Sunita Shishu’s contest with Swapna Chowdhury’s Thumko in ‘Gajaban’, the video is going viral

Sunita Baby is competing with Sapna in this song. Photo courtesy – Video Grab

A Sunita Baby Dance Video of Sunita Baby is going very viral. In this video, Sunita Haryanvi’s song ‘Gajaban Pani Ne Chali’ (Gajaban Pani Ne Chali) is seen dancing loudly.

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Mumbai- Chowdhury of dreams is the name of Haryana who has gone crazy in the world of dance. These days another Haryanvi actor named Sunita Baby is being discussed with Sapna. Sunita Baby is called by her fans as the second Sapna Chowdhury. The craze of Sunita Baby’s video is being seen on social media nowadays. There are many videos on social media like Sunita but one video is going very viral nowadays.

The video of Sunita Shishu, which went viral on social media, says – Gajaban Pani Le Chali (Gajaban Pani Ne Chali). This song has made many dance videos of Swapna Chowdhury viral. In this song Sunita Baby is seen giving sea competition. After watching the song you will realize that Sunita is no less a fan following of the baby. You can also watch the video-

The song has been viewed 367,452 times so far. In this song, Sunita Baby has danced in a dream suit. After watching her dance, some people even say that she has copied the dream. All her dance videos of Sunita Baby are very much liked by her fans. Her popularity is estimated to be that her dance videos often get millions of views.

There are many videos of Sunita Shishu on YouTube, where she has danced hard. Sunita Baby has made a special identity in Haryana for the past one year.

Like Swapna Chowdhury, Sunita Baby has also taken a good place as a dancer. Earlier, a video of Sunita’s baby dance was headlined on YouTube, where she was seen dancing to the song ‘Hata Sawan Ki Ghat’ from Salman Khan’s film ‘Hello Brother’.


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