Sunil Sethi tweeted that he was badly trapped in the peasant movement and said- ‘I feel short of breath …’

New Delhi: The farmers’ protest has now taken a new turn. Bollywood celebrities have also jumped on the bandwagon. Following the tweets of foreign celebrities, the central government launched a new campaign, in support of which Bollywood celebrities are tweeting. Prominent celebrities have tweeted in support of India Together and India Aggress propaganda.

Bollywood celebrities tweeted

This is a list of celebrities Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Sethi and many stars tweeted. Now these stars are being trolled on Twitter. As a result, Shame on Bollywood and International Bollywood have started trending on social media.

Sunil Sethi is trolling

Actor Sunil Sethi The peasant movement was recently trolled after a tweet. He said that some people have accepted that I am against farmers, such social media behavior suffocates me. Sunil tweeted about the peasant movement after international celebrities like Rina and Greta Thanberg.

The actors are upset because of the trolling

“We should always have a perspective on things, because there is nothing more dangerous than half-truths,” he tweeted. Talking about the negative comments in the tweet, the 59-year-old actor said, “The story of being anti-farmer is being made against me, which is nonsense. He told me that I was against the farmers. I want to tell them that we are talking about our country, our home, our family.

My ancestors were farmers: Sunil Sethi

Sunil Sethi Said, ‘My ancestors were farmers, I came from a small town called Mulki in Mangalore, where I still go four times a year and 70 per cent of it is agricultural land. Second, I am an Indian. It has always been that way. I am not affiliated with any political party. I say what I believe.

I feel suffocated: Sunil Sethi

The actor further said, ‘I feel suffocated because of these, why is it (Cyber ​​World) so toxic? Why are people so sad? We have no agenda. If India loses, it is my team. If it is to win, I would definitely appreciate it. What’s the problem? How do I see my India? ‘

The whole thing started from here

I tell you, this whole thing came up when Rihanna, many more foreign celebrities like Greta Thanberg. The farmers protested Opposition began on social media after he tweeted in support of it. People are now divided into two groups on social media. Some people are helping the farmers while there are many people who are supporting the government.


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