Crisis aide: Rabina sent 300 cylinders to Delhi, which is facing a shortage of oxygen, saying – it’s like a drop in the ocean, but something will help

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4 hours ago

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Actress Rabina Tandon has come forward to help the capital Delhi in the face of corona oxygen crisis. He has started an initiative called ‘Oxygen Service on Wheels Mumbai to Delhi’ on behalf of his non-profit organization Rudra Foundation, through which he is sending oxygen cylinders from Mumbai to Delhi. According to the actress, the lack of oxygen in Delhi during the second wave of corona frustrated her. So he decided to send the cylinder there himself.

Rabin has sent about 300 cylinders
“I have sent about 300 cylinders to Delhi and for the rest we are trying to raise funds from the people. They could be our friends or any other extra money,” Rabin said in a conversation. We are not pressuring people. Ordinary people are coming and donating. There is a need to save what they have to face for emergencies. But yes, we are going to people who can make a difference and ask for help. “

These help like the drops of the sea: Rabina
Rabin announced his initiative in a social media post. He wrote, “The team is on its way to Delhi. It’s like a drop in the ocean. But it will help a bit.” Earlier on Friday, Ravenna posted a picture of herself on social media with an oxygen cylinder given to a foundation. His followers praised his move.

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Th 67th National Film Awards: Considered as Sushant’s ‘Chichhor’ Best Hindi Film, Kangana Ranaut won the fourth National Film Award of her career.

Department Winner Others Best Feature Film (Hindi) Shallow Director- Nitesh Tiwari Best Actress Kangana Ranot Movies – Manikaranika, Panga Best Actor Manoj Vajpayee, Dhanush (Telugu) Movies by Bhonsle, Asuran (Telugu) respectively Best Supporting Actor Vijay Sethupati Movies – Super Deluxe The best singer B. Prek Song – Teri Mitti (Saffron) Best Supporting Actress Pallavi Joshi Movies – Tashkent files Best Edit Movies – Jersey (Telugu) The best autobiography Levduh Cough Best screenplay adopted Anonymity The best cinematography Jalikattu The best female singer Sawani Rabindra Lyrics – Bordeaux (Marathi) Best Film Critic Sohini Chatterjee Mostly film friendly states Sikkim Best non-feature film Wild Karnataka The best direction Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan Film – at the rate of seventy-two The best children’s movies Musk (Hindi) Best dialogue writer Movies – Tashkent files The best original screenplay Movies – Eldest Daughter (Bangla) The best choreography Movies – Maharshi (Telugu) The best stunt Film – Abane Shraman Narayan (Kannada) Movies are the best books A Gandhi affair: India’s curious portrait of love in cinema Author- Sanjay Suri Special mention award (film) Biryani (Malayalam), Jonaki Porua (Assamese), Lata Bhagwan Kare (Marathi), Picasso (Marathi) The best film on environmental conservation Tur Samadhi Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Director Mathukutty Javier Helen The best popular movies that provide healthy entertainment Maharishi (Telugu) National Unification is the best film Taj Mahal (Marathi) The best film on social issues Anandi Gopal (Marathi) The best child artist Naga is huge, Movies – KD (Tamil)


#MeToo on Twitter: Misha Shafi, who accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment, was sentenced to three years in prison, Singer filed a defamation suit.

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8 hours ago

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Misha Shafi has acted in Bollywood’s ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’.

Singer and actress Misha Shafi, who is accused of sexually harassing Pakistani pop star Ali Zafar, is serving a three-year jail term in a criminal defamation case. Ali reportedly filed a defamation suit against Mesha and said he would never be able to repay the loss of his career due to the actress’ claims.

What is Misha’s reaction?

According to the report, Mesha has accused the system of fraud. “At what cost did any woman get justice in such a case?” He asked. Mesha’s lawyers are said to be planning to challenge the decision.

What’s the matter
During the #MeToo campaign, Misha Shafi alleged that he sexually abused her in his home recording studio. However, Ali denied the allegations and filed a defamation suit against the actress. In September 2020, news came that Pakistani law enforcement had filed a lawsuit against Misha Shafi for campaigning to insult Ali Zafar.

