of his aunt and Govinda’s wife Sunita Karen last year, which is why they separated from the episode. In which Govinda arrived with his wife Sunita. However, this time he had trouble performing in front of Govinda. So this time he decided to separate himself from the special episode of Diwali, because in this episode Govinda joined as a guest and it was not easy to act in front of Krishna Lu Govinda.


Kapil Sharma refuses to act Krishna in front of Mama Govinda on the show – ‘This time I refused’

(Photo credit: Twitter / নিSonTV)

A few days ago, Govinda (Govinda) came on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Where he took part in the Diwali special episode. However, Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) who was seen as his nephew and dream character in the show was not seen in this episode.

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Mumbai Comedian Krishna Abhishek and his uncle Govinda have been at loggerheads for a long time, but the tension between the two has not ended. Govinda arrived on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ a few days back. Where he took part in the Diwali special episode. However, Krishna’s debut in this episode did not show up to show his nephew and people on the show laugh as a dream. Krishna has now reacted to this.

In an interview with the Bombay Times, Krishna said when he was not present on the episode, ‘I found out about Chichi Mama’s show about 10 days ago. Because Mami Sunita did not take part in the show with him this time, my team felt that I would have no problem performing. Last year Sunita Mami wanted me not to act in front of her, this time I decided I will not perform in front of Chichi Mama.

He added: ‘I share a strong relationship with Chichi Mama. However, much has changed since this crack. I am very hurt by all this. When there is tension in the relationship, it becomes difficult to do comedy. According to Krishna, he tried to contact Mama Govinda many times, but he never responded positively.

Krishna continues- ‘Now only Kapil can resolve this dispute. The next time my mama comes, he calls me on stage and asks me to reunite in front of everyone. Let me tell you, this tension between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek has been going on since 2018.


Kapil Sharma Show: Krishna Mama told Govinda not to joke in front of him, said – some incidents have made me a reprimand

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8 minutes ago

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Sunday Night Hero No. in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The name of the famous Govinda reached 199. In During this time Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Sumona Chakraborty and Chandan Prabhakar had a lot of fun with him. However, Govinda’s nephew Krishna Abhishek is missing. Krishna gave the reason behind an interview. According to him, he had a strong bond with his uncle. But hostility has affected him badly.

‘Some things upset me’

Speaking to the Bombay Times, Krishna said, “I heard 10 days ago that Chichi (Govinda) Mama was coming. Since Sunita Mami was not with him, the team felt that I had no hesitation in performing.” But the last few incidents have upset me. Last year she (Sunita) didn’t want me to act in front of her. This time I decided for myself. “

‘It’s hard to make comedy out of relationships’

Krishna further said, “I had a strong relationship with Mama. But the animosity affected me badly. It’s hard to do comedy when the two have a relationship. Mama can consider my jokes bad. I can claim that my performance can cause a fire in the house even if I play the role of Krishna instead of a dream. I can pay homage to him. “

‘Mama didn’t come to the hospital to see my children’

Krishna also said in the conversation that he tried to talk to Govinda many times during the lockdown. But to no avail. Krishna said, “Mama did not come to the hospital to see my children, one of whom was in a life-and-death situation. He did not even answer my phone call.”

‘Of course I feel bad too’

Krishna continued, “How much longer can I try to fix the things that were born due to misunderstanding? Ob obviously I feel bad too. They don’t want to see me, I don’t want to meet them either. Next time Mama Mama comes, she calls me on the set and asks me to reunite in front of everyone. “

What is the conflict between Govinda and Krishna?

Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah wrote in a tweet that some people dance for money. Govinda’s wife Sunita saw the tweet and thought it was written for her husband. From here the rift between them started and the conversation stopped. Also, on a comedy show, Krishna jokingly said, ‘I have left Govinda an uncle.’ It is said that even after this joke, Govinda is angry with him.


Kapil Sharma celebrates Diwali with wife Ginny and daughter Anira, share these photos

(Photo credit: Instagram / @Capilsma)

Kapil Sharma celebrates Diwali with his family including his wife Ginny and daughter Anaira (Kapil Sharma’s wife Jinni and daughter Anaira). This was the first Diwali with his daughter. Kapil Sharma has shared some pictures of Diwali celebrations on social media.

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Mumbai The whole country has now celebrated Diwali very simply among the coronaviruses. Meanwhile, pictures of TV stars from Bollywood have been displayed on social media in celebration of Diwali (Diwali 2020). Like all the stars, Kapil Sharma also celebrated Diwali. He celebrated Diwali (Kapil Sharma Diwali celebration) with his family including wife Ginny and daughter Anaira (Kapil Sharma’s wife Jinni and daughter Anaira). This was the first Diwali with his daughter. Kapil Sharma has shared some pictures of Diwali celebrations on social media.

In these pictures, Kapil Sharma is seen with his wife Ginny, daughter Anaira and mother. These pictures of Kapil Sharma are being liked by his fans. In the photo, Kapil Sharma, his daughter and wife are all seen in black clothes. His mother was seen in a blue salwar suit. While sharing the photo, Kapil Sharma wrote in the caption – ‘Happy Diwali to you and your family from me and my family’.

I tell you, Kapil Sharma’s daughter Anira was born in December 2019, so this is her first Diwali with her daughter. Kapil often shares pictures of his daughter on social media. Be it Diwali, Navratri or Daughter’s Day. Comedy King shares pictures with his daughter at every event. Recently, while sharing an anecdote about a daughter, Kapil said that everyone in his house usually speaks Hindi, Punjabi or English. However, his daughter reacted more when she heard the Bengali language.