Wedding Hour: A month after leaving Bollywood, Sana Khan married Anas Saeed of Gujarat, news from viral video

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8 minutes ago

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Last month, in October, Sana Khan announced her departure from Bollywood through a social media post. Now the video of her wedding on Saturday has gone viral on social media, where she is seen in the bride’s white dress. Sana is married to Anas Sa Saeed, the Mufti of Surat, Ankleshwar.

Farewell to Bollywood
Before marriage, actress Sana Khan, who worked for Bigg Boss 6, Joy Hote, followed in the footsteps of Zaira Wasim. Sana left the show business. He shared this information through social media. Sana wrote through a long post that she will serve humanity and follow the command of Allah, her Creator.

Sana Khan made her acting debut in 2009 with the Hindi film Yeh Hai Hai Society. He has since appeared in several Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. He later starred in reality shows such as Big Boss and Fear Factor.

Sanaa had a breakup in February 2020
Sana Khan shared Abeti on social media after a breakup with choreographer boyfriend Melvin Lewis earlier this year. However, now they have deleted all their old photos and posts from their account. On February 12, Sana, while talking about her breakup in an Instagram post, accused Melvin of having a pregnant girl. Sana and Melvin met in 2013. The two broke the news of their relationship on the occasion of last year’s Valentine’s Day.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi: The film will be released on April 12, starring Vivek Oberoi in the lead role.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ will be released in theaters on April 12. In this film, Vivek Oberoi is playing the role of Prime Minister Modi. The film is directed by Umang Kumar. The shooting of this film started in January itself

12 The film will be released in April

The biopic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to release on April 12. This photo has been shooting for a long time. The filmmakers said that the shooting started in the last days of January from Gujarat. Now the shooting of the last part of this film is going on in Mumbai these days. So far, a poster of the film has been released, it just shook. In this film, Vivek Oberoi is playing the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The film will show the journey of the Prime Minister’s life

The film’s director Umang Kumar said of the film that ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ has been on his journey since his inauguration as Gujarat Chief Minister until Narendra Modi was declared the Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014.