Earlier, Ali Zafar visited a Pakistani news channel and spoke about the allegations against him. With tears in his eyes, Zafar said, “We have been silently ruining it for so long. Not only me, but also my family, wife and children. I have not said a word in the last one year because I was in court. It was decided to take legal action through them.” But they are creating fake accounts and trying to ruin my career by tagging everyone. “

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Girlfriend sexual harassment case: ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ celebrity Madhur Mittal released from court, actor’s arrest suspended till March 2

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9 hours agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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A Mumbai sessions court has granted an interim stay till March 26 for the arrest of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor Madhur Mittal. Madhur is accused of abusing and sexually abusing his girlfriend. An FIR was lodged against the victim at Khar police station on February 23, followed by a case against Madhur under sections 354, 354A, 354B, 509 and 323. The actor’s lawyer Sabina Bedi Sachar had applied to the court for her antiseptic bail.

Hearing of the application held on Friday

The first hearing on Madhur’s application was held on Friday. At the time, the court said, “There is a long gap between the sentence and the time it takes to file an FIR. It is alleged that the assault took place on February 13, then why was it late to file an FIR? Why? An FIR was lodged on February 23? Therefore, in view of the mood of the crime, the police have been instructed that the police should not take strict action till March 26.

What did Madhur’s lawyer argue?

According to eyewitnesses present in the court, it was argued in favor of Sabina that the matter was not clear in the FIR. Madhur was accused of assaulting her in Goa in December last year. This is also when people were sleeping in the next room. If so, why was it put together even after the Goa battle? It is also alleged that Madhur assaulted her from 11:30 am to 3:30 am. If so, why didn’t the roommates and neighbors hear the beatings and screams?

The magistrate pleaded guilty

Witnesses said the magistrate was struck at the request of Madhur Mittal’s lawyer. The lawyer also mentioned the above parts of Madhur and said that any girl could easily abuse them. Interestingly, on February 23, the victim had filed the same sections in the FIR against Madhur, whose abuse was being discussed in the Delhi High Court on the same day.

What is in the FIR against Madhur?

On February 23, Khar police actor Madhur Mittal starred in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ against Salim Malik for sexual murder. Madhur has been accused of sexually abusing and injuring his ex-girlfriend at his home.

Police said the incident took place on February 13. The victim’s lawyer Niranjani Sethi claimed that her client met Madhur in December last year and in just 15 days he started getting her drunk. Then, on February 11, he ended all sorts of relationships with Madhur.

According to Sethi, Madhur Mittal is very angry. They entered his client’s room and tried to suffocate him 15 times. He slapped many, pulled his hair, pulled his ears, pierced his right eye. He then picked it up and defaulted about his sex.

It is claimed that Madhur reached the victim’s house on February 15, but his lawyer threatened him and chased him away. Police have filed a case against Madhur under various sections of indecency, sexual harassment and humiliation.

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Defamation case against Javed Akhtar: Kangana reaches Sessions Court against bailable warrant, court asks him to appear before police by March 22

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10 hours ago

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Veda Akhtar says Kangana’s allegations in Hrithik Roshan’s case have tarnished her image.

Kangana Ranaut has challenged the bailable warrant in the defamation case of Javed Akter in the Sessions Court. According to reports, Kangana has filed the petition in the Dindoshi court, which will hear the case on March 15. In fact, on March 2, the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court in Mumbai issued a bail warrant against Kangana. The court issued a warrant saying that Kangana was not joining the police station despite repeated calls.

He had to appear before the police by March 22

The Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court has given Kangana until March 22 to appear before police. At this time, if you go to Kangana police station, the warrant will be automatically canceled. The next hearing in the case is set for March 26.

Kangana did not appear at the police station and did not give any answer

Javed Akhtar filed the complaint against Kangana in November 2020. His lawyer Joy Kumar Bharadwaj said Mumbai police had issued a summons last month to record Kangana’s statement, but he did not appear or get any response from her.

In this case, in December 2020, the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate Court asked the Juhu police to investigate the allegations of Javed Akhtar. Police then reported to the court on February 1. It said further investigation into the allegations of the complainant (Javed Akter) was needed.

