Krishna Abhishek Raju, who came in support of Bharati Singh, said bad things to Srivastava

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Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) has revealed that Bharti Singh has not been dropped from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Krishna said, ‘It does not happen at all.

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New Delhi. From Bharti Singh And since her husband Harsh Limbachia is involved in a drug case, there have been frequent reports that Bharati has been removed from the TV comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, but comedian Kiku Sharda recently said in a conversation with the Bombay Times that she was about Bharati’s departure from the comedy show. Didn’t hear. At the same time, now Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) has openly supported Bharati.

I am standing with admission
Now Krishna has told the Times of India in an exclusive interview that Bharati has not been dropped from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Krishna said, ‘It does not happen at all. I haven’t heard much on the channel. No such decision has been taken by the channel. Even if something like this happens, I will support Bharati. He should go back to work. What’s done is done. We are standing with Bharati and Kapil Sharma. Bharati has my unconditional support.

Bharati is my sisterRegarding Bharati’s absence from the November 2 shooting, Krishna said, ‘I think Bharati was ill, otherwise she would have come. We are like family. According to Krishna, Bharati is like his sister. Krishna said, ‘I met him soon after his release. We go far. Our equation is outside our profession. I have seen Harsh since the day of his struggle. Apart from Aarti, if I have any sister outside of whom I proudly call my sister, she is Bharati.

Such is the bond between Krishna and Bharati

Krishna further said, ‘When my father was ill and when he died, Bharati was the first to meet me. Bharati was the first to call me when I had twins. I fell ill while hosting an awards ceremony with Manish Paul, but Bharati agreed without my tears. This works for anyone. This is the bond between us, so after release I had to meet Bharati at any cost. I don’t know about the world and others, but I am for Bharati.

Raju Srivastava has done a lot of bad things
At the same time, Krishna comedian Raju Srivastava spoke badly. He is particularly concerned about the remarks made by Bharati and others, including Raju Srivastava. He said, ‘Raju Srivastava has done a lot of bad things. What he said was shocking. He has ruined his lifelong relationship with everyone. The entire team of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is angry over his remarks.


Krishna Abhishek came in support of Bharati Singh and said- ‘I am by his side’

On ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Indian co-star and friend Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) broke the silence. Krishna has openly said that he will support Bharati. .

Will Bharti Singh be removed from Kapil Sharma’s show after drug controversy?

Bharti Singh (Photo credit – @ Bharati.LahtarQueen / Instagram)

Following the drug nexus case involving Bharti Singh, people are now questioning on social media whether he will come out of the Kapil Sharma show. At the same time, these reports in media reports are making a startling claim.

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Mumbai Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia have been in the spotlight in recent drug cases. The NCB raided his home recently. The NCB arrested the actress and her husband after seizing the drug. After that, the court granted bail to Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia in the drug case, but the case is still being investigated by the NCB. Meanwhile, shocking news is coming about Bharti Singh’s career. Media reports are claiming that he may come out of the Kapil Sharma show comedy show. Although no official statement has been issued so far, no news from News18 has been confirmed.

Indian After bail, he has now started his own work, a picture of which he shared on his Instagram account. At the same time, a report by Spotboy said that after a huge controversy over the drug case, Bharti Singh and his wife Sharma may now be excused from the show because the producers fear that the show’s image may be damaged. Everyone wants to keep this show away from controversy. Kapil Bharati has also been reportedly opposed to the removal.

Please say that Kapil Sharma has made it clear on social media that he is with Bharti Singh. Recently, Kapil Sharma responded to user trolling of Bharti Singh on social media. One person wrote on Twitter – What happened to Bharati? He used to take drugs until he was caught. Perhaps you catch the same in your situation, until you are caught. On top of that, Kapil, in response to this troll, wrote- ‘First take your own size shirt Silva Le Total’.


Bharti Singh is back on set after bail in a drug case, shared the first post

Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia.

The court has granted bail to Bharti Singh and Bharti Singh Harsh in the Limbachia drugs case, but the case is still under investigation by the NCB. Recently, the NCB also arrested a peddler who was supplying drugs to India.

