Sukar: Priyanka Chopra appeared in a music video with her husband Nick

Priyanka Chopra will now be seen in a new incarnation with her husband Nick Jonas. He has titled a ‘music video’ with Nick. In addition to Nick and Priyanka, the video also shows Nick’s two brothers, his wife and fiance.

Sucking I saw Nick Brothers

‘Sucker’ is a return video of Nick Jonas and his brothers. The Jonas Brothers are back after almost 6 years with this music video. But the special thing about this album is that all the brothers have put their better half together. Recently, Priyanka shared this video on her Instagram account. Also, Priyanka has shared a poster related to this music video, which shows three brothers.

. The partnership was a few years ago

I tell you, Nick Jonas and his brothers ended their partnership 6 years ago and took different paths but now all three brothers have reunited after Nick’s marriage. Listening to this song will really make you sway. Priyanka has appeared in the video for the song after her Hollywood film ‘It’s Romantic’.


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