Aditya wrote, recalling his father Yash Chopra – he didn’t even know that the company he started in a small house would one day become India’s largest film company.

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  • Remembering his father Yash Chopra, Aditya wrote that he did not even know that the company he started in a small house would one day become the largest film company in India.

A month ago

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Filmmaker Yash Chopra was born on September 21, 1933 in Lahore. He died on 21 October 2012 in Mumbai.

Today (Sunday) is the 88th birthday of famous producer-director Yash Chopra. He was born in Lahore on September 2, 1933 and on the same day in 1970, he set up his production house Yashraj Films. Today is his 50th birthday. On this special occasion, his son Aditya Chopra shared a sensitive note on social media in memory of his father. In which he mentioned many special issues related to YRF.

Sharing that note from Aditya Chopra, Yashraj Films wrote, ‘Celebrating films for 50 years, entertaining you for 50 years. On this occasion, #Adityachopara Some lively words came out of his heart. # YRF50

Yash Chopra worked as an employee

Aditya writes in the note, ‘In 1970, my father Yash Chopra left his brother Shri BR Chopra’s student-shadow protection and formed his own organization. By then he was the only one of the BR films and did not own any of them.

They did not know how to run a business. He was not even aware of what was needed to run an organization. If he has anything at that time, it is his talent and dream of being strong and self-reliant on hard work.

V. Shantaram gave place for office

The same determination of the creative person gave birth to Yashraj Films. The owner of Rajkamal Studio, Mr. V. Shantaram gave him a small room in his studio for his office. Little did my father know then that the small company that started in that small house would one day become the largest film company in the Indian film world.

Dad was very confident in my thinking

In 1995, when Yashraj Films (YRF) was entering its 25th year, my first film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenz’ was published. The historical success of this film gave me the confidence that I should pass on the passionate idea I had for the future of YRF. In addition to my father’s deep love for me, the miraculous success of my film, he now had great faith in my thoughts.

I recognize the objectives of corporate studios

I have already felt that international corporate studios have come to India and taken over our business. I wish we had gotten a certain scale before his arrival, which would help us maintain our independence.

My father bravely praised my courageous initiative in contrast to my traditional theocratic mentality. And in a very short span of 10 years we have gone from a film production house to the first fully integrated independent film studio in India.

Yashraj and the balance of history and modernity

Over the past 5 decades, YRF has been a core company based on conventional values ​​and a purist of its business approach. But at the same time, it is a visionary company waiting for the future, trying to adopt the current technology and innovations. This perfect balance between tradition and modernity defines Yashraj film in the true sense.

The secret of our success is ‘people’

Today, Yashraj Films is entering its fiftieth year. So, as I write this note, am I trying to figure out what the secret to these 50 years of success is? Is this the creative talent of Yash Chopra? Is this the brave philosophy of his 25-year-old stubborn son? Or is it just fate? There is no reason for this. The reason for this success is … people. People who have worked on every YRF film in the last 50 years. My father used to describe his journey from a few lines of a poet … I went alone to Janib-i-Manzil but … people came and turned into caravans. It took me 25 years to fully understand this. The secret of YRF50 is ‘people’ …

The artist who revived the characters by holding his soul. The directors who gave perfection to their films. Authors who have written memorable stories. Musicians and lyricists who have given us songs that have become a part of our lives. Cinematographers and production designers who leave a never ending scene in our minds. Clothing designers, make-up and hairstylists who look even simpler. The choreographers who gave us dance steps are part of all our celebrations. Spot-Boys, Lightmen, Setting Workers, Dressmen, Junior Artists, Stuntmen, Dancers and every member of the crew who have shed their blood and sweat for all our films. All those senior executives and YRF employees who have worked tirelessly without any personal name or reputation. And finally, the audience, who have given their love and faith to our films. These people are the secret to our 50 years of success. I express my gratitude to every artist, staff, employee and YRF audience. I dedicate this 50 years to all of you, you YRF.

But these artists and workers have created not just YRFE, but the entire Indian film industry. It is not just YRFE, but the success of the entire Indian film world, a man who, with his hard work, turned an aspiring person into a self-sufficient and truly independent studio in the world. It is an art that gives every artist and worker an equal opportunity to make a living for themselves and their families.

On behalf of my entire YRF family of actors, staff and employees, I thank the Indian film industry for giving YRF the opportunity to be a part of this great legacy. It’s an art where I’ve met lots of talented, talented and beautiful people. This art I want to be a part of every birth … I want to be in that shape.

Aditya Chopra
2720 ​​September