Sushant’s brother-in-law will go to CBI office and demand re-investigation, actress Riya Chakraborty will appear at Santa Cruz police station today

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Mumbai13 days ago

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The rear house comes in the Santa Cruz police station area, so he has to come and show this presence.

  • It is thought that Rhea will leave her home shortly before heading to the Santa Cruz police station.
  • CBI probe into Sushant’s death is still ongoing and all aspects are being scrutinized

On the one hand, in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, his brother-in-law IPS OP Singh is going to the CBI office in Delhi. They will again request the CBI to investigate the matter. On the other hand, Bollywood actress Riya Chakraborty has reached her home after being released from Mumbai’s Byculla jail after getting bail from the Bombay High Court. Rhea arrived at his home 28 days after being granted bail in a drug-related case. Her parents arrived at the prison to pick her up. After being granted bail, he was released from Byculla Prison around 11:30 p.m. However, the rear trouble is not over yet, he has to go to Santa Cruz police station for 10 days to take part. The idea is that Rhea is about to leave her home for the Santa Cruz police station shortly.

The Bombay High Court granted bail to Riya on this condition.

  • Riya has to report to the nearest police station at 11 a.m. every day for 10 days after her release from jail.
  • You have to pay one lakh rupees.
  • Passport must be submitted.
  • Cannot travel abroad without court permission.
  • If he moves beyond Greater Mumbai, he must first inform the investigating officer.
  • Riya will also have to join the NCB office on the first Monday of the month. This has to be done for six months.
  • No witnesses will be allowed to be associated with this case.
  • Riya must be present at every court hearing.
  • They will not try to influence the investigation process in any way.

NCB claims – Rhea is an active member of the Drugs Syndicate

Riya and Shovik are active members of the drug syndicate, the NCB said in an affidavit in court. And associated with many high society people and drug suppliers. The two have been charged under Section 27, so they should not be granted bail. Rhea has admitted to buying drugs. He was believed to have asked Samuel Miranda, Dipesh Sawant and Shovik to buy medicine.

The CBI team has reached Mumbai again to investigate Sushant’s case

The team returned to Mumbai after family members of actor Sushant Singh Rajput wrote to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to restructure the medical team. A CBI source said the investigation into Sushant’s death was still ongoing and all aspects were being carefully scrutinized.

According to sources, either the team of officers has been visiting Mumbai at regular intervals as demanded by the investigation. Officials from the agency’s Mumbai branch are also present. However, the source did not disclose the names of the officials who arrived in Mumbai from Delhi.

Sushant’s family has demanded a re-investigation
Sushant’s family put a question mark on the AIIMS forensic report published in the media. Varun Singh, son of lawyer Bikash Singh, has written a letter to the CBI on behalf of Sushant’s father. Ames denied the possibility of murder, citing a report claiming the forensic board’s forensic investigation was flawed.

“I am reading in the media about the AIMS report submitted to the CIB in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death on June 14, 2020,” he said in the letter. I have also seen some AIIMS doctors make statements on TV about this forensic investigation. If the AIIMS forensic report in the media is correct, then it is wrong to make such a decision with sufficient evidence.

Sushant’s father’s lawyer called Riya a mastermind
On the recommendation of the Center, the CBI started an investigation into Sushant’s death. Varun says since Mastermind is out on bail. This is a big push for the NCB and Sushant case. The agency is investigating a drug syndicate worth Rs 1.35 lakh crore in the country, so the people who are members of this crime syndicate have got a big relief from them. He added that evidence could now be disseminated and used to influence witnesses.


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