Swapna Chowdhury looted Thompco after cut sleeve suit, more than 1 crore view videos

Sapna’s dance video is going viral on social media. Photo courtesy – YouTube Grab

In the video, Swapna Chowdhury is seen dancing to the famous Haryanvi song ‘Teri Ankha Ka Yo Kajal’.

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Mumbai The craze for Haryanvi songs has increased significantly. People like Haryanvi songs like Bollywood songs. Nowadays Harianvi Queen Swapna Chowdhury’s song is going very viral. Swapna Chowdhury’s dance people, who drive people crazy with their every move, are crazy. Swapna Chowdhury’s dance video was watched by her fans Dil Thom. People are crazy to see their dance moves whether this balar song from Haryana is new or old. Nowadays, a dance video of dreams is going viral (viral video of dreams). The video shows Sapna acting great on stage.

People like the dance video of Haryanvi dancer Swapna Chowdhury, who won the hearts of the people with her dance moves. Recently, a dance video of Sapna is going very viral. Yo kajal) ‘. See also-

Swapna Chowdhury’s dance is killing people in every beat of the song. People are not able to stop themselves from being their fan by seeing Sapna’s style. Everyone is surprised to see this style of Swapna Chowdhury, Swapna Chowdhury has rocked her dance on the dream stage. This song has been viewed more than one crore times till now. This video was uploaded to Sanam Video a year ago. Dancer Swapna Chowdhury was seen in Bigg Boss 11, following fans all over the country. Wherever he goes, crowds gather to see him. Apart from Swapna Chowdhury, she has performed in many states of Haryana, UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

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In 2018, Swapna Chowdhury was ranked third among the most searched stars in India on Google. Their strength is still intact. Wherever he goes, he drives people crazy.


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