Sushant did 5 days before Sister Metu, SOS said – I’m afraid she’ll kill me

A month ago

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Sushant Death Case has become more or less a puzzle, returning to the headlines with new revelations every day. An important revelation in this case is Sushant’s SOS. Which he did with his sister Mitu Singh on June 2, 5 days before his death. Sushant said- I am afraid, they will kill me.

Sushant’s concern for her safety came when Rhea left the house on June 6 and snatched things like laptops, cameras and hard drives.

Speaking of sisters – they will trap me

According to the Times Now, Sushant had earlier mentioned in the message that he had tried to call Riya several times. But Rhea did not receive her phone. It was written in it – talking to him is very important to me because I am afraid that these people will involve me in something.

Pithani also informed the CBI

Sushant’s flatmate Siddharth Pithani said the same in his statement to the CBI. In a recent statement, Pithani said Sushant fainted on hearing the news of Disha’s death. When he regained consciousness, he said they would kill me. He later said he would increase his protection. Not only that, Riyao was also calling regularly, as he had snatched his laptop, hard drive and camera and knew everyone’s passwords.

24 days later, the phone was called for investigation

This information may be released 97 days after Sushant’s death. The role of Mumbai Police in the investigation of this case is doubtful from the very beginning. Mumbai police sent Sushant’s mobile forensic investigation after 24 days. All that was revealed was that Sushant was googling himself before he died and before finding a way to die.

What is the SOS feature

SOS is a special feature. In which an automatic emergency message can be sent by pressing the lock or volume key more than once on the system of the phone already verified. This message goes to the phone of the person you want to call first for help in an emergency. Photos or voice messages can be sent via SOS. So that the person in front knows where and under what circumstances

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