Struggle of ‘Kalin Bhai’: Pankaj Tripathi said, there is no cinema hall 2 km away in my village, we have to see the film but OTT has changed everything Bhai

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Pankaj Tripathi, who made headlines by playing the role of Akhandananda Tripathi alias Kal Vaiyar in ‘Mirzapur 2’, believes that the OTT platform has played a helpful role in his success. In an interview, he said, “OTT has contributed a lot to my career. I don’t have a cinema hall in my village. There is a cinema hall 226 km away from there, so it is not possible for the villagers to go that far to watch a movie. He also watches shows. ‘

“People call me by my character wherever I go,” Pankaj added. Even at the airport, CISF people smile at me and call me by my character’s name. That has changed a lot. The story is important to me, not the platform. I don’t care where my work will be shown. I worked on TV before the movie. I see no difference. The best thing about OTT is that you get a lot of time to go into the depths of the character here, not only the actors but also the writers and producers get a lot of time. This opportunity is less in cinema. “

In an earlier interview, Pankaj said, “First I had to find a job. Now the job is looking for me. Give me a job. Now I got the script that will be made in the second half of 2021.”

Pankaj is a resident of Gopalganj Bihar

Pankaj is a resident of Gopalganj in Tripathi Bihar. His father’s name was Pandit Banaras Tripathi and his mother’s name was Himanti Devi. He is the youngest of four siblings. Pankaj made his Bollywood debut in 2004 with a small role in ‘Run’. However, he got recognition from the film ‘Gangs of Wassepur’ in 2012.


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