Babil was moved by the memory of his father Irfan Khan and said,

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He shared pictures of Babil Khan and Irrfan Khan with his fans through long posts. Babil recently shared a picture of Irfan Khan’s tomb. This time he shared another picture of the actor.

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Mumbai More than four months have passed since the death of Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, but his family and the entire country are still reeling from his death. Irrfan Khan’s son Babil Khan often shares his father’s memories on social media. Sometimes through long posts, sometimes sharing Babylon pictures, sharing things related to Irrfan Khan with his fans. Babil recently shared a picture of Irfan Khan’s tomb. This time he shared another picture of the actor.

Babil shared a picture of Irrfan Khan on his social media account. The actor is seen holding a peacock in his hand. She is smiling at the peacock. Irrfan Khan’s fans have also become emotional after seeing this film. While sharing the picture, Babil also wrote some heart touching lines of Irfan Khan’s song ‘Beautiful’ Hoon Eto ‘.

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While sharing the picture, Babel wrote in the caption – “I will meet him spiritually, somewhere in the sky, angels are not loved on earth”. Babylon further wrote, “I still feel like you’ve been shooting for quite some time, you’ll be back from there.”

This post from Babylon shows how much she misses her father. Babylon shares the post with her father the day she arrives. He also never missed an opportunity to express his love for his mother Sutapa Sikder.


Irfan’s son’s mental poem: Babil shared a romantic picture of his parents – time is running out.

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Babil, the son of the late actor Irrfan Khan, often remembers him and shares his pictures on social media. On Monday, Babil shared a photo of parents Irfan Khan and Sutapa Sikder on Instagram, where they are both posing in a romantic style. Babel wrote a sensitive poem with photos, which is in English.

The Hindi translation of the Babylonian poem, “It’s true that time is between your breaths. And you know. Or maybe it’s because I grew up. But the sky isn’t so blue when the sunset starts to fall on you.”

Irfan died in April

Irrfan Khan passed away on April 29 this year after battling neuro-endocrine cancer for almost two years. He was last seen in the English medium film released just a month and a half before his death.

Speaking of Babylon, he is doing a filmmaking course in the UK. Babylon returned to India after the institutes were closed due to the Corona epidemic. He returned to the UK about a month and a half ago.


When Irrfan Khan sang for his wife Sutpar, ‘Mera Saath Saath Hoga’, the son Babil shared the video

Irfan-Sutpar is liking this video a lot. Photo courtesy – Video Grab

Irrfan Khan’s son Babil has shared an unseen video on his Instagram account, which is going quite viral.

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Mumbai Veteran Bollywood star Irrfan Khan is going to say goodbye to the world in 6 months, but he can’t take part with family memories. Whether the wife is Sutapa Sikder or the son is Babylon (Babylon), they are realizing their support through the memory of the father. Babylon has shared an unseen video on social media, which is going quite viral. In this video, Irfan is seen singing the song ‘Mera Sara Saath Hoga Hoga (Mera Sara Saath Hoga)’. Irfan-Sutpar is quite like this video.

Irrfan Khan’s son Babil shared a video on his Instagram account. In this video, Irrfan Khan is walking in the street with his wife Sutapa Sikder. Irfan is humming ‘Mera Saath Saath Hoga’ after hearing Sutpao start humming. Irfan sings and asks Sutpa – is my shadow your shadow? Sutapa replied about my shadow

Babil shared this video on social media and wrote, ‘Mera Saya Tera Saya? I came to pick up my mother at the airport. This video is getting a lot of likes on social media. This video is about the shooting days of Irrfan Khan’s film English Medium. This was Irfan’s last picture. We tell you that the father’s mother Sutapa Sikder recently went to London to meet the son. Which his sons left for Mumbai at the airport. Actor Pankaj Tripathi also reacted to the love, with many fans in the video released on social media.


This is the last film to be released in theaters this year, to be remembered forever

Theaters reopen today (iconic photo)

Just a few days before the theaters closed in March, a Bollywood film was released … the name was ‘English Medium’, which had an impact on the film’s business. Later, the image was also released on OTT for compensation.

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New Delhi. Coronavirus Due to the epidemic, everyone in every region across the country has suffered heavy losses, as lockdown was carried out across the country to prevent the spread of the disease. This lockdown caused a lot of damage to the entertainment world, theaters were closed, film shooting was stopped, not only that many actors big and small were forced to sit at home. Well slowly things are getting back on track. The shooting of the film has already started and the movies are being re-launched from today.

The last film to be released in theaters this year was ‘English Medium’.
Let me tell you, just a few days ago, when the theaters were closed in March, a Bollywood film was released … the name was ‘English Medium’, which had a great impact on the film’s business. Later, the image was also released on OTT for compensation. Although the last film to be released in theaters this year turned it into a memorable film, how? So let me tell you …

That is why the film ‘English Medium’ became memorable

In fact, the famous Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan was the main character in this film, he is no longer with us. The late actor’s film was released in theaters on March 13 and Irrfan Khan died on April 29. Let me tell you, Irfan was suffering from cancer and he could not fight the battle of cancer for long. So Irfan’s last film ‘English Medium’ became a memorable film for his fans.


Shekhar Sumon shared the photo and wrote- Despite worldwide fame, you are here alone in this decaying grave.

20 days ago

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Film actor and comedian Shekhar Sumon has targeted the film industry on the pretext of Irrfan Khan’s grave. Sharing a picture of the tomb, he wrote, “This is the tomb of the late actor Irfan Khan. Does it teach a lesson of life? Despite so much popularity and worldwide fame, you are alone here in this decaying tomb. Try writing? “

The son wrote – Dad loved the wild

Irfan’s son Babil recently shared this photo of the tomb on Instagram. He wrote Dad liked all this in a wild way. Mama recently wrote about the wilderness in the neighborhood, after which some fans became alarmed to see it chaotic.

