Student of the Year 2: Alia Bhatt’s passive entry in the film, she will be seen in this style

A big news is coming out about Karan Johar’s upcoming film ‘Student of the Year 2’. Alia Bhatt was seen in the first part of the film and people wanted her to be seen in the second part of the film too. So a great news is coming for the fans of Alia and Tigers.

Alia will be seen with Tiger

Alia Bhatt will also be seen in ‘Student of the Year 2’. But just wait because if you think that Alia will be seen in the whole picture, it is not like that at all. In fact, this movie is going to be a dance number, it will also see Alia Bhatt. According to the Mumbai Mirror, Alia has been celebrated for some time. And now he has agreed to do this song. Alia is going to dance on the dance floor with Tiger in this song. The shooting of this song will be done next week and the team has already started rehearsing for it.

The song will be choreographed by Farah Khan

A source close to the film told the Mumbai Mirror, ‘Farah Khan is going to choreograph the song. Only Alia Bhatt will appear in this song. The film also tries to show their old co-stars Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra together. Both stars could shoot their share in the coming weeks. Alia and Tiger’s song will be shooting on a great set next week.


Viral video: Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey spotted hiding in Mumbai late at night, watch the video

Actress Sara Ali Khan and soon-to-be debutant Ananya Pandey were spotted together in Mumbai last day on the news of her picture in Bollywood. A video of which is going viral like wildfire on social media. In this video, Sara and Ananya are seen on the streets of Mumbai. With that, they were both seen hiding their faces and fleeing. Check out this special video from these friends

In this video, Sara and Ananya are seen going somewhere. Where they are surrounded by media cameras. Seeing themselves coming in the picture, these two beauties got into the car from there and left for their home. But seeing the camera, Sara Ali Khan immediately hid her face and tried to escape. It is not yet clear why these actresses did so. They are both in talks because of their work.

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Both of these actresses are talking about the film, where Sara Ali Khan recently made her Bollywood debut through Kedarnath and appeared in Simba with Ranveer Singh. After which Ananya Pandey is also ready for her debut. Ananya will soon be seen in the lead role in ‘Student of the Year 2’ with Tiger Shroff. Along with this, Ananya will be seen in the remake of Kartik Aryan’s film ‘Pati Patni Or Woh’.