The complaint was filed on November 2

  • Javed Akhtar filed a private complaint on November 2 through his lawyer Niranjan Mundargi. In it, he filed a complaint against actress Kangana Ranaut under sections 499 (defamation) and 500 (contempt of section) of the Indian Penal Code.
  • Akhtar had made false allegations against Kangana during a TV interview that he had threatened to withdraw the case filed against him by Hrithik Roshan.
  • Akhtar alleged that Kangana had told him in an interview that he was part of a suicide ring. Kangana further alleged that Akhtar had threatened her that she would have no choice but to commit suicide if she did not withdraw the case.
  • Akhtar claimed that he received many threatening phone calls and messages because of Kangana’s comments. He was also trolled on social media. According to him, this comment has further enhanced his reputation.
  • On December 2, the Magistrate’s Court recorded Javed Akhtar’s statement.

What Kangana said in the interview

In an interview on an entertainment website, Kangana said that Javed Akhtar had threatened to call her home. According to Kangana, Akhtar said, Rakesh Raushan and his family are very big people. If they do not apologize to them, they can send them to prison.

Earlier, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel also made this demand through social media. “Javed Akhtar called G Kangana at home and threatened to apologize to Hrithik Roshan. Mahesh Bhatt slapped Kangana for refusing to play the role of a suicide bomber in Bhatt’s film,” he wrote. They call the Prime Minister a fascist. Uncle, are you two? “

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Bhaskar Exclusive: Income tax officials of 2 states have launched a crackdown on Anurag and Tapasi, now EDO can launch a crackdown on these two.

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11 minutes agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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The Income Tax Department’s campaign has added speeches against the Modi government against Tapsi Pannu and Anurag Kashyap.

On Wednesday, the Income Tax Department raided Anurag Kashyap, Tapsi Pannu, Bikash Bahl and Madhu Montana. Sources said that income tax officials of 2 states were raided here in Anurag and Tapsi. Among these three officers came from UP and three from Maharashtra zone. Meanwhile, it is also being said that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) may also be targeted for affection and austerity.

Offensive items not found
According to sources, the officials did not receive anything objectionable from Anurag and Tapsi. However, both the laptop and a few hard drives were seized from here. Also, the details of their two WhatsApp chats will also be investigated. Those who have invested in the film will also be investigated. Those who were friendly with Anurag Kashyap can also read Red’s ghazals. On Thursday, officials will hold talks with Anurag and Tapsi.

What happened on Wednesday?
The Income Tax (IT) department raided the locations of producer-director Anurag Kashyap, actress Tapsi Pannu and Phantom Film partner Madhu Mantena and director Bikash Bahal. The house of Shibashish Sarkar, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Group, was also raided.

Red in how many places?
Rides started at Lokhandwala, Andheri, Bandra and Pune between 8am and 9am on Wednesday. The Income Tax Department has conducted searches in about 30 places. These include the Mumbai homes of Anurag Kashyap and Tapsi Pannu.

What causes impressions?
No official statement has been issued by the IT department officials so far, but the department suspects that there have been some errors in the activities and transactions of Phantom Films Company. The scope of the investigation may increase based on the documents and evidence obtained in the raids.

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Bhaskar Interview: Abhay Deol OTT Censorship – People should be allowed to decide what they want to see and what they don’t.

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3 hours agoAuthor: Jyoti Sharma

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The 1962 Indo-China war-based web series ‘1962: The War in the Hills’ was released on February 26 on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar. With this, the pair of Abhay Deol and Mahi Gill is back after 12 years. In an interview with Daily Bhaskar, Abhay spoke openly about the series, Kishan Andolan, Mahi and his relationship with OTT. Excerpts from their conversation: –

Q: What do you think about OTT platform censorship?
I believe that people have the responsibility to decide what they want to see and what they don’t want. If you think something is bad, don’t look at it. Censorship will take effect when you are able to control the Internet. Suppose you have an objection to the love scene. You can stop it on the OTT platform, but it is available everywhere on the internet. So it’s good to see you on the OTT platform. In which there is a hard work, there is a dialogue. I will give an example. When a love scene is shown in a movie or an event, there is a character behind it. That character has a story, he has a story. We show it because it has a different effect on you. Anyone who just wants to see things like making love can go online. I personally believe that people are not so much affected by violence or violence. As much as making love. So people will see violence, but don’t like to be made. If you don’t like my stuff, you won’t see me. But that doesn’t mean no one wants to see him. I am not in favor of censorship. Yes! This must be talked about. But as a filmmaker I am not in favor of it. I want to have complete freedom to work. After which you can see our work and like or dislike it. But to stop it, it’s not right if you cut off our wings.