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Mumbai The NCB recently raided the house of famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia. Following the seizure of the drug, the actress and her husband were arrested by the NCB (Bureau of Narcotics Control). The court has granted bail to Bharti Singh and Bharti Singh Harsh in the Limbachia drugs case, but the case is still under investigation by the NCB. Recently, the NCBO arrested a drug dealer supplying drugs in India.

Meanwhile, Bharti Singh shared the first post after the arrest and bail. In fact, Bharti Singh has returned to the shooting set after getting bail in a drug case. Whose information he gave through a post. Bharti Singh shared a post on her Insta Story. In it, she is seen at the gate of ‘Shivgami Devi’ of ‘Bahubali’.

Bharati Singh

(Photo credit / Instagram, / @ Bharati.LahtarQueen)

Krishna Abhishek was seen with Bharati Singh, who was seen at Kattappar Gateup and Mubin Saudagar was also seen with these two. Let me tell you, this is Bharti Singh’s first post after being arrested by the NCB and granted bail by the court. Bharti Singh remembers Ganpati Bappa for the first time after meeting Bell, he also shared a beautiful picture of Ganpati Bappa and Aarti in his Insta story.


Bhaskar Exclusive: NCB official says no celeb’s blood was tested for drugs, Bharati’s test in media is wrong

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A few moments agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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  • An NCB official said only a heart check-up was done before being arrested in a drug case
  • Senior Advocate Ujjwal Nikam said NCB should have tested the blood of celebrities.

Bollywood has been accused of being part of a drug syndicate since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The Bureau of Narcotics Control has questioned Riya Chakraborty, Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Bharti Singh and others in this regard. However, none of these were tested for blood in the context of medicine. This was confirmed by an NCB official. Blood samples from Arjun Rampal and Harsh Limbachia were also not taken for drug testing.

‘Usually there is no medical examination’

“Usually no medical examination is done for the accused’s drugs. A normal heart checkup is done before arrest. There is a misconception in the media that Bharti Singh has been investigated in terms of drugs. It did not happen,” the official said. General medical checkup has been done. The same thing applies to Deepika, Sara, Shraddha, Arjun etc. No blood test of the drug was done even after the number 1 of the crime. “

‘Bharati’s case is small, only traffic congestion allegations’

So how will the crime of the accused be proved? When asked, the official said, “Since the NDPS Act came into force, there has been no blood test. It is not a practice. It is not a common practice. In some cases, the state drug department has never given drugs.” It has been tested keeping in mind. But this is not a common practice. Bharati’s case is small. He has only been charged with consumption. The blood test of the accused caught in a drug case should be done, it is not part of routine practice. “

‘Blood tests have nothing to do with justice’

The official added: “There is no connection between the blood test and conviction, trial and justice. It is also a crime for the accused to take certain amount of drugs. The amount of punishment is punishable. In some cases, blood tests were done occasionally. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

There are two types of complaints in the case of medicine: Ujjwal Nikam

Talking to Daily Bhaskar Senior Advocate Ujjwal Nikam about this, he said that NCB should have tested the blood of all celebrities. Nikam said, “There are two types of allegations in the case of drugs. One is possession of drugs and the other is drug use. In the case of Deepika, Sara, Shraddha, Bharati, etc., it is a matter of conviction or possession.”

‘NCB should have had blood test’

Nikam added, “If there is a case of drug use, it is important to do a blood test. However, blood tests are not done only in cases of possession. I think I should have had a blood test for the rest of Rhea. “

‘To rely on the officer to check or not’

Nikam said, “In the case of a celebrity, it is a matter of drug addiction. If it is a habit, then the person concerned must have taken the drug on the day of the investigation or one evening. The blood test was done. However, it depends on the investigating officer whether he wants to take the test. .

