Super Dancer Chapter 3: Contestants performed a spectacular dance in front of Jitendra and Jaya Pradar

This weekend, Bollywood veterans Jitendra and Jaya Prada are performing on the stage of a super dancer on Sony TV’s popular dance reality show. Jitendra and Jaya Prada appeared today and will be appearing in the show tomorrow. With both, viewers will experience the magic of their evergreen popular song in a whole new incarnation, as contestants give their own input into it.

Something similar happened in today’s episode when the guru-disciple duo Pritam and Pratik chose the song ‘Nayane Swapne’ and shook the stage with their unique idea. 9-year-old Pritam from Bihar, known for her long and unwanted hair, recently underwent a transformation. Ironically, for the performance, she dressed as a girl and not for any girl, acting in Mr. Devi’s iconic chartbuster. Although both Jitu G and Jaya Jit considered her a girl, after knowing the truth, she was pleasantly surprised. Pritam was so confident that the veteran actors praised his efforts and his talent. Jitendra said, “Where I grew up, we did not have a fancy way of celebrating things. Dance was used as an integral part of festivals like Ganapati and Janmashtami. The women who tied themselves in their houses were very happy to see them at these festivals. It seemed incredible to those who danced so beautifully at the time of Ganpati’s demise. I think you should remove all obstacles while dancing and you will act completely differently. ” All three judges were very happy to see Pritam’s performance and Gita Ma further commented that Pritam’s landing has improved a lot now because it is much cleaner now.


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