Sridevi’s death anniversary: ​​In memory of Sridevi, Ajay Devgn said passionately, “There is no one like them in Bollywood”

Bollywood’s first superstar actress Sridevi may not be with us today. But his memories and his evergreen films will always keep him alive among us. The actress died after falling in the bathtub of a hotel in Dubai on February 24 last year. Actor Ajay Devgn talks about Sridevi in ​​such a situation.

In a recent interview, Ajay Devgn said, “I’ve never worked with him, but I’ve seen him on screen since I was a child and I can’t live without being influenced by him.” Whenever I met him and had the opportunity to talk to him, I knew what kind of personality he was and how well a person behaved. Ajay Devgn further said that no one in Bollywood can take the place of Sridevi.

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Sridevi went to Dubai last year to attend a family wedding where she died due to cardiac arrest in the bathtub. There was a wave of mourning across the country over Sridevi’s removal. Sridevi has acted in over a hundred films in Bollywood.


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