Sushant’s relationship with his family deteriorated after his father’s second marriage, and his sister Priyanka was also devastated.

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His daughter Riya Chakraborty has been in jail for the past 18 days in a drugs case involving Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. He has been lodged in Baikula Jail in Mumbai since September 8. Her next bail hearing will be on September 29, for which Riya has applied for new bail. In this petition Riya Sushant Singh has revealed many new things about Rajput family.

Dad got married a second time

According to reports, the rear bail application claimed that Sushant’s relationship with KK Singh deteriorated when he was very young and his father remarried. Sushant was not satisfied with this and that is why their relationship was never normal.

Sushant even felt that his father himself was suffering from bipolar disorder. The petition further claims that Sushant’s Mao was a victim of depression and his sister Priyanka was also taking depression medication. Sushant and his family’s relationship deteriorated when Priyanka abused Riya during a party in April last year.

Mother was also frustrated

According to Rhea, Sushant’s second sister Shweta also recently deleted a 2011 Facebook post in which she mentioned that her mother was suffering from chronic mental illness. Riya further claimed in her application that Sushant himself was using drugs. From this, the evidence collected by the investigating agencies proves that the drug addict Sushant used people in the vicinity to get drugs.

Riya has demanded that the case be handed over to the CBI

Earlier, the actress’ lawyer had said during the hearing of her bail application in the Bombay High Court on Thursday that the case was not under the purview of the Bureau of Narcotics Control, so it should be referred to the CBI.

Riya and her younger brother Shovik’s lawyer Satish Manshinde told the High Court during the hearing that ‘all future-related cases should also go to the CBI based on the Supreme Court’s decision to hand over the case (Sushant’s death) to the CBI.

The currents are for plenty of medicine

The NCB has filed a case against Riya and Shovik under several sections of the NDPS Act. To which Satish Mansinde said that it is illegal to spend money under Section 227A of the NDPS Act on bringing and procuring drugs. This law, however, is for the commercial use of drugs, not in small quantities.


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