Study Sumon said, “In an interview against Kangana Ranaut in 2016, I was called a person who was frustrated, defeated and defamed the superstar.

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  • Study Sumon reacted to her viral interview in 201 Vi where she said about Kangana Ranaut, ‘I was accused of trying to defame a superstar’

A month ago

Kangana Ranaut dated Stad Sumon, the son of Bollywood actor Shekhar Sumon, in the early years of her career. Both had a breakup in one year. Their relationship ended in a very bad twist and the two have not kept in touch since.

In 2016, the survey gave an interview about Kangana, so she made many complaints against him. The study claimed that Kangana used drugs and forced her to take cocaine. He also said that Kangana tortured them physically and mentally.

Recently, when Kangana claimed that 90% of Bollywood celebrities get drugs, the Maharashtra government opened a front against Kangana. Based on a 2016 interview given in the survey, he said Kangana would be investigated for taking drugs.

According to the survey, I was insulted

Now the study has given an interview on India TV and there has been a lot of talk about Kangana. “When I gave that interview in 201 interviews, I was told to be unsupported, frustrated, disrespectful and to be slandered and insulted as a superstar,” the survey said.

I haven’t followed Kangana in the last 12 years nor am I in touch with her. He is a popular and successful actor. If he comes in public and says so much, I’m sure it will have a purpose. I don’t think they need publicity. Maybe he’s angry and wants to say something, so he’s all talking. This is his opinion and I respect him.

I have no relationship with Kangana now. However, life has brought us to such a stage that we are on the same side, not opposite to each other. If my father Sushant Singh Rajput is seeking justice, Kangana is doing the same. ”

The survey says – don’t pull me here

Earlier, the survey released a video on social media. In the video, he pleads with folded hands that he should not be dragged into a drug case.

The survey said, “I said what I had to say in 2016. The result was me and my family’s fun on national television. Now I have forgotten about it and moved on in life. I fold my hands to all of you. Please let me know my dark past.” “Don’t push any further. I have gone through a lot of difficulties. I have no more relationship with Kangana and never will. But we are both fighting for the fight and Sushant Singh Rajput has got justice.”


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