Suhana Khan congratulates Baba Shah Rukh Khan and BFF Shanaya on their birthday in a special way, shares the photo and says- ‘Love …’

Suhana Khan shared the photo with Shah Rukh and Shanaya Kapoor.

He congratulated Shanaya Kapoor on her birthday through a photo shared by Suhana Khan. Suhana has also updated the age of Shah Rukh Khan and Shanaya Kapoor in the film. “55 and 21.”

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Mumbai Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his 55th birthday today. In such a situation, he is receiving birthday wishes from all around. His daughter Suhan Khan also wished him a happy birthday. Suhana Khan shared an old photo of Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. Suhana shared this picture in her Insta story. With which he wrote in the caption – ‘Happy birthday to my best friends’. The picture that Suhana shared with him also said that this picture is a kabki.

According to this post by Suhana, this picture is of 2 November 2019. Let me tell you, Shanaya Kapoor, the best friend of Suhana Khan and daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor, has also shared a birthday with Shah Rukh Khan. In the picture that Suhana shared in such a situation, she congratulated Shanaya on her birthday. In addition to the photo, Suhna has updated the age of the two in this post.

Suhana Khan

(Photo credit: Instagram / @ Suhanakhan 2)

I tell you, IPL 2020 matches are being played in UAE nowadays. In such a situation, Shah Rukh and his entire family are in Dubai. Recently, many pictures of Shah Rukh Khan with Suhana and Aryan have been released. It has been seen that he has cheered his team KRK. These pictures of Suhana and Shah Rukh went quite viral. Seeing the father and daughter twins, everyone was describing their pair as the best father-doctor pair in the world.


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