I want to convey to you that they always want grass and trees around. They wanted to keep garbage and plastics away from this wilderness forever.

Mama wrote, ‘Women are not allowed to enter Muslim cemeteries. That is why I planted a night queen tree in Igatpuri. I also placed a stone in his memory, where I buried his favorite thing. I have a place where I can sit for hours without telling anyone.

I can’t sit next to them. They have souls. However, this does not mean that they have been left in the graveyard. As far as everyone’s question is concerned, these wild plants and grasses only grow in the rainy season. ‘

Irfan’s friend also shared the grave photo

Earlier, Irfan’s friend Chandan Roy Sanyal also shared a picture of his grave on social media. He wrote in the caption, “Irfan has been missing since yesterday. I haven’t been able to go to his grave for four months. I went today. He is alone there. There is no one but the tree. There is only peace.” Irfan died on April 29 this year after battling neuroendocrine cancer for almost two years.


Irfan Khan seen at Mumbai airport, secret face seen by media

Irrfan Khan has been battling cancer for a long time. However, he has recently returned to India. He was treated in London for a long time. Following the release of this news, fans are praying for their illness to be cured soon. But now a picture of Irfan has come out.

Irfan was spotted at the Mumbai airport

Irrfan Khan is in India nowadays. A living proof of this has come up. He was caught on paparazzi camera at the Mumbai airport. It is learned that Irrfan Khan was recently spotted at the Mumbai International Airport. Irfan turned away from her as soon as the media personnel present there recognized her and started taking pictures. For this reason, only pictures of Irfan’s back can be captured on camera. Irfan arrived at the airport wearing military pants, a white pink shirt and a hat. He tied a cloth to hide his face.

Irfan Khan

Hindi medium 2 ‘ Can start shooting!

Let me tell you, there has been news for some time that Irrfan Khan may start shooting for ‘Hindi Medium 2’ soon. This film is a sequel to Hindi Medium Photo 2017.

Irfan Khan


First picture: Irrfan Khan returned to India after cancer treatment, first picture released, see here

Irrfan Khan has been battling cancer in London for a long time, after which the actor has now returned to Mumbai. Irrfan Khan was spotted at the Mumbai airport today. Where he was seen hiding himself from the camera. Let me tell you, Irrfan Khan has been undergoing treatment for cancer in London for the last 6 months. After which the actor has now returned to his country.

Irrfan Khan is going to start shooting for his next film Hindi Medium 2 here. News of his return to India has been circulating for the past few months. After which the actor has returned to India. Earlier, it was reported that Kareena Kapoor Khan will be seen with Irrfan Khan in this film. However, he refused to do the film due to low fees.

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In such a situation, Radhika Apte will be seen with Irrfan Khan in this film. Sonali Bendre has recently returned to the fight against cancer. After which now Irrfan Khan has also returned. There are reports that Radhika Madan will be seen playing the role of her daughter in this film.

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Health Update: Good news for fans about Irrfan Khan’s health, says Tigmanshu Dhulia

Bollywood’s best director and actor Tigmanshu Dhulia is currently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Milon Talkies’. In such a situation, Tigmanshu has made a big statement about film actor Irrfan Khan. Tigmanshu said in an exclusive interview that Irfan is going to return to the film when. And now how is his health.

“I met Irfan after he returned to the country from London,” says Tigmanshu. Where now Irfan is perfectly healthy. Irfan himself has told me that he is going to start shooting his Hindi Medium 2 movie very soon. “Let me tell you, Irfan Khan recently returned to India from London after undergoing treatment for a disease called neuroendocrine tumor. Last year, Irfan Khan revealed his illness in a post on social media.

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Talking about Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium 2, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be seen opposite Irrfan in this film. However, the makers of the film charged some extra fees for Kareena, which is why Kareena left the film. In such a situation, it is reported that Radhika Apte will be seen in this film.


Hindi Medium 2: After Kareena left the movie, now this actress will enter!

Recently, it was reported that Kareena Kapoor Khan has refused to do Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Hindi Medium 2’. According to media reports, Kareena wanted Rs 8 crore for the film but the producers agreed to pay her Rs 5 crore. The two could not agree on this, which is why Kareena did not agree to do the film.

The name of the new heroine came up

After Kareena Kapoor Khan rejected the film, the producers are constantly looking for new heroines. According to a report in Bollywood Bubbles, Radhika Apte’s name is coming out in front of everyone. Radhika Apte is the first choice of the makers of ‘Hindi Medium 2’. However, no information has been released about how far the two have come.

Good news I will be seen in Karina

Let me tell you that Kareena Kapoor Khan will be seen in Karan Johar’s ‘Good News’ soon. In this film, she will be seen playing the role of Akshay Kumar’s wife. Shooting for this photo is in progress


Hindi Medium 2: Kareena Kapoor Khan has left Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Hindi Medium 2’ due to low pay.

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is currently busy shooting for her upcoming film ‘Good News’. According to recent reports, the actress will be seen in the movie ‘Hindi Medium 2’ with Irrfan Khan. But now Kareena has chosen this picture. Where now the reason has been revealed.

According to reports, Kareena has denied the film for a low fee. After listening to the script of this film, Kareena said yes to doing this film. However, when it came to Kareena’s fees, the actress wanted Rs 8 crore but the producers of the film felt that it was too much. The producers of the film asked Kareena to pay Rs 5 crore but the actress did not agree. In such a situation Kareena is now out of this film. Where the producers are now looking for an actress for the film.

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In the first part of Hindi Medium, Irrfan Khan was met by the beautiful Pakistani actress Saba Khan. After which you now have to see who can be seen in this picture.