Subject: Rohit Suchanti has expressed his love for Shruti Road

News of the breakup of Colors reality show Bigg Boss 12’s former contestant Srishti Road and their boyfriend Manish Nagdev recently made headlines. Rohit Suchanti is believed to be the reason behind their separation. Manish himself confirmed the news of the breakup in an interview. But whenever the news of his relationship with Shruti and Rohit was questioned, both were denied.

At the same time, in an interview with the Bombay Times, Rohit revealed his heart condition. With this Rohit further said that he feels that the right time has come when he wants to tell the world his heart clearly.

Rohit further said, ‘I like Shruti very much. Often people ask me why you are dating a girl 5 years older than yourself, my answer is age is not important to me I like her smile a lot. I know he will manage my house comfortably. I’m not afraid anymore. Now it’s time to open my heart to everyone.


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