Question In ‘1962’ What was the special preparation for the character?
Hard work must be done in every case. Acting needs a little more. When we went to Leh-Ladakh, it was difficult to breathe. We had to mold ourselves according to the weather there. The body had to adapt to the environment there. We have more work time. We usually worked 10-12 hours a day. The show’s production unit was very good. Mahesh (Manjrekar) was a director, so needless to say. Are they clear in their thoughts about what they want? He is a great director. Working with Mahir after years. Was very excited for him. The show is based on the 1962 war. Its focus is less on action, more on human sensations. What happens when the mother’s son goes to the border? You have to leave your wife to talk. I don’t know if you will come back. What are the psychological effects? The most special thing about this show is that it emphasizes the fabric of personal relationships, of human sensitivity. But there are also arrangements. However, Maheshji has given more priority to family stories.

Q. He has returned with Mahi for 12 years. How was the relationship with them?
Mahi is a very talented actress. I always have respect in my heart. I was so happy to hear I had to work with him. Because when you work with a good actor, your work becomes easier. When you do something else, it gets a response from the front. We have worked together before. So there was already a level of comfort between us. They don’t like to say ‘the ice broke first’. Understand people, talk to them and make them comfortable. We didn’t need it. We were family members for each other. We are good friends. She is a great actress. The most special thing about Mahi is that his strength as an artist is excellent

Q. During the shoot, did the actual soldiers meet?
No, yes! It was not needed and it did not happen. But my family members are in the army. The people on my mother’s side are in the army. My cousin is my niece and nephew. I grew up with them. We lived in the same city. That’s why I was familiar with some customs and culture.

Q. If you weren’t an actor, would you have stayed in the military or chosen another profession?
I don’t like fighting in my mind. So, I don’t think I’ll go into the military. I feel like I could have stayed in the creative field if given the opportunity. He could also design graphics or paintings. However, the confirmer cannot say anything.

Q. Any story about the photo set?
Don Lee was our choreographer and action director. He has had a very good career. He has spent a lot of time in Los Angeles. He was very clear with his views. What is the plan? What to show when I was recovering from an injury I couldn’t take much of an action. But I don’t like action. Still made some scenes like that. Don encouraged me a lot. I also did some action scenes with him. It’s been 15 years in my career, so I’ve never seen anything special before.

Q. The peasant movement has been going on in the country for a long time. What is your opinion about this?
In a democracy, everyone has the right to perform and to speak. None of this happens in a democracy. We should solve it. There should be discussions between the farmers and the government. I hope that this protest will continue peacefully and soon it will be resolved through dialogue. The truth is, everyone wants to get back to work. So I hope you solve this problem as soon as possible.

Q. What will the audience see in the future from the film, web series or your production house?
Currently published 1962. Then we did a picture for United Disney, which is going to be released in the middle of this year. Outside of that I just signed a project. A lot of things in my production house are in the pipeline. We’ll let you know as soon as he’s final.

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W Shabria’s new look: Pakistani beauty blogger Amna Imran’s picture goes viral telling herself to be a carbon copy of Shabria Rai

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An hour ago

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W Shwarya Rai and her carbon copy Amna Imran.

People A name has been added to the list of people who have gone viral due to the presence of Shriya Rai. She is Pakistani beauty blogger Amna Imran. Amena, who is very active on social media, has multiple pictures on her account so that she not only poses like Ishwariya, but also looks a lot like him. Some of his pictures are going viral and social media users are calling him a carbon copy of Ishwar.

Amna also considers herself a rival of Ishwar.

About four thousand people follow Amna on social media. He sees himself as wswariya lukali. This is why he wrote in his bio, “Media- w carbon copy of Shwarya Rai.” He also said in the bio that he believes in peace, love, unity, tolerance and humility.

Many similarities before Shree have gone viral before

Even before Amna, Ishwariya’s resemblance has gone viral. Among them is actress Sneha Ullal. When she made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with ‘Lucky: No Time for Love’, many reports claimed that Salman Khan had brought her to the film only because of her role as Ishwar.

Sneha Ulal and Shwriya Rai.

Sneha Ulal and Shwriya Rai.

Marathi actress Mansi Nayak has been described by many as Shwarya Rai because of her looks.

Marathi actress Mansi Nayak has been described by many as Shwarya Rai because of her looks.

