From film characters to cinematography, Vijay Nambiar has directed Taish

18 minutes ago

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  • Writer-Director: Vijay Nambiar
  • Artists: Pulkit Samrat, Harshvardhan Rane, Jim Sarv, Kriti Kharbanda, Sanjida Sheikh, Sourav Sachdev, Abhimanyu Singh, Ankur Rathi, Zoya Morani, Saloni Batra etc.
  • Platform: G5
  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

What is the story of the series

Writer-director Vijay Nambiar originally made a feature film called Taish, which was edited into a six-episode web series. The gist of the web series story is how the spirit of revenge destroys the two families. Set against a backdrop of London, the story revolves around the Kalara and Kuljinder families. The two families seek revenge from each other.

When Kuljinder (Abhimanyu Singh) arrives at the wedding of Rohan Kalra’s (Jim Serb) brother Krish Kalra (Ankur Rathi) and sees him, Rohan remembers the past and the fire burns. When his friend Sunny Lalwani (Pulkit Samrat) asks Rohan the reason for his anger, he tells about the tragic incident of his childhood in which Sunny informs him that his sister raped his sister when he was old, but out of fear he could do nothing.

Sunny then tried to kill him but he survived. But his voice and memory are gone. When Kulbindar’s brother Pali (Harshavardhana Rana) finds out, he is eager to take revenge. After that, the story takes a very exciting turn, which has revenge, passion, action but after watching this web series one will know who, when, how to take revenge, succeed or not. However, there are many things that each character has its own.

Great editing of the film

First of all, if we talk about acting, Pulkit Samrat, Jim Sarve, Harshvardhan Rane, Sanjida Sheikh etc. have acted in their roles. All in all, Harshavardhana Rana has killed Polly in his character. This picture about the location of the location, set in the background of London, from the swimming pool to the prison, the road, the police, etc. has been shown in an interesting way. Yes, its editing is really amazing.

The cinematography of the film is great

Stunning cinematography has been seen in some scenes. In the scene where both Rohan and Sunny went to Kuljinder’s house to take revenge, Pali escaped from jail and came home. Sunny sees Rohan and takes him out of the house secretly, this scene has become a lot from the point of view of cinematography. Yes, if something is missing in this series, which is about a dozen stars, the cameras move over each other so fast that the story is less able to understand and enjoy the series. .