Alia Bhatt buys third house: Alia bought a new flat for Rs 32 crore and became a neighbor of Ranbir Kapoor, who already has two houses.

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9 minutes ago

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Alia Bhatt has bought a new house in Mumbai. According to reports, the new actress’ new flat is spread over 2460 square feet in the same apartment in Bandra, where her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor has a graduation flat. Ranbir’s house is said to be on the 7th floor of Pali Hill Complex. Alia has bought a flat on the 5th floor of the complex, valued at around Rs 32 crore.

Ali’s flat near Ranbir’s ancestral home

According to Pinkvilla’s report, Ali’s flat is near Ranbir’s ancestral home Krishna Raj. The same report further states that Alia has handed over the interior designing of her flat to Gauri Khan, who designed the interior of Ranbir Kapoor’s Bachelor Pad in 2001.

Recently, on the occasion of Diwali, a havan was served at the Bhatt family’s Alia flat, which also included Karan Johar, Ayan Mukherjee and a few close friends with Ranbir Kapoor.

Alia already owns two houses

Alia Bhatt is already the mistress of two houses. He has a home in London’s Covent Garden. At the same time, the second house is in Juhu, Mumbai, which he shares with his sister Shaheen.

Speaking about his first home in an interview in February this year, Alia said, “My home (Juhu) in Mumbai is my first property.” According to reports, Alia bought the house for Rs 13.11 crore.

He also mentioned his London home in this interview. According to him, when he went on holiday to London with his family, he dreamed of his home there. Alia said, “My dream was to buy a house in London, which ended in 2018. It is in the Covent Garden and my sister lives there occasionally.”


Kangana’s question on conversion: Kangana, who has come out in support of Wajid Khan’s wife Kamal Rukh, asked the Prime Minister – how do we protect Zoroastrians?

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3 minutes ago

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The late music composer Wajid Khan’s wife Kamal Rukh has the support of Kangana Ranaut. In fact, Kamal Rukh, who belongs to the Persian community, has sided with the ongoing debate on the anti-conversion bill, alleging that Wajid’s family is harassing him and pressuring him to convert to Islam. Kangana has now asked Prime Minister Modi about the security of the Persian community.

‘Persians are a real minority in this country’

Kangana wrote in her social media post, “Persians are a real minority in this country. They did not come to occupy the country, they came like yachts and they wanted true love from Mother India. Their small population has contributed immensely to the beauty and economy of the country.”

How are we protecting the Zoroastrians?

Kangana writes, “She (Kamal Rukh) is the widow of my friend, a Persian woman who is being persecuted for conversion by her family. I want to know in the PM’s office that minorities who do not act out of sympathy, murder, riot and conversion. The rapidly shrinking Persian population has called into question India’s role as a mother. “

Kangana writes, “The child who plays the most drama gets the most attention and benefit. And he deserves it. He is sensitive and caring. He gets nothing. We have to think.” Kangana tagged the anti-conversion bill.

What did Kamal Rukh say in his post?

Kamal Rukh wrote in his post, “I am Percy and she was a Muslim. We can call you college darling. We got married under the Special Marriage Act (a law under which you can marry in another religion).” “I would like to share my experiences of intercaste marriage … how a woman can face prejudice in this age and age. Suffering and discriminating in the name of religion is shameful and an open matter.” (Read full news)


Composer’s family in controversy: Wajid Khan’s wife Kamal Rukh accused – father-in-law presses for Islam

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4 minutes ago

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Kamal Rukh Khan, wife of the late music composer Wajid Khan, has made serious allegations against the family. She shared her marriage and subsequent bad experiences with Wazid in her social media posts. If Kamal Rukh can be believed, he is being pressured by Wajid’s family.

Kamal Rukh wrote in his post, “My name is Kamal Rukh. I am the wife of late music director Wajid Khan. My husband and I have been in a relationship for 10 years before marriage. I am Percy and he is a Muslim. We need your college. Lovers can say. We have special marriage. Law (a law under which you can marry into another religion under

Kamal Rukh further wrote, “I would like to share my experience of inter-caste marriage … how a woman can fight against superstition in this age and age. It is shameful and open to feel suffering and discrimination in the name of religion”. “

‘He did not approve of educated women’

Kamal Rukh wrote, “The upbringing of my common Percy was very democratic. After marriage, this freedom, education and values ​​were the biggest problem for my husband’s family. An educated, educated, independent woman who had her own point of view was not acceptable.

