Kangana Ranaut was angry with Eros and said, “Shame, porn hubs have become an OTT platform.”

Mumbai Eros Entertainment (Eros Entertainment) has shared a few posters related to Navratri and Garba on its Twitter handle, which has caused a stir on social media. People trolled Eros Now intensely and soon started trending at the top of #boycotrosno. In fact the posters have written a line double mining with pictures of Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, which has made people angry. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also expressed her displeasure over the issue, tweeting several times on an issue and calling all OTT platforms as porn hubs.

Seeing these posters, Kangana Ranaut was so angry that she again expressed her dissatisfaction with the people on social media. He shared Eros’s poster and wrote 4 tweets. He wrote the first tweet – ‘We need to save movies for the community to watch. Digitization of artists is facing a major crisis as it is more difficult to thrill a large segment of the audience than sexual content for personal viewing. All streaming platforms are nothing but porn hubs. It’s a shame. ‘

In the second tweet, Kangana wrote – “Not only that, the nature of the content on the international streaming platform is the same which encourages sexual desire.” It is very difficult to get any other kind of content from their team.

In the third tweet he wrote- ‘And it’s not just the fault of the streaming platform, when you sit alone and watch headphones with headphones, you need instant satisfaction. Movies need to be seen with the whole family, children and the people around. Basically it should be a community experience.

In her last tweet, Kangana wrote – ‘Seeing the community raises our awareness. When we know that someone is watching what we are seeing. We want to be what we want to be. We like consciously make censorship on the mind and emotions is very important and we can have our own censorship and conscience. I would like to inform you that an apology was also sought in a tweet on behalf of the company after the fraud on social media, but even after seeing such an offensive post on Navratri, people’s anger is not being named.