Return of the pair: Ajay Devgn to direct Amitabh Bachchan again after Major Saber, shooting of daughter to start in Hyderabad in December

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Ajay Devgn last worked with Big Marriage on Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha 7 years ago. Ajay will now be seen in the film Medaya with Amitabh as the director. Ajay will be in the role of pilot in this film. Ajay will be in the role of a pilot in the film. The shooting of the film will start from December in Hyderabad.

Ajay and Amitabh have previously been seen working together on Major Saab, Khaki and Satyagraha. This is the fourth film of the pair of these two giants.

Ajay’s second picture after Shiva
Ajay Devgan has managed Shivay before Medin. The film did well at the box office. Ajay is currently shooting for his film Bhuj: The Pride of India. Ajay will also be seen as an Indian Air Force pilot in Bhuj. If we talk about Big B, he is currently shooting Kaun Banega Millionaire 12.

Similarly, there is much more.Major Saab did some scenes live
Earlier, Ajay directed some scenes in the Amitabh-produced film Major Soap. In fact at that time Amitabh was in an embarrassment with director Tinu Anand and Tinu left the film. It was a very important film for Big Wedding returning from politics. He wanted to finish the film on a low budget, thus putting the desire for directing in front of Amitabh. Ajay later completed the rest of the shoot with the help of his friends.

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49 of yet: still gave the reason for not getting married, said – I am unmarried because of Ajay Devgan, even if a boy speaks, he will beat him

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However, he gave reasons for not getting married, saying – I am unmarried because of Ajay Devgan, even if a boy spoke, he would beat him

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  • The reason for not getting married, however, was that I was alone because of Ajay Devgan, even if a boy spoke, I would beat him.

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The Bollywood actress is still 49 years old. Speaking of Tabu’s personal life, he has not yet got married. He shared the reason a few years ago. According to him, he is still unmarried because of Ajay Devgan. Speaking to a publication, however, he further said that he hopes that what Ajay did, he will also be sorry.

What did Ajay do?

“Ajay and I have known each other for 25 years,” he said. He lived as a neighbor and close friend of my cousin Sameer Arya. When I was younger, Samir and Ajay used to keep a close eye on me and beat up any boy they saw talking to me. Both of them were very big thugs. If I am a signal today, it is only because of Ajay Devgan ‘.

Now he says to Ajay- find a boy for me

According to reports, Ajay wants to see his special friend at the wedding. Still, he joked, ‘I tell Ajay every day to find a suitable boy for me. Well, that’s a joke. My relationship with Ajay is quite good. Of all the male actors, if anyone cares more about me, they are invincible. They are like a baby and are still very defensive today.

Has acted in 5 movies

Ajay and Tabu have worked together in ‘Vijaypath’ (1994), ‘Hakikat’ (1995), ‘Takshak’ (1999) and ‘Drishtim’ (2015), ‘Golmaal Again’ (2017). Taboo recently appeared on Netflix in a suitable boy. At the same time, Ajay’s previous film was Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior which was released in 2019.


Ajay Devgn calls daughter Naysa his biggest weakness, stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa write emotional notes for daughters

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  • Happy Daughter’s Day: Ajay Devgan shares that daughter Nayasa is his biggest weakness, stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Sethi wrote emotional notes for daughters

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Today, September 27 is being celebrated all over the world. This special day is dedicated to girls all over the world. Sometimes giving emotional support, sometimes having the support of parents has a special place in the heart of their parents. In such a situation, Bollywood stars have also written something special for girls in this special occasion. Check out this post on Celebrity Girl’s Day.

Ajay Devgan’s weakness is his daughter Nayasa

Ajay Devgn shared a picture of his daughter Naysa and congratulated Kanya Diwas on Twitter. The actor wrote, ‘My daughter, Nayasa is much more. My best critic, my biggest weakness and strength too. He is too young for me and Kajal. She will always be our baby girl ‘.

Akshay Kumar’s daughter Nita’s definition is perfect

Bollywood player Kumar Akshay has always been very close to his little Angel Nita. On this special occasion of Girls ‘Day, he shared a beautiful picture with his daughter and wrote,’ You have a definition of perfect. I love you more than the moon and the back. Happy Daughters ‘Day My Baby Girl’.

Shilpa called her daughter Samisha a miracle

Actress Shilpa Sethi became the mother of a daughter through surrogacy. On Daughter’s Day, the actress wrote on behalf of her daughter, ‘Who said miracles don’t happen, now I hold a miracle in my hand. Life is a miracle, isn’t it? I am celebrating a joy while holding my daughter Samisha on Valentine’s Day. I really don’t need a special day for this. This world and God cannot thank God enough for accepting our prayers especially Vyan. Very nicely done. We will always be grateful. Don’t forget to give your daughter a big hug today ‘.

Big B shared a picture of the beautiful moment

Amitabh Bachchan is very close to his children. Big B has shared some beautiful pictures of his daughter Shweta Nanda on this special occasion. Congratulating Big B through the pictures, he wrote, ‘Happy Girl’s Day, to the dedicated daughter every day’.

Don’t lose your sight – Soha Ali Khan

On Girl’s Day Soha shared a beautiful picture of her young daughter Inayar. With this the actress wrote, ‘You will never lose your sight, which spreads at your every step, or the lipstick I read that you have hidden in your own pocket’.

Decreased words – Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia has written a love-filled post for her daughter Meher, but today on Daughter’s Day she has a lack of words. While sharing Meher’s picture, the actress wrote, ‘Words have diminished… Happy Girl’s Day today and my little chat box every day’.