Like Shwarya Rai, Amrita Amuj has also become quite popular on Tick Talk because of her looks.

Like Shwarya Rai, Amrita Amuj has also become quite popular on Tick Talk because of her looks.

Iranian model Mahalaga Jaberio has also made headlines because of her appearance like Iranian Sharia.

Iranian model Mahalaga Jaberio has also made headlines because of her appearance like Iranian Sharia.

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Another suicide in Bollywood: Sandeep Nahar, co-star of Sushant in MS Dhoni’s film, committed suicide, made serious allegations against his wife in a suicide note

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Mumbai4 hours ago

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In MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Sundeep Nahar played the role of one of the top sons of Sushant Singh Rajput. -Phil photo

Actor Sandeep Nahar, who committed suicide in Mumbai’s Goregaon on Tuesday, played the role of Sushant Singh Rajput’s best friend in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Earlier in the evening he posted a 9-minute video and suicide note on social media. He has made serious allegations against his wife. It is not yet clear how Sandeep committed suicide. DCP Bishal Tagore said, “Sandeep’s wife Kanchan said that Sandeep’s body was hanging. He brought the body down with two others. The body has been sent for postmortem. The cause of death will be known as soon as the report is received.”

In a video posted on social media, Sandeep said he did not want to live now. See a lot of happiness and sorrow in life. I have faced problems every time, but the trauma I am enduring today is beyond endurance. I know that siding is cowardice. I also had to survive, but what is the use of surviving, where there is no peace and self-respect.

Serious allegations against wife and mother-in-law
“My wife Kanchan Sharma and his mother Bhunu Sharma, who tried not to understand or not to understand,” says Sandeep. My wife is very temperamental and her personality is different from mine, which does not match at all. Wandering every morning and evening. I can’t hear anymore. There is nothing wrong with Kanchan. His nature is such that he feels all normal but to me it is not normal.

I have been in Mumbai for many years. I’ve also seen very bad times, but never broke. Dubbing, Jim was the instructor, 6 people lived in the one-room kitchen. Accustomed to struggle, but relaxed. Got a lot today, but no relief today after marriage. Life has changed completely since 2 years. I can’t share these things with anyone. The world feels how well they are doing. Why do they all look at our social posts or stories, which are all lies. To show the world a better picture, but the truth is completely different.

Sandeep writes – We are not made at all
Sandeep said about his wife that we are not ready at all. Kanchan has spoken of suicide more than 100 times in 2 years. Said I would trap you. Look, today it’s time for me to take this step. The fight is on with the past. She doesn’t respect me. He insults me and calls my family bad. Which is now out of my hearing. There is nothing wrong with that, because it is mind-blowing. I don’t want to say anything to him after I leave, because he never realizes his mistake. Just treat it, so that after I leave, the one who goes into life gives happiness. Don’t let my family face any problems after I leave.

I told the parents – thank you
Sandeep said, ‘I want to thank my parents because they gave me everything they wanted. My dream of becoming an actor has come true. Because of what I am today. I know you all must say so why not win for them. If I had won I would have been single. I know you need courage to survive, but for now I’m apologizing to my parents. For every moment when I hit his heart. I came here to make her proud and to do something for her to become something a wrong marriage changed my life. There is no desire to survive.

There is a lot of politics in Bollywood
Sandeep said that with every stress, money, work can be faced but this woman is not in trouble. Mumbai has given me a lot of work, I would also like to thank this Maya city. There is a lot of politics in Bollywood too. With just what you expect, you waste your time and then remove it from the project. After all.

The people here are also very practical. No emotion, just live the false life of presence. It was a good time, when there was raw house, there was love between people. Everyone looked like themselves. Nowadays, everyone seems to be a stranger to himself. Being alone in the crowd is an art

‘No one should tell Kanchan’
The suicide note further reads, ‘Please do not say anything to Kanchan after I leave. He is very angry and screaming. Stupid. He lived an imaginative life. If it is not, then there is a fight. If you are sick of your own mind and if everything comes out of it, then everything goes well in his life and it can keep others happy. But I have no idea about this. No one tempts it. Do not understand what to listen, which is not.