Self-esteem did not let you bow your head

According to Kamal Rukh, he has always respected and observed every religion. But when she opposes Islam, her relationship with her husband breaks down. “My dignity and self-esteem did not allow me and his family to bow down to Islam,” he wrote.

In-laws are pressuring people to convert

Kamal Rukh has complained that his in-laws are pressuring him to convert. But he will continue to fight for his rights and the inheritance of children. “Harassment from his family continues. I am fighting for my rights and the inheritance of children who have been rendered useless by them. It is because of my hatred of not accepting Islam,” he wrote. “The roots of hatred are so deep that even the death of a loved one cannot shake them.”

Kamal Rukh hopes that anti-conversion laws will reduce the number of women like him in hateful inter-caste marriages in the name of religion. He wrote at the end of his post that families should be the cause of religious celebration, not break up. He wrote, “All religions are the only way to reach God. Religion is just ‘survival and survival’.

Wajid died in June

Sajid-Wajid duo fame Wajid Khan died on June 1, 2020. He was accompanied by his brother Sajid in ‘Dabang’ (franchise), ‘Heropanti’, ‘Chashme Baddor’, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, ‘Partner’, ‘Mujse Shaadi Karogi’, ‘Tere Naam’ and ‘Hum Tumare Hai Sanam’. Gave superhit music in the film.


Rangoli angry with Swara-Tapsi: Kangana’s sister Rangoli tells Swapsi-Tapsi, B-grade actress, Bolin- she was smiling at us in bad times

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23 minutes ago

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Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel has sharply targeted Swara Bhaskar and Tapsi Pannu. Rangoli has described both of them as B-grade actresses. He was responding to the Bombay High Court’s decision to dismiss the BMC’s decision at Kangana’s office. According to Rangoli, when BMC broke into Kangana’s office, Swara and Tapsi were smiling at them.

‘It’s too bad to see a B-grade actress’

Rangoli wrote in her social media post, “One thing I can’t ignore and say is that when we were going through the most difficult time as a family, there were B-grade actresses like Swara and Tapsi, who broke her office when it was legal. The actor said, he was having fun then, it looked very bad.

Kangana did not allow legal action

Rangoli further wrote, “I could have dragged her (Swara and Tapsi) to court. But Kangana did not want to take any action against her. Please look at these dull, jealous and B-grade actresses. Whatever about Kangana. “Don’t trust him.”

‘I’ll go through the information about these shameless people’

Rangoli wrote in the caption of his post, “An important notice. Some people tried to spread misinformation during the illegal demolition of Pali Hill. Please beware of such antisocial material. I will give you this shameless information. I will keep you informed.”

What the court said in its decision

On Friday, the Bombay High Court ruled that it was wrong for BMC to take action against Kangana Ranaut’s bungalow. The court ruled that the petition was an attempt to prevent the petitioner from seeking legal assistance. We cannot allow the use of ‘muscle power’ against any citizen. (Read full news)


Kangana’s position: Aditya Pancholi, Hrithik Roshan are waiting for the Maharashtra government to abuse and humiliate me in a few months.

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  • Kangana Ranaut says objections, insults I face Maharashtra government makes people like Aditya Pancholi and also looks like Hrithik Roshan like the sun

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A few moments ago

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Kangana Ranaut feels that people like Aditya Pancholi and Hrithik Roshan are starting to look very good at the superstition, slander and exploitation she faced at the hands of the Maharashtra government. The actress reacted to the remarks made by Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pendhenkar, where words like ‘Nati’ and ‘Do Take Key’ were used for her.

Kangana jokingly wrote in her social media post, “In the last few months I have become so infamous with lawsuits, abuse, beasty money in the hands of the Maharashtra government that people like Bollywood mafia, Aditya Pancholi and Hrithik Roshan are starting to like what I see in people. It’s so annoying. “

What the mayor said in his speech

On Friday, when the Bombay High Court ruled in favor of Kangana Ranaut, the mayor responded by saying, “A grandson living in Himachal. He called our Mumbai PO. He then received a complaint against him. The two have a relationship.” People also want to build the court as a state court. This is wrong. You must have seen how much he was trolled on social media while he was acting. We will not contempt the court. We will study the court’s verdict. “

Kangana called the decision a victory for democracy

On Friday, the Bombay High Court upheld the action taken by the Brihannumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) at Kangana Ranot’s bungalow. It also canceled the BMC’s notice against illegal construction. Kangana then released a thank-you video on social media from Thalaivi’s shooting set, describing her victory as a victory for democracy. (Read full news)

Kangana received instructions

Kangana has demanded কোটি 20 million in compensation from BMC. On top of this, the High Court has appointed a surveyor to trace the victims. They have to submit their report by March 2021. However, the High Court in a public statement directed Kangana to exercise restraint for the whole incident which has been going on for 2 months.


