Sunita Baby danced like Swapna Chowdhury, the video is a disaster

Sunita Shishu’s dance videos are competing with Swapna Chowdhury’s videos nowadays.

Sunita Baby Haryanvi song (Kidnap Ho Javegi) is seen dancing loudly.

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  • Latest version:October 30, 2020, 6:01 p.m.

Mumbai: The videos of Swapna Chowdhury from Haryana are reigning in the hearts of the people, but there is another dancer from Haryana who is going crazy dancing. Multiple dance videos of Sunita Baby are gradually going viral. Haryanvi dancer Sunita Baby’s popularity is growing rapidly. Sunita Baby is all over the internet with her dance. Multiple dance videos of Sunita Baby are gradually going viral.

You can guess the popularity of Sunita baby that every one of her dance videos went viral through social media in a short time. In the viral Sunita Baby video, in the video, she is dancing to the Haryanvi song ‘Kidnap Ho Javegi’. See also:

In this video, she is dancing in the style of Swapna Chowdhury wearing a green suit. The video has been viewed 1,169,449 times on YouTube so far. Fans are very happy and smiling to see the unique style dance of Sunita baby. At the same time Sunita Baby is enjoying the dance. Like Sapna Chowdhury, Sunita Baby also performs Mancha dance. Sunita’s baby dance is very lively. Sunita is entertaining the fans with her hanging-trembling.

Sunita Baby is called by her fans as the second Sapna Chowdhury, while some say that Sunita Baby tried to copy Sapna. Fans of Sunita dance to Haryanvi songs are believers. Recently, the video that went viral on the internet, the lyrics of the green song – ‘Thath Chobare Main’ – in this video, he has driven thousands of fans crazy with his hanging vibe.


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