‘Mother-in-law threatens police’
Sandeep wrote more painfully, ‘My mother-in-law was behind the police filing of the case. I split up in February, so I got a little space. So that the mind is relaxed. Kanchan spent time with him. Let him understand his mistake. I should also focus on work. Yet the mother-in-law opened her legal book and asked me to bring her inside saying that she had moved away from marrying my daughter.

People are the limit. No man wants to understand. Kanchan has been in Mumbai for 10 years. I brought him some from Punjab. Then he said I lived with him for 10 years and yes he got away with it. Now who can prove the truth to a liar?

‘Published to your X’
In the suicide note, Sandeep wrote, ‘I am fighting for my past, but I am still in touch with my ex. It’s just the same thing, no flaws of your own are visible. I have no problem talking. Because there is life with which you have good feelings, of course you will talk. But don’t abuse me every day for my past, don’t collect. Where is the wisdom to fight for the chapter that is closed, that does not exist? In fact I am the villain in telling Kanchan’s story he thinks very badly of me and tells me about his friends, like I am not a human but a ghost or ghost.

Sandeep wrote, ‘Let me come to Kanchan again because of my mother-in-law’s fear. Same Hell Life, same collection. He made insults, over which he fought 1000 times. The same repetitive telecast began every day. It is also true that heaven is hell. But it started after the marriage and ended in 2019 with her stubbornness and death threats. It was hanging. I also feel that the poor have none. Little did I know then that my mercy would be so heavy. It will give me trauma every day. I don’t put any value anywhere. It doesn’t matter. My work is never counted.

‘I’ve been in hell for two years’
The suicide note further reads, ‘I have been suffering in hell for 2 years and will no longer tolerate it knowingly and unknowingly if someone’s heart is hurt, shake hands and apologize. Be happy and keep others. If you want to make a living, give it to others. Love cannot be achieved by insisting on captivity. Love can be achieved by love. People do not die alone, whether they get married late or not. Didn’t hear. But I have seen many people die because of wrong marriages.

Finally, Sandeep writes, ‘I used to do this a long time ago. But I gave myself time that things would be okay. Motivation all the time. But the same collection happens every day. There’s no way I’m stuck in this cycle. Now I have to take these steps with joy. There is so much hell here in this life. I don’t know what will happen after leaving here. But I know I’ll do that face. After I left, Kanchan was asked not to say anything. Just treat his brain.

Bodies were found in the house
Sandeep Nahar’s body was found in his house. A senior police official said the incident took place when Nahar’s wife was at home. He took her to SRV Hospital in Gorgaon. Sandeep was pronounced dead there.

Keshari was seen opposite Akshay Kumar in the film
Microsoft. Apart from Dhoni: The Untold Story, Sandeep also starred in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Kesari’ and Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji web series ‘Galpe Humsafar Hai’. He was also seen in ‘Khandani Safkhana’ and ‘Shukranu’.


Screw against actress: Jewel Vashishta sued for rape, 24-year-old model accused of sexual harassment

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9 hours ago

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Actress and model Jewel Basishta has been charged with gang rape and imprisonment for wrong motives. The development comes at a time when Jewel was arrested for shooting a porn video and uploading it to their website. According to the report, the police have filed a case against Gahana Basistha and three others for rape, molestation and indecent acts.

The lawsuit was filed after the model complained

Recently, a twenty-four-year-old model complained that Gehna Vasitha and three men forced her to join a sex act while shooting the video. Police have since filed a case against the four. However, Jewel’s lawyer Saf said that the allegations of this model are false, he only made erotic videos. “

7 accused accused of making porn videos

According to a senior police official, Gahna Bashisht was arrested in February and produced in court in February, from where he was remanded in police custody until February 10. Jewel has shot 87 pornographic videos, which she has uploaded to her website. To see them, a paid subscription is required, which is kept at Rs 2,000.

He used to make porn videos with the greed of work

Police said Jewel used to shoot porn videos showing the greed of the actresses for work in the fight. In return for his work, he would pay 15 to 20 thousand rupees for each picture.

Seen in series like ‘Big Rheumatism’

Gahana (32) studied engineering in robotics from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. Speaking of Jewel’s work, she has been seen in the lead role in the Star Plus show ‘Bahanen’. In 2012, Jewel won the Miss Asia Bikini pageant. He has also acted in more than 30 Southern films in the last six years. Last year, Gahna was seen on All Balaji’s series ‘Gandi Bat’ and Owl application show.