Congratulations to Dharmendra and Hema: 64-year-old Dharmendra turns to grandma again

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20 minutes ago

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Dharmendra, 64, has once again become a grandfather. She and Hema Malini’s youngest daughter Ahna Deol (35) have given birth to twin daughters. On Friday, Ahna gave this good news to her loved ones through a social media post.

Ahna wrote in her post, “We are very happy to hear the news of the arrival of our twin daughters Austria and Adiya.

Ahna got married in 2014

Ahana Deol, who is often away from the media, got married in 2014 to Vaibhav Bhohra, son of Delhi-based businessman Bipin Bohra. Vaibhav himself is a businessman. In 2015, Ariana and Vaibhav’s son Diarian was born.

Ahna Deol away from the film

Ahna worked as an assistant director in the 2010 film ‘Gujarish’ starring Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali starring Gu Shabriya Rai. Apart from this, she did not help in any film or set foot in the film as an actress.

Dharmendra and Hema are the two eldest daughters

Isha Shah Deol, the eldest daughter of Dharmendra and Hema Malini, is also a mother of two daughters. Isha Shah married businessman Bharat Taktani in 2012, gave birth to first daughter Radhya in October 2017 and second daughter Miraya in June 2019.


Bhaskar Exclusive: NCB official says no celeb’s blood was tested for drugs, Bharati’s test in media is wrong

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A few moments agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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  • An NCB official said only a heart check-up was done before being arrested in a drug case
  • Senior Advocate Ujjwal Nikam said NCB should have tested the blood of celebrities.

Bollywood has been accused of being part of a drug syndicate since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The Bureau of Narcotics Control has questioned Riya Chakraborty, Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Bharti Singh and others in this regard. However, none of these were tested for blood in the context of medicine. This was confirmed by an NCB official. Blood samples from Arjun Rampal and Harsh Limbachia were also not taken for drug testing.

‘Usually there is no medical examination’

“Usually no medical examination is done for the accused’s drugs. A normal heart checkup is done before arrest. There is a misconception in the media that Bharti Singh has been investigated in terms of drugs. It did not happen,” the official said. General medical checkup has been done. The same thing applies to Deepika, Sara, Shraddha, Arjun etc. No blood test of the drug was done even after the number 1 of the crime. “

‘Bharati’s case is small, only traffic congestion allegations’

So how will the crime of the accused be proved? When asked, the official said, “Since the NDPS Act came into force, there has been no blood test. It is not a practice. It is not a common practice. In some cases, the state drug department has never given drugs.” It has been tested keeping in mind. But this is not a common practice. Bharati’s case is small. He has only been charged with consumption. The blood test of the accused caught in a drug case should be done, it is not part of routine practice. “

‘Blood tests have nothing to do with justice’

The official added: “There is no connection between the blood test and conviction, trial and justice. It is also a crime for the accused to take certain amount of drugs. The amount of punishment is punishable. In some cases, blood tests were done occasionally. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

There are two types of complaints in the case of medicine: Ujjwal Nikam

Talking to Daily Bhaskar Senior Advocate Ujjwal Nikam about this, he said that NCB should have tested the blood of all celebrities. Nikam said, “There are two types of allegations in the case of drugs. One is possession of drugs and the other is drug use. In the case of Deepika, Sara, Shraddha, Bharati, etc., it is a matter of conviction or possession.”

‘NCB should have had blood test’

Nikam added, “If there is a case of drug use, it is important to do a blood test. However, blood tests are not done only in cases of possession. I think I should have had a blood test for the rest of Rhea. “

‘To rely on the officer to check or not’

Nikam said, “In the case of a celebrity, it is a matter of drug addiction. If it is a habit, then the person concerned must have taken the drug on the day of the investigation or one evening. The blood test was done. However, it depends on the investigating officer whether he wants to take the test. .