Finally, Nikam said, “If anyone has taken the drug a month or two ago, there is no doubt even after a blood test. Ar 86 grams of narcotics were found from Bharati Singh or the same amount found from Arjun Rampal.” Accordingly, the sentence will be fixed. These are incidents of occupation. Not a conviction. So, blood tests are not very important here. “

‘Celebrity has no clean chit’

The NCB official said, “The case of a celebrity like Arjun Rampal has not been fully covered yet. The big paddlers who have been caught are being processed. Yes, no celebrity has received a clean chit. Everyone is being prepared a chargesheet. The direction is the same. However, Deepika, Sara, Shraddha did not give a clean chit to anyone. “

“Whether to challenge the High Court’s decision in the rest of Riya Chakraborty’s case will be discussed by the NCB DG in Delhi. Now the NCB has found more evidence in the case. Chargesheets are being prepared against them,” the official concluded.


Entertainment Live Blog: Bharati’s Drug Drugs, Big Boss Division

Photo courtesy- @ bharti.laughterqueen / Instagram

Entertainment Live Update: Inside Story of Bollywood, Hollywood, TV, Bhojpuri and Film world Learn all this through today’s live blog and stay updated with every big news on Friday.

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Mumbai Comedians Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia may have more difficulty with drugs. In fact, on Wednesday night, the NCB, while taking big steps, arrested a drug dealer who was supplying drugs to Bharati and a few others. It is said that a drug dealer named Sunil Gawai was apprehended from Bandra Court Junction in Mumbai late on Wednesday night. 1.250 kg of drugs were also recovered from him. During the interrogation, Sunil said that he used to deliver drugs to all the clients as a delivery boy. It is now being speculated that the names of some more celebrities on the small screen may now be revealed in the case of drugs.


Bharati Singh was caught up in a drugs case and Rakhi Sawant said something like that, people said – sometimes the right thing …

Rakhi Sawant has said a lot about bringing Bharati and Harsh in the drug case.

Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia were recently arrested in an NCB drugs case. Actress Rakhi Sawant has also reacted to this.

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  • Latest version:November 27, 2020, 7:01 p.m.

Mumbai The Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) has unveiled an anti-drug case after the drug corner of the case was revealed after the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. To date, the NCB has raided many places in Mumbai, including the locations of many Bollywood stars. Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia were recently arrested in an NCB drugs case. Actress Rakhi Sawant has also reacted to this.

Rakhi Sawant has spoken about the arrest of Bharati Singh, for which he is being lauded. Asked about the arrests of Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia, he said it was great. Rakhi explained why the names of people associated with the film industry in the drug case are being revealed. Why the name of the son of a leader and a minister did not come up.

Rakhi said she suspects that Bharati and Harsh are being involved. According to Rakhi, she still can’t believe that something like this is happening with Bharati and Harsh. Bharati is the number one comedian. She is respected in the industry and in the country. Please tell, NCB raided the house of Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia and recovered 86 grams of hamp.


Bharti Singh’s problem escalates, drug supply arrested; Two and a half kg of cannabis has been seized

Bharati Singh and his father Harsh Limbachia.

Famous comedian Bharati Singh and her husband Harsh are going to have trouble in Limbachia. The NCB has arrested the drug dealer. It is learned that the drug peddler was supplying cannabis to comedian Bharati Singh as well as her husband.

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  • Latest version:November 26, 2020, 11:59 am IST

Mumbai Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia have been granted bail in a drug case. However, their difficulties are increasing. The Bureau of Narcotics Control in Mumbai has taken big steps. The NCB has arrested the drug dealer. It is learned that the drug addict was supplying cannabis to her husband along with comedian Bharti Singh.

According to NCB sources, the arrested drug dealers are under intensive investigation. Some more celebrities are likely to be named on the small screen in drug cases after his arrest. The Bollywood connection of this paddler is also being investigated. NCB officials seized 1.5 kg of cannabis from the drug trade. The drug driver provides each complementary drug. It also accepts payments through Paytm, Google Pay. Thus, transactions in his bank account are also being investigated.

