Sunny Deol wanted to leave Bobby’s first film ‘Barsaat’ without any concessions, Sunny Deol stopped shooting his film for a year

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  • Sunny Deol did not want to make Bobby’s first film ‘Barsat’ without any stone, Sunny Deol stopped shooting of her film for a year.

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October 19 Sunny Deol is 64 years old. In addition to being a great actor, Sunny is also a family man and takes great care of the people around her. On the occasion of his birthday, younger brother Bobby Deol shared many things related to him in an interview. He also congratulated her on her birthday through social media.

Bobby shared this picture of Sunny on Instagram.

Bobby shared this picture of Sunny on Instagram.

I have not been shooting for ‘Rain’ for a year

In an interview with The Telegraph, Bobby reveals how his older brother Sunny came together day and night for his first film, Borsaat. Bobby said the brother took full responsibility for the film because he wanted to do what he could for his younger brother, which Dad did when he launched the film. The brother was so involved in ‘Barsat’ that he didn’t shoot his film for a year.

Introduced scene scene in Italy

Bobby further said that Sunny doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to hit my debut. The film was shot in beautiful locations in Mysore, Manali, Bangalore and Mumbai, but Sunny was not satisfied. He wanted the scene of my identity and the grand to be made into a picture. For this, he took me to a small town in Italy where my special scene with a tiger was filmed. There a man built a zoo where he took very good care of the animals. When I shot with the Real Tiger I was so scared that it ate me.

‘Barsat’ turns 25 on August 19 this year. Twinkle Khanna made her debut opposite Bobby in the film, who has now bid farewell to the film. The director of the film was Rajkumar Santoshi. The film flopped at the box office.


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