Finally, Nikam said, “If anyone has taken the drug a month or two ago, there is no doubt even after a blood test. Ar 86 grams of narcotics were found from Bharati Singh or the same amount found from Arjun Rampal.” Accordingly, the sentence will be fixed. These are incidents of occupation. Not a conviction. So, blood tests are not very important here. “

‘Celebrity has no clean chit’

The NCB official said, “The case of a celebrity like Arjun Rampal has not been fully covered yet. The big paddlers who have been caught are being processed. Yes, no celebrity has received a clean chit. Everyone is being prepared a chargesheet. The direction is the same. However, Deepika, Sara, Shraddha did not give a clean chit to anyone. “

“Whether to challenge the High Court’s decision in the rest of Riya Chakraborty’s case will be discussed by the NCB DG in Delhi. Now the NCB has found more evidence in the case. Chargesheets are being prepared against them,” the official concluded.


Title misuse controversy: Madhur Bhandarkar angry over Karan Johar’s Dharma production – No response even after receiving 5 notices

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6 minutes ago

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Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has once again criticized Dharma Productions in the title Misuse Debate. They said that since November 19, there have been two from the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA), one from the Indian Film and Television Directors Association (IFTDA) and two from the Federation of Western Scene Employees (FWIC). Didn’t respond.

Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted, “Notice was sent to Dharma Productions from November 19 for misusing the title of our film ‘Bollywood Wife’. Two from IMPPA, one from IFTDA and two from FWIC.

The Film Guild of India did not give the title

Earlier on November 23, Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted that the India Film Guild had refused to give the title of ‘Bollywood Wife’ to Dharma Productions. She wrote in her tweet, “It shows that Dharma Productions has misused our title of‘ Bollywood Wife ’.

The controversy started after Karan’s show trailer

A few days ago, Karan Johar released the trailer of his web reality show ‘The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Weaves’. After that, Madhur Bhandarkar accused him of occupying his ‘Bollywood Wife’ title and used it in this reality show.

Madhur wrote in her tweet, “Dear Karan Johar! You and Apurba Mehta wanted me the title of ‘Bollywood Wife’, which I refused. Because my project is working. It is morally and theoretically you use it using ‘The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ Please make a mistake


Mourning for the death of the elderly: Shah Rukh writes in tribute to Bollywood footballer Diego Maradona – hope will fascinate everyone in heaven

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12 minutes ago

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Many Bollywood celebrities including Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan have mourned the death of Diego Maradona (Inset). Diego Maradona has died of a heart attack at the age of 60.

Many Bollywood celebrities have mourned the death of veteran footballer Diego Maradona. Shah Rukh Khan wrote in remembrance of Maradona, “Diego Maradona … you have made football more beautiful. You will really miss it. Hope you too have rejoiced in this world, wake everyone up like heaven

Good bye Golden Boy: Diego Maradona dies

Paying tribute to Ajay Devgn, he wrote, “Maidan is sad to have followed Maradona’s game and life for many years. Stay in peace, Diego Maradona.”

Tribute to film actress Kareena Kapoor-

Priyanka Chopra wrote in her post, “Rest your soul Diego Maradona in peace. One of the best football players ever. A true legend.”

Tribute to Ranbir Singh-

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor writes, “May your soul rest in peace in Maradona … the greatest talent in football after Pel.”

Tribute to Abhishek Bachchan-

South Indian film actor Mahesh Babu writes- “Death of the Elderly … Rest Diego Maradona in Peace of Your Soul” “

Tribute to Vicky Kaushal-

Producer Bonnie Kapoor wrote, “Die good footballer is gone

Tribute to Arjun Kapoor –


Masaba Gupta’s pain: 31-year-old Masaba said – I used to object to school saying ‘H’ because of the incomplete relationship between parents

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22 minutes ago

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According to designer Masaba Gupta, as a child, people used to call her a person because of the incomplete relationship with her parents. Masaba, 31, expressed her pain in an interview. He is the daughter of actress Nina Gupta and Vivian Richards, an experienced cricketer from West India. But they are not married.

Most of the boys at school scolded me

During a conversation with journalist Barkha Dutt for his show Mojo Story, Masaba said that he was always in a dilemma because of his color. But more than that, he had to face ugly comments because of his parents’ relationship.

He said, “I remember I was called H # and most of the boys in the school used to ask me, I didn’t know what H H & R was. I used to go and ask my mother when I used to. “It simply came to our notice then.

‘Boys used to make fun of my shorts’

Recalling the most brutal reaction, Masaba said, “At school, I played professional tennis. I was allowed to come to class late because I was playing for the state. The boys would open my bag in class, take off my underwear and he would throw it around. Do, because I’m the big girl He used to say, “The whole skin of her skin is black” “You think you’ll hit it, but it won’t.”