Sushmita Sen’s eldest daughter Brishti is entering Bollywood with Kabir Khurana’s film Sutabaji, to be released on OTT

16 days ago

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There is a debate going on in Bollywood these days about nudity and love. In the meantime, another star baby is about to make his debut. Poetry Khurana from the movie Sultabaji is introducing Renee, daughter of Sushmita Sen. Kabir shared this information on his Instagram. It is a relationship drama in which Rebelius is seen in the role of a physician.

Shooting is complete, will be released digitally

The shooting of Sultabaji has started two days ago. In the film, Komal Chabria and Rahul Bhohra will be seen as the parents of Brishti. The image of the rain will be published digitally. Rain is 21 years old. Speaking of Kabir Khurana, he has been awarded 9 times at the International Film Festival.

Rini was adopted by Sushmita Sen in 2000. Then in 2010 Alisha adopted another daughter. Sushmita said in an interview that mother and baby connect to the pulse during natural birth but there is a relationship between mother and child in adoption that can never be cut. I had the good fortune to survive this relationship twice.


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