On the other hand, the NCB team arrested two drug dealers Nawab Sheikh and Faruk Chowdhury. 32.9 grams of MD drugs and 10 bots of LSD were seized from both the parties. Surprisingly, Nawab Sheikh is a taxi driver in Mumbai. She owns a flat in a luxurious apartment in Mumbai Central called ‘Nathani Heights’.

According to NCB sources, Nawab Sheikh, who lives in crores of flats, was driving a taxi. He was supplying medicines to many famous people of Bollywood. NCB officials raided his home late Wednesday night. MD Farooq Chowdhury Chowdhury came to deliver the consignment of medicines. He was also arrested. Both are under investigation.


On Kapil Sharma, the user could not face Bharati, the comedian replied, people trolled

Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma / Instagram

When Kapil Sharma reacted to the user, people started trolling him for ‘body shaming’.

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  • Latest version:November 26, 2020, 2:29 pm IST

Mumbai The people of Bharati started joking with comedian Bharti Singh, NGB’s screws Bansi on social media and comedian Kapil Sharma. One user tweeted abusively to Kapil, saying, “Now Kapil will also be arrested.” Kapil reacted by seeing this tweet, but after his comment he hit the target again.

In fact, the user wrote, ‘What happened to Bharati? He did not use drugs until he was arrested. Probably your same condition until you get caught. Kapil noticed this comment in many comments.

After that, Kapil also wrote in reply to this user – ‘First the shirt of your size is Silva thick’ ‘Kapil started getting more trolled for his comments.

Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh, comedian Kapil Sharma has been trolled, NCB, Narcotics Control Bureau, News 18, Network 18, Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh, comedian Kapil Sharma has been trolled, NCB, Narcotics Control BureauMeanwhile, many told Kapil that he has come down to ‘body shaming’. In such a situation, Kapil deleted the tweet.

Let us tell you that comedian Bharati Singh and husband Harsh Limbachia were arrested by the NCB on November 22 for taking drugs and found 65.5 grams of cannabis at home. Bharati was arrested by the NCB on Saturday and Harsh was arrested on Sunday after more than 15 hours of interrogation. The court on Sunday remanded them in judicial custody for 14 days, although they were granted bail today.

Talking about Kapil, nowadays he is talking about becoming a father again. There is news that Ginny Odobara is going to be a mother. According to reports, she was seen hiding a baby bump in a Diwali photo. However, no statement has been received from Kapil Sharma or his family.


Bharti Singh arrested on the third day of Millie Bell on November 21; Find out when and what happened

Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia.

Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia were arrested on Sunday morning after the NCB snatched the horn from the house. On Sunday, the court remanded him in judicial custody until December 4.

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  • Latest version:November 23, 2020, 11:36 am IST

Mumbai A Mumbai court on Monday granted bail to comedian Bharati Singh and her husband TV anchor Harsh Limbachia, who were arrested in a drug seizure case. The magistrate granted bail to both on a bond of Rs 15,000-15,000.

Singh was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on November 21 after snatching a horn from the home of a couple in his suburb of Andheri on the morning of November 22. He was produced in a magistrate’s court on Sunday, from where he was remanded in judicial custody till December 2. We tell you that after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June this year, the NCB is investigating allegations of drug abuse in Bollywood.

The case was not strong due to the small amount of cannabis seized
Subsequently, the two applied for bail through their lawyer Ayaz Khan, which was heard on November 23 (Monday). The NCB seized 86 86.5 grams of shells during raids on the couple’s residence and office. It is considered a ‘small amount’ under the NDPS Act on Drug Prevention.‘… so they should get bail’
Khan told the court on Monday that a case had been filed against the couple for drug use and confiscation. Under the law, such amounts of drugs have been described as very low. “My clients (Singh and Limbachia) could face up to a year in prison for the crime they were charged with, so they should be granted bail,” he pleaded.

The drug smugglers were named Bharti Singh and Harsh
The magistrate accepted Khan’s argument and granted bail to the couple. No lawyer from the NCB was present in court and the investigating agency officials asked the court for time to respond to the bail application. The names of Bharti Singh and her husband came to light during the interrogation of the drug trafficker.