Sushant’s sisters-in-law suspect the actor of his motives, citing a central agency investigation into the witch hunt.

A month ago

Riya Chakraborty claimed in the petition that Sushant was in regular contact with her family members and was talking about their frustrations.

  • Riya Chakraborty is in Mumbai’s Byculla jail for 1 day and claims that the NCB was deliberately charged
  • The actress claimed in the application that Sushant doubted the motives of her sisters, believing they were behind their money

Rihanna Chakraborty, who was lodged in Byculla jail for 16 days, has applied for bail in the Bombay High Court. In it, he writes that his mental state may worsen with the progress of custody. Bell’s application was filed by his lawyer Satish Manshind. He wrote that his client was innocent and that the NCB was deliberately making strong allegations against him. He termed the investigation of the central agencies (NCB, CBI and ED) as a magical victim against Riya.

Sushant informed the customer about the only medicine

Riya Chakraborty’s plea states that Sushant Singh Rajput was the only drug user. He used to ask his staff members Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant to buy medicine. Riya further claims that in addition to Samuel and Deepesh, Sushant used her and her brother Shovik to buy drugs.

Sushant doubts the purpose of the sisters?

Riya also claimed in the bail application that Sushant had doubts about her sister’s motives. She writes that Sushant felt that her sisters were not worried about her mental health, they were after her money.

According to the report, Riya wrote in her bail application- Sushant was in constant touch with her family and was telling them about their frustration. However, the actor’s family members were not worried about it. In November 2019, his three sisters came to Mumbai and informed that he was taking them to Chandigarh for treatment.

Rhea did not interfere in her decision. Rather he was relieved that at least his family members had expressed interest in his health. However, on November 26, Sushant called Riya and said that she was

Can’t go to Chandigarh. Because he doubts the motives of his sisters and he feels that his sisters were behind his money.

According to Manshinde, Sushant’s sisters reached the peak of their frustration.


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