Singer Madhushree said- I too have faced the politics of rejection and industry for a long time but I did not fall into the trap of depression or drugs, Sushant could have done it on purpose

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  • Singer Madhushree said that I have faced rejection and politics for a long time but I did not fall into depression or drug addiction, I wish Sushant could have done it too.

Amit Karna, MumbaiA month ago

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Madhushree started her Bollywood career in 2001 by singing in the film ‘Moksha’.

Madhushree, a well-known composer of Hindi and Southern films, says that outsiders who come into the film world should not be disappointed by rejection or by being upset with politics. According to him, many people have to face such difficulties, but that does not mean that you will lose confidence. He said I hope Sushant understood this and understood the importance of life and was dealing with difficulties well.

In a special conversation with Bhaskar, Madhushree said, ‘Like Sushant Singh Rajput, I was also an outsider. Mumbai came to be a singer in the nineties. I too have faced many rejections. I couldn’t find work because of the politics of the industry and the monopoly of the singers. Yet I did not bow my head. ‘

I went to ‘Suriname’ and taught music

He said, ‘To survive, he also worked as a music teacher in the small South American country‘ Suriname ’. I wish Sushant Singh Rajput could do it too. Among the outsiders I say don’t give up. Don’t fall into frustration or drugs due to rejection. There is nothing better than life.

Bollywood is regularly neglected

He further said, ‘I have given 32 hit songs for AR Rahman. There are hundreds of songs in the south. The song ‘Kanha So Ja Zara’ in ‘Bahubali 2’ got 220 million views. It had music by music composers like MM Karim. I sang for every great musician in the South. Nonetheless, there were no invitations from Mumbai-based big music companies and musicians. This has been happening continuously for 20 years. But I’m not broken. Not disappointed. Never given up on the idea of ​​suicide was not allowed in my mind.

I was given a chance if I wasn’t there

When he came to Mumbai 20 years ago, he sent auditions as his music audio cassettes to more than 400 lyricists, musicians, producers and reputed music companies. Still I didn’t get a chance. Then only Kumar Shanu, Alka ji, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Anuradha Paudwal would listen to everyone. Rajesh Raushan ji got it in the movie ‘Moksha’ because Alka Yagnik was not present that day. Then Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy must have given some chance. But then he meditated with AR Rahman in Chennai and got a job there. That opportunity was also met with great difficulty.

He expressed resentment against me when I got the job

’20 years ago, Rajesh Roshan and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy were given the opportunity to stay in Mumbai, everyone’s ears were raised. I was told by many musicians that the singers of that time gave false information about me through the records of that time that Madhushree was based in the South. She can’t sing. However, today I am satisfied with the YouTube channel and my South World. ‘

Madhushree has sung hit songs in many Bollywood films including Sathya, Kal Ho Na Ho, Swadesh, Yuba, Kisna, Paheli, Rang De Basanti, Jodha Akbar and Bahubali 2.

(As told to Amit Karna)